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Quick Tips For An Effective Website

People think that for enhancing a website, you need to change the entire structure of the site, which is not true. This may be fruitful in certain cases, but not so in the case of all websites. Just by making a few minor changes, you can enhance the look and feel of your site.

Follow these steps and improve the overall structure and visibility of your site

Have a short a menu

One of the things that you must do to make your site attractive is to make it neat and simple. It is best if you do not add a lot of items under a single menu. If you are consolidating the data into a single tab, the user who visits your site can easily navigate through it. They do not have to keep searching or press the back button to go back to the page they were looking for. This will definitely increase the visibility of your site and lure in a lot of visitors.

Use call-to-action plan on every single page

Add interesting content on your site and keep the user busy and engaged. You can try this by adding videos, interesting forums, demos and any other thing of your choice. In addition to this, you can create some interesting menus and request the user to buy products from your site. The main idea of using call-to-action button is to engage the user and make him/her take necessary action without just leaving the page.

Provide contact information on the front page

Your address for communication, phone number, email address and other details should be provided on the front page. This is one of the important things that you must not forget. Most of the sites provide this information on hidden links or other pages, which is not a good idea. A majority of the users visiting your site will look only for your address and contact information. If you are putting it in the front page, make sure that you place it on the top-right corner of the page. You can also provide your contact details on the footer of the page. Be it a header or a footer, your contact information must be provided on the front page.

About Us column/page is a must

If a person is visiting your site for starting a business, he/she will be interested in knowing about you. They will be keen on knowing who they are doing business with so it is important that you provide every detail about your company. You can include history, services/products provided, years of experience, strengths and other such details. Apart from this, you can also share with your viewers things about your family, hobbies and other relevant personal details. By doing so, you can create a bond with them just like an ordinary human being.

Images speak everything than mere words

If you really want to attract users to your page, try adding bold and big images. This will give the user a clear idea about the nature of your work and will also help him/her save time. By using images, you can create a lasting impression in the minds of the users. To make things interesting, you can add images of your team, recently done projects, etc. In addition to images, you must also add written content as it is also important.

It is important to add directions widget

When creating your page, make sure you add directions widget as they will help customers know where you are placed. Just by giving your address, customers can find the exact route highlighted by Google. This will create a good impression on the minds of the users and they will come to know that you really care about them.

Your site must be mobile and smart phone friendly

The site that you design must be smart phone and mobile friendly. This is the only point that site owners often forget to implement. Almost all the people access the internet via mobile and smart phones. If your site is not compatible with that of the mobile phone then the user will find it difficult to view your site. The screen maybe large and the user may not be able to view the entire content on the phone. There are many tools available through which you can make your site compatible with mobile phones and smart phones. If you are unable to do it, you can always seek the help of designers to make your site mobile phone friendly.

Set the brand of your company

The color and logo of your company that you provide on the site must match with the one that you are currently using. Through this way, you can not only create brand awareness, but also help customers recognize you.

Make use of the social media network

Almost all the people are active on social networking sites. If your company does not have a social networking page, then you are sure to miss out a large customer base. Further, social networking sites play a vital role in page ranking and so it is a must that you have a social networking page. You can create a page for your company in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Include testimonials and engage your customers in your site

Including customer testimonials is a must as it is one of the best ways to lure in more customers. When a person reads positive things about your company, he/she will definitely have a good impression on your company. By doing so, you can boost the status of your company and share with people various details such as working experience, technical detail, etc. Everything should be planned and pre-written for the approval of the customer.

Search and highlight your main objective

If you want to publicize your site, you must know what your goal is and what you have to do to achieve it. Once you realize this fact, you can start adding, modifying, changing designs and do much more to enhance the look and feel of your site. Your main objective must be to achieve the goal and you must make sure that your team knows it too.

Start from scratch

If your site is very old and contains only boring information, you must change it right away. Even though it may involve a lot of hard work, you must try your level best to make it new by using advanced technology. Instead of making changes to the existing site, you can bring in professional help and create a new and interesting site right from scratch.

Do not forget industry references

If you want to attract global audience and set foot in the challenging market, then you must take all the necessary steps. Industry references are a must when it comes to enhancing the visibility of your site. This could be in the form of reports, surveys, links, etc. By doing so, customers will understand that you have a clear idea about what is happening in the market and that you are well-aware about your products/services.

Before you publish your new site, you must also take the necessary steps to increase the visibility of your site and also make your site user-friendly.

Make a note of the mistakes that you might do and the ways through which you can correct them.

Do not make your site page very heavy

Adding too many animations and widgets will make your site look good, but at the same time it will take a lot of time to load. If you add a lot of animations, it will outrun the content and all that a user can see in your site will be just animations. The content is also very important and you must ensure that the content that you put on your site is a very informative and interesting one. If there is plenty of space on the screen, then you can add anything you want to.

Easy navigation is a must

Navigation plays a vital role in attracting customers to your site. So you must have this in mind when designing your site and you must provide easy navigation for the convenience of the customers. If those who visit your site cannot find their way around, then they will not be interested in staying on your site. Always keep it simple and provide easy navigation for the convenience of customers.

Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

Spelling and grammar errors must be avoided at any cost as they will create a bad impression in the minds of the users. You will lack your credibility and also lose customers, which is something very bad. Even a small typing error will create a problem and will make the visitors go away from your site.

Appropriate use of white space

Using white space is something that you must not forget when designing a site. You can use the white space to add icons, social media buttons and other action buttons to make it interesting for the visitors. Your main concern must be the content of the site and then the design. If these two balance each other, then customers will start visiting your site in no time.

SEO is a must

Search engine optimization is something that you must not ignore as it plays a vital role in boosting your online presence. By using the appropriate keywords, you can not only increase your page rankings, but also increase traffic to your site. Further, your site will appear in top among all search engine results. By using the right SEO strategy, you can increase and improve your business.
Author Bio:

I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations.



E-mail id: ramyaraju896@gmail.com

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Mark Ford says:

    Hi Peter

    I completely agree with the About page. It helps to add a personal touch to your site.

    My about page has my photo and a brief overview of my history and how I came about starting my business.

    I’d say approx 50% of the new enquiries I receive contact me saying “Hi Mark” as if they feel they already know me.

    It’s worked wonders for me and I encourage all my web design clients to do the same.

  2. I see many items missing from my website. This should be able to improve my website almost at instant time. That’s very good tips.

  3. Akash Agarwal says:

    Wow! This is a great post. All the tips are described here is very very important. Who are trying to make their website, they should follow this article. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  4. Yusri Big says:

    We want to be sure to include all there is to know about our products and services. Many people fail to understand just how important the design of a web site is to our online image. Some simply assume that because they have a great product they’ll be automatically successful. But in order to achieve online success, one must have both a wonderful product or service and a great design. This is because people assume that since the web design is unprofessional, the product is inferior. Just as humans have a tendency to “judge a book by its cover,” they also tend to make an association between a business’s web site and product.

  5. Most important point you raised is “Your site must be mobile and smart phone friendly” because without a smart phone friendly website you can’t achieve your target on the web. Last Google algorithms are also about the responsive website designs. Your all shared points are very essential and important to make any website perfect, search engine as well as user-friendly. Those people are now in this field they should read this information before creating a website.

  6. Rey says:

    Hi Peter, I must say the list you shared is quite exhaustive. I have never come across any post which shared so many things to take care of while managing a website. I mean who talks of the white space, it is so minute a thing, but it does affect your site. Thanks for sharing the list with us.

  7. Alpha Dude says:

    I believe that SEO and BRANDING are the key to any successful webiste and business in general. Combining the two is also a must. It did wonders for me ;)

    • Iulian says:

      Me too. I think branding is more important than SEO, because if your business have a high notoriety the consumers I will not necessarily looking on google

  8. dialuz says:

    i agree with follow these tips your website visitors list increase.Basically simple and best thing is very good idea.Keep your website menu simple and interesting is good idea.

  9. Kristina says:

    I love reading blogs from other people around the state, and around the world. I am a mom so I seem to have more time on my hands than I need, so I spend allot of it online.

    Thanks for sharing, I have a blog of my own and I wonder sometimes if people really read it or not :)


  10. Hello Peter
    These are the Complete Tips,a new Website Need.
    i m thinking that my Site might need more Attention, you Suggested here many Points that Should be Followed on a New web.
    Thanks for the Info . :)

  11. Alex says:

    What are some good mobile website builder applications? I have a wordpress theme that I use as my primary real estate website through Zillow, and I don’t know how I could make it mobile optimized. Zillow does not offer that option and promotes their personal app in the place of having individual apps. Any suggestions?

  12. Hello Peter, pretty good writing, I found lot of things to manage my website, specially “Your site must be mobile and smart phone friendly” because a huge number of visitors use tab or smart phones, and if your website supports such kind of devices then it enhance the revisit chances. Thanks for sharing the list with us.

  13. Joseph says:

    Great tips Peter, Although I feel I need to add one more. Quality content. Too many times do I see people concentrating far too much on the overall design of the site instead of focusing on delivery quality content. Either I see content that is written for the search engines rather than the user, or I see duplicate or spun content.

  14. Ronald says:

    Thanks for these amazing tips Peter,

    Agree with all you said. In my opinion one of the most important things which marks a successful website is an unique custom design, not just some random public free template. If you want your site to be a serious brand business then it must has it’s unique design for customers to easily recognize it. Like that they will also appreciate it more and give it more value.

    Once again thank you for sharing all these informational tips and keep up doing great work!


  15. Mastybug says:

    Yes yes, of course your points to us are absolutely right. I have gone through such great post. Very informative for website creators. Almost i hope and followed all great tips before and sure matches. Especially i make sure your advice on “Do not make your site page very heavy” Thank you so much for all tips.

  16. Yes doing all these things are almost a must in today’s internet world. This is a really great checklist for newbies and experienced bloggers. Thanks for this great post.

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