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What Makes Video Blogging The Ideal Way To Enhance Traffic?

What is Video Blogging?

Video Blogging means instead of writing blog or some kind of information, you are supposed to post videos. Many people are making their own videos instead of writing a text post. There are many people who much prefer graphics over text so the proficient bloggers and webmasters are enhancing traffic on their websites or blogs by posting videos instead of any text file because it is better to watch a video related to any information rather than reading the same thing in the text format.

People are changing their text based information into video format because they want their users to better understand anything they are looking for on the blog. People are demanding for videos; just see YouTube which is the second largest search engines in the world today. There is much traffic on YouTube. All types of songs, documentaries, drams and movies, even everything is available on You Tube. You are just seconds away in finding the video of your choice. You can also take examples of daily motion, Metacafe etc.


How to Enhance Traffic:

People normally think that video blogging means just having a title with a video on post but the thing is completely different.`It is not a correct way to understand the art of video blogging. The correct way of video blogging is to post a text file parallel to every video so that from search engines, the text format will drive the traffic for you and from YouTube or daily motion, the video format will drive traffic for you. So this will add a great value and this is an ideal way.

Video blogging Tips to Increase Traffic:

1)      Embedding your videos is the first step. To increase traffic, your visitors must stay on your page for long. Sometimes, if videos are hosted on other sites like YouTube, visitors are simply directed to the new page in the new tab or new window, so try to embed th% videos into your blog or site.

2)      Tagging your videos and adding keywords to your videos will help the visitors to easily search whatever they need. The visitors want an immediate response from the site when they type a word in the search column so the unique keywords will help the visitors.

3)       Making a video library is also an effective way to enhance traffic. The library will give a better look to your blog and the visitors will engage in clicking more pages to view.

4)      Giving titles to your videos is also helpful. Google is text based search engine so giving a unique title to your video will help the visitors to find the video of their choice.

5)      Merge your videos with the social media like Face book, Twitter etc. Your video will gain SEO boost when it gathers a large number of inward links. The best and an easiest way to secure such links by posting links of your videos on Face book and Twitter.

6)      The content of your video must be eye catching so that the visitor will not get bored while`watching your stuff.

7)      The final thing which one can keep in the mind is the audience which is going to be targeted. You should have the ability to engage your audience while watching your video posts. So for this, your video must be unique and inspiring.

Finally, video blogging is really a cool stuff that is why many people are posting videos instead of writing text for their blogs. Just keep simple things in your mind which we have discussed in the above s%ven points and you will see the traffic on your blog and will start earning without any difficulty.

About the author:

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  1. Actually, this right thing that if you want to increase traffic at your website you must give some attractive look your post. It should be most catchable due to that visitors could not be bore at the time of visiting. Media library is definitely can increased traffic, if it is used properly at websites. Keywords is most important thing to find it out easily. You should always try to keep it unique, which can diffentiate between others post or blogginh title.

  2. I am just doing the directory submission and social book marking for my website. But after your suggestion, I will try video blog posting for my products.

  3. Yap!!! video blogging is more effective than text blogging and it increases more and more traffic on the site.

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