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Trends to Follow for Internet Marketing in 2013

When we look back at 2012, most of the predictions and resolutions about Internet marketing came true. Considering the advancements that shaped online marketing last year, you will be wondering what this year 2013 has in store. As there is none other marketing technique with the speed and efficiency which internet marketing offers, you must make sure you spend sufficient time to focus on this marketing technique to maximize your growth and revenue.   Here are some major trends that we had found in the online marketing industry and their impact on customer behavior.

Content quality over quantity across platform

Nowadays search engines are giving more important to quality website content. The content that you publish on a web page must be relevant, fresh and unique. Moreover, it must be interesting and can create a social impact. Uploading quality contents is the only way attracts more customers to your website. Also, it will help the users easily find what they want. It is also necessary to post fresh contents frequently to keep it updated.

Design :

Just like the quality of the content, the design of the website also matters a lot. Most of the very successful companies like Apple, Nike etc. have a very attractive website design. They have given more importance to the design of the website which makes them remain top in the industry.

Marketing goes visual :

Communication through visual means is the latest fad in the online marketing industry. Through this one can directly deal with the client by talking face to face.

Build you website with Schema’s :

A set of standard codes have been developed for the web developer known as SCHEMA by the three most popular search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. With these codes, the search engine will be able to find the most relevant and informative website easily. So it is important to use proper SCHEMA in your website which will force the search engine to list you among the top ones.

Mobile channels :

As you know, the number of mobile phone users is sky rocketing. Just like the number of smartphone users too. As per the research done by Cisco the number of smartphones and tablet phones will outnumber the number of human beings in the world soon. With the advancement in the smartphones, more number of people uses mobile phones to purchase things online. So it is necessary to have a robust mobile strategy for all businesses. However, you should consider the time, mobile screen size and obviously the consumer intention in mind. This is a one great way to connect more number of people via mobile channels. Through this, you can get in the touch with the targeted audience and of course it will provide you good revenue.

Links :

Link building is one of the most important factors when considering SEO articles. To maintain the credibility and top notch ranking of your website, it is important to check the quality of the link that you insert in your website and how we got the link is also important. A website having 5 credible links is expected to have qualified traffic. It is also possible to earn natural links by sharing worthy content via the most popular social network sites Facebook and Twitter.

Usability and conversion factors :

Not just creating a website will increase the traffic to it. You must check and confirm how efficient it is after the overall work. Usability of the website is necessary to attract more customers to it. Also you must set some goals which will help you do the site conversion and make it more user-friendly.

With all these marketing trends, you can make your business a huge success for sure.


About Author :

Allyson Steffey is professional web designer and content editor in Emailmonks.com which is specialized in Email Design backed with years of experience. Email monks, offering creative HTML Email Templates service and superfast Design to Email HTML conversion services in merely 8 Hours.


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  1. Naturally, we should be following the trends to survive. Keep doing something same over the time will make our marketing harder.

    Customers behavior is changing and changing. Keep our eyes to provide something that fulfill their needs.

  2. Most important thing we should follow is about content, quality is better than quantity. With the passage of time we should follow the latest trends if we want to get good benefits from online business because it is all about new and effective trends. In this scenario your shared points are very important and effective to learn about new trends.

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