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Internet Business Audio Books

Who would use a Downloadable Audio Book?

The market is enormous! Today time is precious and people tend to cram every waking minute with activity. If you are listening to an
audio book, your hands are free to do something else. So why not
listen to your favorite story or if you are a Christian, have the Bible read to you for example?? (We have 10 Religion Categories including Buddhism, Judaism and Islam!) Need some humor or self motivation?? Yes, we have that too! Some science fiction maybe like "2001: A
Space Oddessy" by Arthur C. Clarke?? How about keeping the kids entertained with "The Adventures of Superman" or "Bob the Builder"
on a long journey? A good thriller like "3rd Degree" by James
Patterson perhaps?? Classics like the Shakespeare Best Sellers Macbeth or Hamlet??

Here is a suggested list of places an Audio Book can be used.:-

  • The car anytime - specially on long journeys or daily commutes.
  • The plane or the train or the ferry.
  • The gym during those boring training sessions.
  • The office during lunch break.
  • The office for staff motivation.
  • On vacation - just lie back and listen!
  • The kitchen while you are cooking.
  • Training seminars.
  • Airport Lounges.
  • Doctor's Waiting Rooms.
  • Hospitals and Hospital patients.
  • In you hotel room when you are away from home.
  • Perfect for long distance truck drivers.
  • In the class room - let your class listen to their set work.
  • Self Improvement Courses.
  • Personal Religion.
  • Group Spiritual or Religious Occasions.
  • Old Age Homes.
  • Homes for the Infirm.
  • Entertain the Kids or the Grandparents.
  • Detention Facilities.
  • Listen to your favorite story while Gardening or Mowing the Lawn.
  • Foreign Language Study.
  • Need a laugh or something to cheer you up?
  • Give an audio book as a gift or a present.
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