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Wanna Know What Google Sees In Your Blog’s Home Page?

How often do you change the way your blog homepage look? Or how frequently do you change your blog theme – to a premium theme or custom theme perhaps? There are also many free themes available for download so you practically can change your blog theme everyday if you liked to. But have you ever considered how Google sees your changed homepage?

Have You Put Your Best Keywords on Your Blog HomePage?

Some people say it’s good SEO to put your main keywords on your blog homepage although I like to put it down as good common sense. After all your homepage is undoubtedly the most important page compared with any other inside pages of your blog.

Most of us frequently made changes to our homepage more for the aesthetics reason. Yeah pretty much the look and feel of it simply because we wanted to give our blog a fresh look. Like having a new coat of paint for our home from time to time if you will.

Well given that your main keywords are located on your homepage, you may want to know how Google sees your new homepage whenever you decided to give it a new look.

How Does Google View Your Site?

Here’s how you can tell. Just go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and type in your website in the “Website Content” tab.

Then do these steps:
1. On the prompt “Enter a web page URL to find keywords related to the content on the page” type in your blog url and click “Get Keyword Ideas”.

This is how Google thinks of your site and what it is all about.

Now I like the following check because it gives you a more visual impact of what Google actually sees in your blog homepage.

2. Go to Google and search for your blog home page by selecting any keyword that you currently rank. For example I selected Home Business Blog which I currently rank on Google No. 1:

Home Business Blog

3. Click the “Cached” link under your listing.
4. Then click the “Tex-only version” link at the top right.

So this is basically what Google sees including all your links, image alt tags names you have given your images. If you are going through this review you might want to rename these images if they are not relevant to your page. You want Google to see your blog exactly as you wanted it to see.

For me my cached index page does have “home business blog” written all over the page along with very specific keywords I had also intended Google to see. If you just look at my Featured Posts you will see “Passive Income Ideas”, “How To Make Money Blogging” “Home Business Blog” all helping me get to Google Page 1. I had written about this strategy a long time ago and have kept this till today. Check this post which has the details of how I did it: Use This Simple Technique To Increase Blog Traffic.

But having said that, Backlink Building using these anchor texts is still the no. priority I used to get them to where they are today. Having them on the blog homepage just helped to tell Google what your site is all about and helped in the top ranking too.

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  1. It only took me less than 2 minutes to see how I ranked and it was so simple. Keywords…that was the best.

  2. This was a great post on keywords.. thanks for sharing

    talk soon
    Hector Cuevas

  3. Property In US says:

    Hi blogs home page is the first impress of site all is first is the last impress all is depend them and title all is very great sharing.

  4. Chandan says:

    Hi Sir, I have noticed that your blog homepage page rank is zero, but still your blog is no one for such a popular keywords. Again I will say thank you for your brainstorming post. Your each post that you write on link building or google or SEO, really make matter, I do not get such type of information from other blogs.

    Yes google bot see only the text version of our blog and so it is good if we less use picture or flash image on our blog.

    Well Sir lastly I have changed my blogging platform to self hosted wordpress blog. I want to inform you sadly that my blogspot blog has been deleted by blogger and all of my hard work gone useless. I have placed your link on my new blog and sir also please change my blog url and anchor text to “work at home blog” on your blog. Thanks

  5. peterlee says:

    @Chandan: Sorry to hear about your blogger blog got deleted. You had a very good blog with good PR too. But don't worry now with your own WP blog everything stays with you. That's the beauty of having your very own blog. PR affects only about 20 pct of your search ranking so that explains why with PRO this blog has a no.1 for home business blog keyword. (it had a PR3 rank before it got punished for having TLA). Anyway traffic and ranking is more important that PR.

  6. Trance says:

    Thanks for this post, many interesting information for me! Google it's a big puzzle!:)

  7. Chandan says:

    Thanks for your reply Sir, Just I want your co-ordination to improve my blog. Well Sir can you please change the anchor text to “work at home blog” replacing “legitimate work at home jobs”, thanks.

  8. Something weird appears to be going on. Whenever I view this page or any other in your blog, I get redirected to a Google login page. Have to press Escape very quickly to be able to prevent the redirect.

  9. Very useful post, i never heard of the Google site keywords before, i just used it and it's pretty good, thanks for sharing it!

  10. Thanks you so much for letting me know what google want…

  11. I saw a few other pics of them from this day and I usually hate to speculate about pregnancy, but Gwen looks pregnant in a few of them. I hope she is! It could be the dress because she’s in great shape, so who knows.

  12. data recovery says:

    Really But All Are Put The Main Keyword On The Home Page, Because What Services we are offering our Home Page Shows and These are our keyword also. you are talking about the Google behavior defiantly i will see this and after confirmation apply on my blog, Anyway thanks for the quite good information…

    Jacob Luis

  13. Creative Web Design says:

    I've posted an article for you to read on how to get some free quality backlinks and there's also a short video in there that shows you how to check your backlinks both through Google and Yahoo….

  14. Thanks for such a useful share

  15. data recovery says:

    Nice Information earlier i said..

    Jacob Luis

  16. thanks for this valuable information, i have been reading through your site during all my lunch time and find it very very informative. Thanks

  17. That's how important keywords are in our blogs or sites. So an ample amount of time must be invested in keyword research so that our blogs/sites will rank well in its targeted or “money” keyword.

  18. That's how important keywords are in our blogs or sites. So an ample amount of time must be invested in keyword research so that our blogs/sites will rank well in its targeted or “money” keyword.

  19. […] Now for my niche site I made sure some of these LSI keywords can be found on the second post I wrote making sure there were both H1 and H2 tags in the content as well as my site description. By doing so, it tells Google what is the theme of my site.(Check my post:“Wanna Know What Google Sees in your Blog”) […]

  20. Tej Kohli says:

    You are right we have to create Blogs navigation according to theme , moreover I use a thumb rule to find my blog or website by search URL keyword

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