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The Quick Legal Way To Get Free Images To Your Blog-Free WP Plugin

As bloggers we all know it is good to put images on our blog contents. Having a nice image can enhance your post and can attract more visitors to stay longer on your blog. Putting an image will also help in SEO too when you put your keyword you are ranking in the alt-text field. However many of us face the problem of sourcing free images for our sites. Finding these free images takes time and sometimes pose a real risk as you are not even sure if you can freely use them as many of them come with some restrictions and limitation. Are they free only if you link back to the source ? Or do you have to buy the images to be able to use them on your blog?

There are of course some bloggers who intentionally or not intentionally used them and get themselves legally into trouble. Yes I know of a good friend of mine Alan Mater unknowingly violated the infringement law as he shared his unfortunate incident in his post:

Don’t Make The Same Stupid Mistake I Made… Seriously!

“…It turns out that one of the images I was using on my site violated the copyright, seeing as how they couldn’t determine that I owned a license to use the image for my own use.

Obviously this was a complete shock to me… and still is. The image in question had been in use on my site for at least two years. So you can imagine my surprise when, after all that time, I get a cease and desist notice…”

Using Free Images Can Be Risky – If you do not know what you are doing

Well most of us may think such things will never happen to us but for Alan it did and he had to pay a fine of $450 as a settlement amount for not getting permission to use a Getty image on his blog. So the risk is very real and we should take reasonable steps to ensure that we do not suffer the same penalty even if we are ignorant. Unfortunately the law is not too forgiving when it happens.

The Easiest Legal Way of Finding and Using Free Images Here for your Blog

I have found a great method of finding images legally with no fear of any infringement violation. You can use for free, and inserting these images to your blog post is only a couple of clicks away.

The Steps:

1. Install the WP plugin which I will show you where to download

2. Go to your post you are creating or edit post if it’s published. Then click on the icon (arrow):

3. Put in your relevant keyword to search for image (e.e.g lose weight or weight loss):

4. Select the appropriate image given to you:

5. Insert it to your post

6. That’s it!

Get The Free WP Plugin Here:



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10 Responses so far.

  1. This seems a cool tool but you cant guarantee these images have a free licence.

    • Peter Lee says:

      I think the plugin developer took the necessary steps to ensure these images have a free licence and if not then credit goes to the author with an automatic link posted on the page with the image.

  2. John Rachet says:

    Is it free of charge or there is some premium abilities for extra cash? It is realy hard to find a good image picker. Where does this pictures coming from? Free img storage? This guys allways have great unique pictures. Where do they take them? (http://www.marketing-papers.com/)

    • Peter Lee says:

      It’s free. The plugin takes from sites that you can use images freely like Flicker that only searches within Creative Commons-licensed content. So it’s easy and worry free.

  3. Mike Kaye says:

    I’m pretty sure you can be sure they are free. I love WP and this is awesome.

  4. used tires says:

    Yes, a lot of people are not aware about the implications of using copywritten images. I have to say I myself wasn’t really aware of it at first. I would just search for an image on Google and use it without second thought but now I know better of course. This plugin should be a huge help in that area for sure. It looks like it is very easy to use and best of all, it is free!


  5. Kristian says:

    We used to do this a lot too but then we realized that even a small thing like this can really put you in trouble. As a result, we just most of the time pay for images or ensure that the images that we picked can be used legally.

  6. Exactly, to use WP plugin in a blog is better than use images taken by the web. Good post Peter, regards.

  7. Rich says:

    This will be a big help to me in future blog posts. It can really be tricky finding images which are truly free on the web. Thanks for sharing this plugin, Peter!

  8. Really didn’t know about this! I myself is really having trouble finding free images that it would take me 15 minutes to get one (but not sure on the restrictions and limitations of it). Gosh really thankful to this! Will definitely try this one and will surely bookmarked this post and share it to the others. Thanks a lot!

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