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WP Viral Traffic Maximizer-Get It Free Here!

If you are reading this post, then it’s your lucky day as I’m giving away this phoenomenal WP Plugin The Viral Traffic Maximizer developed by Lucas Cepeda & Michael Züst   ver. 1.72:

I had bought the rights to give away this plugin to all my current and new blog subscribers and it is selling at Warrior Forum for $7. But it’s free for you today. So Grab it!

What Does The WP-Plugin Do For You?

Full details in the page with link below. But in summary it can be best explained as this. Imagine your visitor comes to your blog and before he leaves it, is legally persuaded to share whatever content he reads on your blog – via facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+ and very happy to do so if I may add. Now imagine you have 200 visitors a day visiting your blog how does that sound to you and what kind of traffic will you get? Viral of course.

FULL DETAILS HERE -> Read My Published Page That Gives You The Link To Get This Plugin For Free

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Ali says:

    your Viral Traffic Maximizer plugin work with free wordpress themes? or paid ?

  2. Hi Peter, really good post. Regards…

  3. Rich says:

    Ok, this is neat! I’ve had the worst time getting users to +1, Tweet, Dig, Reddit, etc. my blog posts. It’s so frustrating! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Before read your post i was unaware about this plugin and as you told that it is available for sale on $7 on warrior forum and here it is free. Definitely it is effective and helpful for every blogger who has a blog on wordpress. There kinds of plugins are very helpful, i already installed important plugins on my blog which are very helpful.

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