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How To Write Good Articles To Bring More Traffic To Your Website

06 October 2007

Many people don’t realize the importance or the power of article writing in generating high targeted traffic volume to your website. It is also a good way to inform people of home business ideas and opportunities, marketing tips or strategies as you provide new content to your own website. If you do this consistently you not only become an expert author in the article directories you submit to, people look up to you with authority in your own niche market. There is only one way to translate all this to – a very successful home based business for you, even working as part time work

You can make residual income from writing articles in a number of ways. You can post the articles on your own website. This can be done by creating an article directory or simply create a link in your website pointing to your articles in html page. Another way of course is to write and publish these articles in other people’s websites.

Writing an article for the purpose of increasing web traffic is a lot different than say writing for a newspaper column. One important factor which determines your success is your keyword optimization. You will need to spend some time to identify what keywords are being searched on the search engines. Target these keywords and sprinkle them throughout the article body and title. Your article will come out high on the search engines.

By doing this you will have a high chance of having your article and your website seen. If it is your article that comes up high on the search engines, you have passed the first test. With the ability to place a resource box in your article, people have the opportunity to be directed to your website. This way people can read what you have to say, and at the same time visit your website, which is your ultimate goal.

At the bottom of the article you can place a short description for your website. You first introduce yourself and your website, or add a couple of sentences on what the readers can expect to find at your website. At the very end of the resource box you want to place a link to your website so they can be directed to your homepage.< br>
I’m sure by now you would realize the effect article writing has on your home based business and how it is generating a higher traffic volume for your website. The more people you can get to your website, the better chance you have of promoting and selling your products from your affiliate programs, or selling your own products.

If you are using an article directory to publish your articles, one important thing to remember is to read its editorial guidelines. Follow these guidelines well and be careful here if you want to ensure your articles get published. Some websites are pretty strict about the minimum number of words used, while others forbid the use of html among other things. Others are even particular about how you select your author name and may suspend your account if this is not followed.

Article writing is a quick and enjoyable way to make online income in your home based business There are many successful marketers who use this to manage their link popularity too. There are many work at home ideas that you can use, but article writing is by far the simplest and one of the best methods.

Peter Lee HC
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