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Finding Good Affiliate Products For Your Home Based Business

24 August 2007

As there are thousands of affiliate products in the online market you really need to choose the right ones that suit your business program or the strategies that you currently focus on. Fortunately Internet Marketing follows the fundamental principles of marketing. It just so happens that it uses those principles with Internet as a medium to reach out to the buyers.

Before I touch on about how you can find good affiliate products for your Home Business, it is important to understand what are the attributes of a good affiliate product. A good product is one that sells phenomenally and isn’t likely to stop anytime. Finding good products may be a challenge for you, and you do want quality products with a low refund rate so that your business remains profitable. On the same breath do not forget that the prospective buyer never sees the product until he buys it, so quality isn’t really the entire picture.

Resale Rights

There are basically two types.
Basic Resale Right: which gives you the right to resell the product. When one of your customers buys this product, he owns the product for his personal use.

Master Resale Right: which gives you the right to resell the product as well as to sell the resale rights for the product. When one of your customers buys it, he owns this product and at the same time he can also sell the right to resell the product to his own customers.

Having resale rights to a product can give you an edge over others but more importantly it may present you with a good strategy when you offer it in addition to another product that you are promoting. An example would be to give away a free e-book or sell at a discounted price, if customers purchase your main product.

Sell Other People’s Products

Don’t try to create your own products unless you know what you are doing. The rational here is that it takes a long time to create new products and even for seasoned marketers, you would be starting without a track record. It is a bad approach to try to manufacture demand for something people don’t really want. In reality, it is harder to generate demand than to satisfy demand.

Which Affiliate Company To Focus On

My recommendation is to sell or promote affiliate products. I would recommend visiting each affiliate network before you make a decision. It may be easier to just focus on one affiliate network and few products so that you do not overwhelm yourself in the beginning.

There are several options for locating affiliate products to sell. One of the best places to look for affiliate products is a site called Clickbank. I highly recommend it as one of your options to make online profits and their commission rates on average run anywhere from 10% -75% per each sale made.

Research Your Niche

You will also need to do a little research to determine your niche to target the type of affiliate products people are searching for in search engines. Your goal is to find something lots of people search for, but doesn’t have ridiculous competition and you’ve got a good target market for your Internet Marketing business.

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