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Warning: Google Aggressively Targets Private Blog Networks

By now you may have read it in blogs, websites, or your favorite online forums. You may have heard it through the grapevine in other form or fashion when promoting your online business opportunities. Yes less than a month after Google rolled out Panda 3.3. on Feb 27 it’s stamp of authority was felt yet again when it indirectly closed down the services of  an established company. A household name in the blogosphere and other Internet Marketing circles.

The following is a guest post that highlights Google’s aggressive targeting of Private Blog Networks. How will it affect you? Read on…..

What You Need To Know

Google’s software engineer and chief of Google’s web spam team; Matt Cutts has stated recently that private blogs networks are their primary targets. The fact of the matter is that it is indeed true because build my rank has been closed down and was de indexed on 19th of March.

Numerous private blog networks were de indexed and de ranked by Google. Google has released their efficient software Google panda 3.3. The superior software is on the attack for de ranking and de indexing such websites which had low quality articles and were created to boost search engine optimization. Before the latest version of Google panda 3.3 was released, articles were spun and laid with keywords and links, which was being ignored previously. But Google has caught up with times and is eliminating this link building technique.

The Link Building Approach

The link creating strategy is very easy. The cheaply spun articles were tossed in private blog networks to generate numerous back links. Such articles are worthless to the users. Google panda 3.3 can differentiate from spun and original articles effectively.

This strategy has set many a people on the back foot as they have relied on the potency of their seo strategy. But if you have a stable linking system, it might not be a big worry after all for the online marketers.

A private blog network should function as a private blog network. It is wise to be aware of your providers; if you outsource SEO that they don’t rely on only private blog networks altogether.

It doesn’t mean that article writing for websites will become obsolete. Ezine articles are an open article directory and have quality content on its website. It is an earned back link, not a bought paid link. Private Blog networks are purchased links as you find your way into the network by payment.

How does Google distinguish private blog network from article directory?

Again there are many differences which differentiate the two. Each website and post has a footprint. So every post has similar quantities of back links in them. Private Blog networks have two or three for each post and it’s a dead giveaway for all the posts to have those same back links. Private Blog network leave a very visible trail behind which Google can identify. There are many other ways to recognize private blog networks too.

There are numerous different websites which are using private blog networks to rank their websites and many will fall down the line with private blog networks being targeted assertively. These websites were solely relying on private blog networks to keep them at the top.

The Task At Hand

You will need to focus on producing error free and high quality content for the websites. Do not put a black link on the website if you don’t fully trust it. You wouldn’t want other people using article spinning software’s to renew your article and then get it posted on numerous other websites.

If you need an SEO specialist, ensure that he doesn’t indulge in unethical SEO activities and is well versed with functioning of search engines.

About the author:

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11 Responses so far.

  1. I have to admit that I’m not fully sure what constitutes a “private blog network”. I mean what about Technorati, Digg or BlogEngage? What about vanity blog sites? What about blogs that have lots of guest posts? What about non-niche blogs that have articles on a variety of topics? And what about all of these types of sites that also offer advertising?

    It’s an intriguing question for sure.

    • Peter Lee says:

      These blog networks are specifically started for the sole purpose of gaining backlinks either for the owner’s empire of websites or used as a business model to entice would be members to join benefiting both members and blog network owners. Members join as paid members and follow a process to syndicate their articles usually spun ones and get themselves tons of backlinks. Google hates that as it’s tantamount to having paid links to gain unfair Google ranking.

  2. Essence says:

    Great post – now understand a bit more about what constitutes a private blog network. Thanks

  3. used tires says:

    Wow, I did not know about this new policy of Google. I have at times considered link building by this approach but never implemeted it and it seems to have been the smart move, as Google is increasingly cracking down on these type of practices.


    • Actually, I worked with a company that uses many different techniques and they were punished several times. It’s worth doing the right thing even when results take longer.

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you once again. I have not heard anything about this new aggressive “attack” from Google on private blogs. I am a bit surprised because I have only read about the Panda attack. I will see if I can find any article in my own language.

  5. xarzy says:

    I think Google is trying to weed out those sites that practices SEO without giving quality content for readers. And ‘yes’ it’s true that you’ll be very careful in your link building. Google Panda is so smart in detecting poor links which will sink your site further downward.

  6. Eric says:

    I think a lot of sites got nailed in this latest sweep by Google. When I was looking into some of my competitors back links I saw the blogs that were obviously a network. The funny thing is there were very large companies using these. I saw links to Budget Car Rental and Chili’s restaurant. I assume it was an SEO company that did these links. It is best to go the safe route since anything that gets quick results does not last.

  7. This was always going to happen and Google Panda already made useless spun articles fairly obsolete with rankings being based on how long people spend on sites, I imagine they may be looking at how sticky pages are to help determine if sites may be private blog networks too.

  8. hijab says:

    Thanks Susan,

    Its better that Google teach us how to make it serious but this is to much. Lots of sites got penalized and Banned and losing there job as Search Engine Optimization. In my opinion, SEO specialist need to find out new tactics and stop black hat/gray hat tactics for better traffic.

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