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Start Making Money With Amazon Today-The Best Solution To Google Penguin

If you are still trying to figure out how to get your little sniper or niche sites ranking at the top of Google, that model is getting riskier with each passing month. Especially since Matt Cutts declared war on blog networks, paid link services and a lot more coming in their algorithm updates. After you’ve read this post, it may be a good time to take stock of your present situation and ask yourself what actions you really ought to take from here onwards. Seriously, give it some soul searching because the decision you make today or don’t make today is going to affect your online income, whatever remains that is.

Should You Look For A New Business Model?

Has your online business pretty much survived two of Google’s fiercest algorithm changes that were implemented to weed off blackhatters and innocent parties caught in the line of fire to supposedly improve Search Engine Results and visitor experiences? If yes then good for you and it probably will be status quo for you and your business. However if you have been hit badly, possibly lost all your online income overnight after years of hard work down the drain, then you should think about an alternative way of making money online, preferably not relying totally on traffic from Google.

What is The Best Alternative Method of Making Money Online?

Turn Every Link On Your Blog Into A {Money-Making-Asset} – INSTANTLY

Well for a start, find any method of monetization that either does not rely solely on getting free traffic from Google or does not rely entirely on a handful of keywords to rank on the first page of Google. Today we are going to talk about the latter as that seems to resonate with more people who are still more comfortable with getting free traffic from Google as opposed to other forms of traffic like paid traffic.

Now I could start talking about the various different methods to get this traffic to your sites besides search engine traffic like Pinterest, social marketing, solo ads, email marketing etc. However in today’s article I will just share the method that has worked really well for me – making money with Amazon.

Why You Are Missing Lots If You’ve Never Considered Making Money With Amazon

You can read a very good article from Problogger giving 9 Reasons Why I Am An Amazon Affiliate to find out what you have been missing. But some of the reasons he singled out are:

1. earn up to 8 % in commission

2. people buy more than 1 item

3. easily integrated

4. small payments add up

5. wide array of products (thousands)

How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon

I guess different marketers will achieve different results as there are many factors that determine how well you will do in this method. For me at least I’ve found it relatively easy to make some decent amount of money with very little effort  but having said that it’s not a push button to make money tomorrow kind of business model either. Well for me I am happy with the kind of money that I am seeing without much effort even while the full potential hasn’t been seen as I’ve started it just over 2 months now.

The beauty of making money with Amazon is that once you learned some simple basics and some techniques on increasing your conversion rate when you start to get some traffic, the sales just keep on coming. Sometimes you get small commission if the product is of lower price like:


but then again sometimes you get high commissions when the product costs much more…like this:

As what Problogger already pointed out one of the benefits is that  people tend to buy more than 1 item and small payments add up. That is so true and just over 2 weeks of June my Amazon commission just for 1 blog amounts to:



and here is that check I received:

How To Get Started And Make Money With Amazon

For The Experienced Marketer:

Amazon Affiliate GOLF CART RICHES allows you to target the massive, Evergreen golf cart niche, and you get 3 sub-niches from it on a plate! With $100+ Billion spent last year in the United States alone on Golfers, the demand is huge and sales are ever increasing!And this is where YOU can start to make some good money from this niche. It costs just $11 with nothing to lose as it comes with a 30-day No Questions asked refund policy.


1. An introductory PDF
2. In Depth Keyword List (Golf Carts)
3. In Depth Keyword List (Electric Golf Carts)
4. In Depth Keyword List (Golf Equipment)
5. Exact match domain data (Golf Carts)
6. Exact match domain data (Electric Golf Carts)
7. Exact match domain data (Golf Equipment)
8. 50 product review videos
9. 6 Professional Banner Graphics

Get it here


For The Newbie

1. One of the first things I had learned is that it would be foolish to waste your time and effort to do it without any guide or teaching. Just learn and copy the success of someone who has already mastered the techniques in this method of making consistent money with Amazon. I bought a blueprint called “60 Minutes to $100 Days” in April by Nat Rivers and have never looked back.  It’s a totally different approach that Nate teaches to set up a website that does not rely on tons of backlinks and as such do not need to get any of your money words ranked in Google.  If you can spare 60 minutes a day to do some work Nate teaches you, then this will work for you as it did for me. That’s a refreshing change and probably something you will appreciate more as we face the likes of Google Panda and Google Penguin. I recommend you get this video course with no risk as your small investment is backed up by a full 30 day money back guarantee.  I selected a few comments from people who have followed this easy program:

So check it out:  “60 Minutes to $100 Days” by Nat Rivers (costs just $16 at the time of this posting)

How I Write My Contents The Lazy Way

One of the reasons why I started my first Amazon blog this late is the fact that I was too busy or too lazy to write contents on my blog. And it’s true if you are someone who hates writing post after post after post for your Amazon blog, you would, like me have tried to put it off doing it. Well that has somewhat changed for me recently and in fact I can boast that I now look forward to writing my daily contents on my blogs. Why is this so? Well I write my blog contents using a curated tool and with it, takes me just 5 minutes to write each quality post on my blog. I write 2-3 posts a day on my Amazon blog and it just takes a total of 10-15 minutes can you believe it? Again the curation tool I purchased is this:

Instant Content Curation Pro (costs just $10 at the time of writing this post)

Here just take a look at a curated post I wrote for my affiliate blog that took me just 5 minutes to write:

Why Many Bloggers Still Don’t Know How To Do Email Marketing

Watch this short video to see the powerful software in action!

