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XFactor Niche Sites Building-One Year Today!

This post marks the 1-year anniversary date of my XFactor Niche Websites Building Project in which started exactly a year ago. I published a post on 15 Sep 2009 sort of officially announced it. If you’ve missed this you can read it at your leisure (Building Micro Niche Mini-Webstes Takes Off This Week). Well the fact that I’m writing this post just means one thing – I’m still just as passionate now as I was one year ago. In fact I just purchased my domain yesterday for my 20th niche site after having found a great exact named keyword domain available. I like to share a bit of my micro niche building journey over the last 12 months with anyone interested in making money online in small niches. Who knows I might add in my 2-cents worth as I reflect on this little  journey of mine. You may agree or disagree with some of the thoughts I’m going to share here. But you may find them interesting but unacceptable to you; a little crazy perhaps but thought-provoking; somewhat unconventional wisdom but intriguing and worth exploring it yourself? Maybe. Well here goes:

Where I am after 1 year?

I have built a total of  20 niche sites and I’m still using XFactor’s techniques that I learned although lately I’ve made some changes. I don’t always used the same template designs and colors although that’s more to add some fun to seeing a refreshing new looking template and not what others are saying about not leaving footprints by using the same color template. I really don’t believe using the same template will  get you into trouble with Google so long as you provide good information on your websites and earns its trust. The bottom line  - don’t make your niche site a MFA site.

Which is better, static websites (like XFactor) or WordPress theme?

I don’t think there is a clear answer to this as I’ve heard many people swear by XFactor’s templates and many others rave about how good WordPress is for niche sites creation. I personally used both methods now. I like the static ones that I used my Xsite-Pro2 to build because they give a more professional look. On the other hand, for my last 5 sites, I have used WordPress and I simply love building my new sites this way. Sort of like meeting up with an old trusted friend all over again.

Which is better? Building many small niche sites or few big sites?

When I first started building small niche sites, the original plan was to build a hundred sites over 2 to 3 years. Well after building about 20 sites in one year, I could still achieve this objective. But really, it’s not a numbers game as hypothetically you could have just 5 sites that earn you more money than 100 sites could. The key is to build sites that provide useful information that people are searching for so that these  sites earned the trust of Google. I may well focus on my top earning sites and grow a couple of them up into authority sites to increase my adsense income. That is a very likely option I’m now seriously considering.

In my short journey I witnessed this trust that Google looks for and one that it did place on was a particular niche website that I came across. What puzzled me at first was that this website had only 2 backlinks but could rank on Google’s #2. The keyword is searched 3600 times monthly and has a high ‘Strength of Competition’ of ’61’ when I looked at Micro Niche Finder. So what is the secret?  Google’s TRUST! and I later learned this key secret ingredient to niche building from Brian Johnson’s Commission Ritual. Oh BTW, this site now belongs to me because I bought it in Flippa but not before learning this wonderful little secret. It’s also the reason why my last 5 sites were built using WordPress.

AutoBlogging- Is it your friend or your worse enemy?

I have to say autoblogging is so widely used and whether you make it work to your advantage or get yourself into trouble depends entirely on you. One good way that someone makes good use of such automated WP plugins is using it to parse RSS feeds from other blogs to produce new posts in your blog. As owner, you tell the script which RSS feed to extract for importing and it checks for duplicates and create a new post from its RSS feed for you. The correct way to do this is add feeds that owners allow for syndication. You then give due recognition by linking back to the blog but respect and ignore those that specifically don’t allow any of their work “reproduced” anywhere. Unfortunately many people have conveniently used such free information quite blatantly using scrappers and have probably given the word “auto-blogging” a bad name, besides incurring the wrath of Google.

This is just one aspect of the auto blogging feature in some WordPress plugins and I do have one blog that uses a plugin to import Amazon products to add value to my niche product sites. For this blog of mine, I combine auto-blogging with unique content to give good user experience.

Buying Niche Sites

Another good way to grow your arsenal of good earning niche sites is to buy as many as you can afford them. However you have to do lots of checking before determining which sites are going to consistently make money online for you. I’ve purchased 2 such niche sites from Flippa and I do recommend anyone who has some spare cash to consider this marketplace too. Believe me some of the sites put on sale are really worth buying. Even if you don’t buy, you can learn a lot from just spying on how these pro bloggers make their awesome blogs. These are the people who make money blogging as a second nature. It’s from this place that I learned about Brian Johnson’s Commission Ritual too.

My Next Phase

It’s going to be more focused as I know pretty much what I have to do to increase my adsense income while doing clean, white hat techniques. Almost all of my sites are on Page 1 so the focus is on working towards increasing the CTR and getting more traffic and increase contents for all my top earning sites. I will also choose at least one good niche site to grow into an authority site besides growing my virtual real estate of small niche sites.

I have to say my last 12 months home business journey has been fulfilling as I gained much experience from learning from many work at home experts. It looks like niche marketing is going to be my main focus for a long time because it seems both interesting and a profitable.

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    […] 3. The best approach and strategy for small business is to target a small niche, and slowly become an authority in that area. That’s also something I mentioned too in my previous post on my micro niche adsense next phase planning(Xfactor Niche Sites Building-1 Year Today!) […]

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    So after 12 months… What type of income are you seeing form your 20 websites ?

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