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The Quickest Way To Make Your Blog Load Faster


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You probably already know that Google now uses your page load time as a an algorithm for ranking your blog or website. Here is some information to read from Google Webmaster on Site Speed importance to keep you up to speed if you have not heard about this.  I knew that too but like most people, have been busy with other things to really set aside time to seriously do something about it. Well last week I was forced to do so because a serious technical problem cropped up and I was working with Hostgator to fix it. The solution called for installing a simple WP Plugin that could save this blog from a serious disaster waiting to happen. I like to share with you so that that same problem never happened to you.

The Technical Problem reported by Hostgator:

“This message is to advise you of a temporary block placed on your database. The database “/var/lib/mysql/peterlee_com/” was found to be consuming an inordinate amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance. While we do limit each account to no more than 25% of a system’s CPU in our terms of service, we do not actively disable accounts until they greatly exceed that number, which is what happened in this case.”


Because this problem posed a security risk, my blog was disabled while a solution given to me was….INSTALL W3-TOTAL-CACHE plugin

What are the benefits of using this plugin?

1. Essentially what this plugin does is it provides basic caching and stores your data so that any future request for the same data is retrieved faster from the cache and not from the server. By doing so it significantly reduces the processing burden on your server. If you have high traffic for your blog, using this plugin could save a lot of unnecessary headache of a server overload issue.

2. It significantly reduces your blog’s page load time and needless to say improves your visitor’s user experience on your blog. In technical terms this helps to greatly reduce the CPU required to run a WordPress blog and let you process more traffic while using less CPU. That’s a big factor to bring in repeat visitors to your blog.

3. At least 10x improvement in overall site performance

4.Up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds

Why CPU Overload Can Be an Expensive Issue

I had previously (and wrongly) thought that CPU overload could only happen to big blogs that have tons of traffic, but what happened to my blog just proved this is not true. There could be other factors too that could easily eat up your CPU resources like the countless number of plugins we try to install to create the perfect user experience for our visitors.

Upgrading to a dedicated server could solve the problem but that is an expensive option, Hostgator tells me a basic dedicated server starts at $179 per month.

Important note before you upload W3-Total-Cache

This plugin is not compatible to older versions of WP as I found out the hard way. My blog was using WP ver2.6 and the upload crashed my blog. I had to upgrade to WP3.0 before it was successful.

To check if you have successfully uploaded your plugin open up any of your blog post and check the source code. You should see this:

***************************************************** Minified using disk Page Caching using disk (enhanced) (user is logged in) Database Caching using disk (user is logged in) Object Caching 1544/1693 objects using disk Content Delivery Network via N/A Served from: www.peterleehc.com @ 2010-08-04 05:19:03 --> ***************************************************** 
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18 Responses so far.

  1. Yes it is true .. Some of blogs are so slow to be view. I also experience the same problem.
    You have help me again Peter for this. Thanks!

  2. Zoe says:

    This has been a great insight! It's good to know that there are ways round this problem and the reasons as to why google does take a while to load up the pages.Thanks for solving the mystery!

  3. peterlee says:

    @Zoe: Glad you liked it and thanks for dropping by,

  4. peterlee says:

    @Donut: You should try this plugin and let me know if it helps.

  5. vinusha says:

    I am very much found of reading different kinds of blogs. I had experienced very often that some blogs take very much time to load. I usually wondered what is the reason for that. Thanks to you to solve this mystery.

  6. peterlee says:

    @vinusha: No problem. Glad you liked it.

  7. Wow, Peter… kinda scary. Good lesson, though, as site load time is important and should be monitored frequently. I'm currently using WP Super Cache, but I've seen another blogger talk about W3 Total Cache. Do you know what the differences are, if there are any?

  8. peterlee says:

    Hi Alan,
    Here is what I found out…. W3 Total Cache is independent from WP Super Cache. It has similar caching functionality but with enhancements to further improve your site performance.

    Perhaps the biggest improvement that W3 Total Cache offers for smaller sites is the ability to minify and consolidate Javascript and CSS files. Minification consists of eliminating all the comments and spacing, line breaks, etc., that make the code easily readable for humans. All those extra bits of information use up precious bandwidth when being fed over the internet. So the Minify function strips all of that extra stuff out and only feeds the information required to make the code execute.

  9. You teach us very well most of the developer didn't know these imp points, we can make a fast loader site for visitors and save the visitors time and get a good review…

    I am very happy to see this information on the web…

    Jacob lee

  10. Vanessa says:

    I've never heard of this plugin, but it is definitely something I'll be downloading now. Thanks for this read, I learned something new.

  11. peterlee says:

    @Renantech: Thanks for sharing your experience in this plugin.

  12. peterlee says:

    @Karl: You're quite welcome.

  13. peterlee says:

    @Cataracts Drops: No problem, glad you liked it.

  14. Tej Kohli says:

    That Great , But While I am adding Videos or Some Waves files than this trick will not work … Help me to sort out

  15. LCD Wall Mounts says:

    yeah it is true, some blogs really take a lot of time to be viewed.

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