Why Should You Write Curated Contents:

The short description is this:

Curation is (and always has been) BY FAR the easiest and fastest way to fill your site with QUALITY, ENGAGING content that Google Loves!

The long description is this:

1. SEO has changed. No longer is backlinking the be-all and end-all of getting highly targeted, buying traffic to your site. Today more than ever before, Google wants content. Media-rich content. With high user interaction and low bounce rate.

2. Curation is legally and ethically taking other people’s content and putting it on your own site, with words of your own to introduce it etc.

3. Google is cracking down hard on sites that don’t offer anything of value to visitors. If you still believe that the supposedly unique articles someone wrote for $5 a piece are valuable… You’re DEAD WRONG.

4. You must scale your efforts. As things stand right now, you don’t have time to do everything manually – even if you’ve been telling yourself otherwise.

Well I hope this article gives you something to think about and make the right decision for your business. Good Luck!
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    Blog seems to be very interesting. Thanks For sharing such a nice blog. It’s great pleasure to get the chance to comment on such an informative blog.

  2. Never thought of making money with Amazon this way. I’ll have to give it a try!

  3. Good tips, I think one needs to diversify as much as possible in terms of revenue streams on their blogs, just to stay safe!

  4. Great tips! I’ll surely be trying amazon as my new means of monetizing my blogs. All my sites are badly hit by the penguin update and my revenue stripped down to zero.

  5. After penguin update my earnings was totally reduced, I think I can use this method to increase my revenue thanks for updating it here…

  6. Great Post But ClickBank Best Commpnay 75% Comm Amazon 15% Comm

  7. used tires says:

    Me and my partner have decided to sit down and discuss a totally different approach as these new updates by Google have totally killed our once good income. Thanks for continuing to provide information and tips for tackling these updates. Every little bit of information helps.


  8. I think Amazon is the best. Other site takes lot of time.I’m totally agree with u and continue this kind of information or sharing from u. Thanks again.

  9. Even though the commissions on Amazon are little compared to other affiliate sites, amazon products really move very fast. In addition, Amazon have great marketing tools one of them being astore.

  10. John says:

    Great tips and an interesting post..really. I never thought that Amazon provides you an atractive income. Anyway maybe I will try. Thanks for tips

  11. I didn’t know you can make money with Amazon nowadays! Nice! Seeing your data makes me want to go for this too! I’ll think about it! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I would say Amazon works, but one is for sure – site you have it on MUST be either in English or Spanish or German … a wide spoken language, other way forget it.

  13. Goomena says:

    It’s awesome that so many tips, tricks, plugins and software is coming out that are Penguin-proof. I already have an Amazon Affiliate account; I’ll definitely put it to use now!

  14. Venkat says:

    Thanks for this great info! I have been an amazon affiliate from a long time, but haven’t used it yet. Guess it’s time for me to start using it.

  15. Tatsiana says:

    Short articles after the penguin update are not too good for seo, I believe anything between 300 – 600 words of original content should be good enough!

  16. Andrew says:

    Just signed up for the affiliate program with Amazon and it looks impressive. From what I’ve read plus these comments it looks like I’ve made the right choice.

  17. It’s funny that Matt Cutts declared war on paid links and blog networks, and in the same time his blog has lot of comment links to websites with adult content.

  18. Jacob says:

    Wow, this is an interesting method to making some extra cash. Maybe I’ll give it a try! Thank you for posting this!

  19. Yasir says:

    in my opnion Still Adsense is the best.

  20. Klikhier says:

    I don’t really think this is a solution for adsense…
    It’s a completely different way of advertising!
    With adsense you gey paid with every click a possible customer do, here you’ll only get paid by what people are buying and thus this is not for every niche site…

  21. Jmmy says:

    Thanks for this great post.This is great work and very good information on online marketing. This post will really help beginners to learn about online marketing.

  22. Thanks a lot for shedding more light into the way Google Pengium affects many websites. It really good to know how to do SEO nowadays so that one’s site will not be penalized by the almighty Google.

  23. never imagined I could earn with Amazon. Will read more about this and try this one out. I truly love your blogs, its very informative. I follow and read the list of blogs you have on your site and so far this one is my favorite.. Thanks for sharing.. This is really a valuable post

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