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Social Media Marketing After 2 Revolutionizing Algorithms of Google: Panda and Penguin

Every website owner strives to make his website obtain a high rank on Google search. Google tops the list as an Internet search result generating company. Thus, for the purpose of social media marketing, it is very important to appear on Google search results. The higher the rank in Google search, the better it is for the website or blog. The strategies which increase the probability of a website to appear on search results, changes from time to time. It is evident in the algorithms and their updates which Google releases. Google’s Panda and Penguin are 2 such algorithms. Read along to know more about Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm.

Google’s Panda algorithm

On February 24, 2011, Google declared its Panda update. The aim of the update was to lower the rankings of websites which are marked by low quality. Low-quality websites have been described as those websites “which are low-value add for users.” These are the websites that engage in duplicating contents of other websites. Further descriptions of low-quality websites are given below:

  • Websites which use content scrapping software– Many websites use content scrapping software in order to copy the contents of other websites and republish them in their own websites. This often makes the low-quality websites rank higher than the websites which publish the original contents.
  • Websites which make extensive use of keywords – In many cases, a website’s contents are inundated with important keywords in order to raise the website’s ranking in Google search results. The website may contain low-quality contents. The Panda algorithm aims to prevent websites from using this strategy.
  • Websites which lack high-quality contents – High-quality contents are developed through extensive research and analysis. The aim of the Panda algorithm is to improve the rankings of high-quality websites.


Google’s Penguin algorithm

On April 24, 2012, Google launched its Penguin update. The main aim of Google’s Penguin update is to stop “webspam tactics”. Description of webspam tactics are given below:

  • Engaging in article spinning – In order to get backlinks, many websites spin articles of other websites and auto submit them to various article submission directories. Google’s Penguin targets to prevent this strategy of the websites.
  • Using automated link building software – Automated link building software are used by webmasters to obtain backlinks. This is done with the use of particular anchor texts. This is another form of webspam tactic which Penguin wants to stop.


  • Using phone numbers – There are many websites which contain a huge quantity of phone numbers. By using telephone numbers, they aim to attract traffic. Penguin aims to flag such websites.
  • Extensively using the same domain name – In order to popularize their websites, many webmasters use the same domain name with different types of extensions. For example: .org, .net. This strategy is widely used by SEO companies.

Social media marketing with recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm

The Panda and Penguin algorithms are compelling webmasters to change their social media marketing strategies. In order to raise the rankings of their websites in Google search, they have to abandon their older strategies. The webmasters should concentrate on using high-quality content for their websites. The contents should be original and developed through a good amount of research. It is very important to avoid using un-ethical means such as content scrapping software. In a nutshell, contents should be marked with good quality and authenticity.

Thus, Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms are formulated to increase the search result ranking of high-quality websites and prevent unethical activities of various webmasters. These algorithms are revolutionizing the strategies involved in social media marketing.

About the author:

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  1. Joe Bailey says:

    With the recent algorithm updates, how is quality content judged? Is it primarily though G+’ing, likes and shares or are there other measures?

  2. used tires says:

    I had not even fully recovered from the effects of Panda and now Penguin update is upon us. Although I never used other people’s contents and used very few keywords, my SERPs went down a lot.


  3. silpada says:

    As Panda eat green fodder and penguin eat fish. Panda is mostly related to the contents and penguin is related to the site structure and internal and external links and that structure of site.

  4. for the purpose of social media marketing, it is very important to appear on Google search results. The higher the rank in Google search, the better it is for the website or blog.

  5. Webmaster are finding a hard time to conclude link building strategies of every project due to these kind of updates.

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