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The Greatest Scam In Warrior Forum Uncovered

As Internet Marketers, bloggers, online business entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers or whatever you call yourself, one of our greatest fears has got to be Internet scams.  This is because in our course of our online business either as an Internet newbie or an advanced marketer, we always have to be weary of unscrupulous people whom  we meet online daily. People who purportedly claimed to be experts in SEO, affiliate marketing or someone who has found a quick way to make money online. Yes they make it seem like  any lucrative online business opportunities but cleverly crafted for the sole purpose of cheating you. Yes, you and your hard earned money.

What This Post is Not About

The intention of my post today is not to frighten anyone new in the online business, or to discredit anyone who have had the misfortune of being taken for a ride in this scam. No the purpose of this post is to share some useful lessons to be learned regarding this scam with the hope that by so doing, people can be more prepared to deal with any possible Internet scams.

This is also not a case study and if you need to read up more details, you may follow the warrior forum thread which I will give. However it may well be soon deleted by the forum moderators since the sales page have already been deleted. Possibly to avoid any undue interest on this case and to avoid other scam artists lurking around  to learn how it was pulled off. Yes possibly the greatest scam in Warrior Forum in my time at least.

A Summary of the Scam:

This warrior (member of warrior forum then)  is offering a test drive of any class site for 2 days before you decide to invest in a site. The scam artist decides on the niche, keyword and domain.

To test the site, you need to make a small payment (less than $10) then you will need to complete a form which gives him your Adsense Publisher ID. Thereafter, he will send you the domain for the test so that you can add the channel in your Adsense account to measure the income earned over 2 days.

The scam artist provides an offer to sell his seemingly endless profitable websites on  popular niches targeting Google Adsense. He requires his prospective client to test it out if he likes it and to see how profitable his purchased site is. There is a small admin fee he charges but nobody cares because during the test which is just 2 days, all his clients can see that his new website makes Adsense money like bees stick to honey – between $ 5 -$50 a day.  Yes the stage is set for the next step. The good testimonials are written by each ‘participant’ and most people willingly buy these sites and  agree to whatever requirements he set  to gain more in his scam. The requirements include paying the scam artist a monthly fixed payment besides the cost of the site and domain. In return, he guarantees minimum daily Adsense earnings for the site. His sites are classified into different category of profitability assurance called “classes A-D” and their costs vary accordingly. More profitable sites will cost more.

Some Testimonials (‘Reviews’) Provided By His Customers:

And just like any WSO or Warrior Special Offer, the buyers provide their reviews after getting the positive results. Well here are just a few to give you an idea:

1. ” ….First of all, XXXX is very professional when we make a deal in testing the site.  For the first day and for the first time in my life of Adsense, this is the first time I’ve earned around more than $4USD in one day.

So, when he claims that you can earn around 3 – 5 USd per day, he really delivers it.  And that is probably the minimum… it could get more than that.”

2. “…my review for class D: 1st day $4.96, 2nd day around $5.13 nice job…”

3.  “…$13.82 for 2 days. 9.0% ctr which is quite high, not bad if on average $6 per day. $180 a month. …”

4. “…On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 1:47 PM, he plugged my Adsense ID into one of the Class D sites. As of Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 12:54 PM (47 hours later), his web site has earned me $10.23. (About $5.12/day.)…”

5. “…My review after 2 days test (D class):

First day test: $6.9
second day test: $5.6

This is really great which is why I bought the D class site a few minutes ago. I am going to post updates in a week to tell you how the site grow. I am really happy with the results. …”

6. “…my review ( 1 week )
26.08 : $ 6,23
27.08 : $ 6,16
28.08 : $ 3,62
29.08 : $ 6,62
30.08 : $ 2,30
31.08 : $ 4,31

I hope next weeks i get more earning …”

How And When Was The Scam Found Out?

Google started banning the Adsense accounts of all the people who bought the scammer sites almost on the same day. The reason being that they determined that there were invalid clicks on these Adsense ads being performed on their website. The duration of the scam: 6 weeks.

Lessons Learned:

1. Traffic from search engines like Google is still the best and the safest to earn the trust from Google. In this scam, traffic was self generated possibly by persons the scam artist hired to work for him to click people’s ads.

2. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. So you can be your best critique or your worse enemy.

3. If you buy a website from someone, screen through every single page on the website. In this scam, the sites were poorly made with bad contents, few links and the sites were for lack of a better word – ugly!

4. Do not let money or how to make easy money blogging cloud your judgment of any similar situation that may lead to you getting scammed. It’s the clearest signs.

5. A scam can take place anywhere even in the most established place  like Warrior Forum.

6. When you get scammed, most of the time you will not get your money back.  Even paypal rejected any claims with the reply:

“Unfortunately, we are denying your claim because your purchase was for a virtual, digital, or intangible item, which is not covered under PayPal Purchase Protection. We only cover claims involving physical items that can be shipped and tracked.”

7. Losing money in a scam is bad (many bought the high end “class” kind of sites paying out $1500 per site. But losing your Adsense account – unforgivable as it can destroy (for some people) your only means of make money online – through Google Adsense.

8. Always determine the trustworthiness  and credibility of the person in question. In this case  the scam artist claims to be a  professional company in US. However when the scam was exposed it was found that the IP of his emails all traced to Bangladesh.

For more details check out the Warrior Forum Thread – although it may be a matter of time before the forum moderators delete it.


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14 Responses so far.

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Peter, that was a bit mental!

    Just as a courtesy I wanted to let you know that we are talking about this in the Pond and if you can’t see the referrer for the traffic then it will be from there. Just so you know.



  2. wilson says:

    Spent one and a half hours reading the whole thread, its a pity so many people fell for it.

    Thank you Peter for the tip.

  3. Roy says:

    I have two questions.
    In the article you say the victims of this scam had their Adsence accounts were banned because Google “determined that there were invalid clicks on these Adsense ads” Question 1 What are invalid clicks? Question 2 If a person losses their Adsense account, can they get it back or reinstated.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Invalid clicks are clicks that have been coerced into doing so. For example you create a blog, then put up adsense ads and openly invite people to click the ads or influence others in other ways to click it promising some gains or rewards. This is not allowed by Google as stated in their TOS when you were approved the account. Once you’ve lost your account, it is almost impossible to get it reinstated although you could try to ask.

  4. Alan Mater says:

    Hey Peter,

    That’s just crazy. I haven’t been on the WF in quite some time. I know there are a lot of credible WSO’s worth checking out there. It’s a shame this sort of thing happened.

    I have just one question. Did you lose your Adsense account, too? I really hope, for your sake, that you didn’t.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Hi Alan,

      No, I did not. Fortunately I am one who follows Google TOS by the letter and smelled something fishy when I first saw the thread. I knew this was unnatural traffic as it’s not free traffic from Google that I only go for. So I just refuse to buy in and believe me I buy WSOs about 1 per week., but mostly SEO techniques WSOs.

      • Alan Mater says:

        That’s great to hear you didn’t fall for it. I started using Adsense again on my main site and seeing some good results. Following the TOS is super important and will go a long way.

  5. Hi Peter
    I read and follow your site as a guide to mine. Its a shame things like this go on, when your new its hard not to get taken in. Is there a place where you could get advise on the different scams and ways to avoid them.

  6. Kyle says:

    Hi Peter,

    So if a site will let you click an advertisement for some amount, this is illegal?

    • Peter Lee says:

      Only if the site owner does something to influence visitors to click the ads. Like openly write above the ads… ‘please click these ads’….or other similar prompts.

  7. Heyyy I wanted to take a moment to say I love to read your blog.

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