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I recently received an email from Jordan Cosh, from Profit-Smart Media asking me to do a review for a new product his company is releasing; It’s called “Rogue Marketing” – and while the title is painfully reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s biography, what I found when I opened the book up was little less than mind boggling.

First, to clarify, the book is about media buying – But I, like most of you, have spent the last couple of years assuming that media buys are reserved for super affiliates with massive advertising budgets.

Turns out, that’s not exactly true.

While the book is really, realllllyyyy long, what I learned was more or less fairly simple. I find sites using the instructions in the book, do a little research to match them to the right kind of offers, run through a handful of formulas to make sure I don’t lose any money – and I place the buy.

A little simplified, maybe; But all I can really say is that I’m shocked no ones published this stuff before now – Jordan says it in the book, but this is the OLDEST kind of online advertising there is. It also happens to be the cheapest; If you follow the game plan he outlines – Which is doubly surprising, given what I’d always believed about media buys in the past.

To cut it short, if your sick of burning money with PPC or having bad results with SEO, “Rogue Marketing” is certainly worth taking a look. Though from what I’m told, it’s not going to be available for long – His company is looking to groom a few hundred super affiliates for their new CPA network, and after that pull the plug on the product forever.

Check it out at http://www.rogue.profit-smart.com

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  1. soy candles says:

    very interesting stuff.. good seo ideas in here. i might have to go “Rogue” lol

  2. Graphic design says:

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  4. Graphic design says:

    Internet marketing is quickly becoming a must-have for any business or non-profit, regardless of size or industry.

  5. Car rental says:

    Very interesting to read this stuff.. I would proudly go to rogue :)

  6. mitchdcba says:

    I was searching through, looking for ways to improve my marketing. I found this post. Do you think this would work for a industry that dose not normally market this way?

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  7. Julius says:

    I'm always out looking for new marketing strategies, so this review of Rogue Marketing is very timely.

  8. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    This is great and very useful especially in this period of time. Many would be interested with this, I know. Excellent ideas!

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