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Case Study: 5-Day Old Post Gets No.1 Top Ranking In Google

How To Get Top Ranking In Google

Could a 5 day old blog post achieve No.1 Top Ranking in Google? Well I didn’t think so until now. As much as I am as curious as you, I figured I might as well try to find out what could have contributed to this search ranking phenomenon. I might be able to uncover something interesting just fresh from my last Case Study: What Google Looked For In My Last 5 Posts.

top ranking in google My recent post in question is Try My Cheap Link Building Service published on  Sep 8, 2011. It achieved Google No. 1 Position just 5 days after being published and now hovers between No. 1 and No. 3 spots in Google. I had expected it to do the Google dance and then go away but it didn’t and I thought why not just go figure that out. Yes even it gets pushed down the SERPs much later.  I like now to do a quick case study and provide my own take as to what may have contributed to this unexpected search ranking.

The Statistics: for the Keyword “Cheap Link Building Service”

1. Global Search Count (Monthly) : 1000 2. Strength of Competition (Micro Niche Finder) : 103 (> 50 is relative high competition) 3. Inanchor Count: 205:  Intitle Count: 154; Inurl Count : 122

Permalink Chosen: ../cheap-link-building-service

Keyword “cheap link building service” on first sentence of  first paragraph.

Followed onpage SEO of the following:

Use of Keyword in H1 Tag.
Use of Keyword in H2 Tag.
Use of Keyword in H3 Tag.
Use of keyword in First Sentence.
Use of keyword in Last Sentence.
Use Of Image In Post.
Keyword In Alt Tag Of Image.
Link To An Internal Page.
Outbound Link To An Authority Site.
Keyword In The URL.
More than 400 words Of Content.

Here’s My Thoughts Why It Got No. 1 Top Ranking In Google:

1. I studied all the 10 sites on page 1 for the keyword phrase ‘cheap link building service‘. I found that non of my competitors had the exact permalink as the keyword as I did. Good thing that I had purposely put the blog title as ‘Try My Cheap Link Building Service’ and made the permalink as ‘Cheap Link Building Service’. It’s a powerful SEO I learned from all the ebooks I bought.

2. The blog title must contain the keyword you want to rank. The shorter this keyword the better too as it is more keyword optimized.

3. My homepage displays the keyword phrase “cheap link building service’. Once on the navigation link on the header (no-follow) and the other on the right side bar (do-follow). I wrote about this technique a long time ago.

4. I did not do any extensive link building. Just used my favorite plugin and put the keyword “cheap link building service” as a “backlink” in the plugin admin page so as to display this url across hundreds of blogs. Check my post on this amazing plugin: I Got Google Page 1 Overnight Using This Plugin and how this is easily done.

5. Except for one site having the same domain age, all other sites were much newer. The conclusion I can draw is that the older the domain the better chance you get in achieving top ranking in Google.

6. There were 5 other sites that have higher page rank than my page which just means that page rank is not as important as other factors when you want a top ranking in Google like Google no. 1 position. It just gives you about 20 percent added advantage.

7. It just reaffirms what we already know and that Google still uses exact named domain (keyword) as a critical factor in determining Top Ranking In Google.


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  1. Incredible! There's so much to learn from you.And I'm amazed at the fact the you're sharing these information unselfishly.The conclusion I draw from this case study is that,SEO is easy for those who knows what it actually is and ready to take action.
    By the way,I'd shared that post with my Facebook and Twitter friends.

  2. Peter, you are indeed amazing.  You do all the analytical work and share it to help others get the same results.  I truly appreciate everything you share with us.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Thanks for the nice words and yes I do think this is some good stuff I am providing. Guess I’m in the sharing mood. I don’t do that too often though because people who sell such secrets may get a little upset at my generosity so I have to be a little sensitive.

  3. Your tips really worked. Though I could not reach at page one, but presently on Page 3. I hope to get page one very soon

  4. peterlee says:

    Congrats and good to see that someone else tried and works. Well give it time and I'm sure it will improve its ranking. It also depends on how competitive your keyword is.

  5. Neamal Ch says:

    Peter, you are indeed amazing.  You do all the analytical work and share
    it to help others get the same results.  I truly appreciate everything
    you share with us. 

  6. Ted says:

    I had a niche blog that got its posts ranked really high really quickly.  The blog had a ton of domain authority.  Every time I wrote a new post it would get a handful of backlinks automatically because of how I had it setup.  Congratulations on your success.

  7. Mark Davis says:

    Great article, According to my opinion Google ranking depend only content quality nothing else. keywords are secondary thing for ranking in search engine.

  8. Excellent tips, Peter. A good reminder for all of us to follow basic SEO to beat out our competition and get that #1 spot in Google.

  9. Sam says:

    Pete good to see this. Some times rankings is achieved by get dropped after couple of days. Do you have any idea why this dance happens? BTW, there is a spelling mistake in the last anchor text of the post. You have written as “Top Ranjking In Google.” !

  10. peterlee says:

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for telling me about the spelling mistake. Changed it.

  11. SEO Sydney says:

    SERP's result is the best when we are doing a link building analysis. Most of the seo software has more and complicated term.

  12. Congratulations this comes with Experience also you know the In and Out of SEO and you have tons of exp. I will surely work out the things you have post and i am sure i'll get the results.

  13. How to get your ex back fast says:

    Grat Informations Peter. Very usefull for newbies just like me. Thanks

  14. Rina As says:

    An analysis that is very unusual, I feel obliged to follow what you do in order to more quickly get google SERP which has many of its competitors ..
    Thank you Mr. Peter Lee..

  15. Well done! I have learned quite a bit from your posts, and this one is a great reminder that I have not been following basic SEO tactics.

  16. These are the best tips to get the ranking in google at top position.

  17. Estiak Ahamed says:

    Very good information for increasing Google rank in a website.

  18. Ghalib says:

    Peter, You are doing wonder, when you write such a nice post. I wish all success for you.

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