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Quick, Easy Twitter Backlinks Trick For You

Here is something I found someone used to get Twitter Backlinks and I thought I’d share it with whoever is interested in wanting to get more backlinks. I don’t believe I said that, of course everyone wants backlinks especially if it’s this easy and with so much talk about Google Caffeine, what you’re going to do can only help you.

I digress

About Google Caffeine…

As you know early this month Google has fully implemented Google Caffeine and I’ll probably write a post on that soon. But for now while most of us may not know to what extent it’s going to impact us, suffice to say Google now finds fresh content on any given topic much faster than before and shown in Google index in seconds.

While still trying to grasp how the changes impact us, there is a lot of talk that with such real time updates, the competition is going to go only in one direction – up! and your search engine ranking could possibly be in danger of dropping. We also know that the social networks are going to play a big part of how Google Caffeine might impact us.

Only time will tell when the dust settles just what Google Caffeine will adversely affect us. But here is something that I found that might cushion the impact, albeit a very small help perhaps. Well here it is:

How to get Twitter Backlinks

1. First you need to locate where your twitter account feed is. Go to your twitter account url like mine’s http://twitter.com/peterleehc

2. Look for a link that has this text “RSS feed of Username’s Updates”. Copy the url and just save it to a text file. You’re going to use it later. Mine looks like this:http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/14239758.rss so make sure you’re seeing something like this.

3. Then finally start promoting this RSS feed to all your favorite RSS Aggregators. It’s that simple.

Why promote your Twitter RSS feed to RSS Aggregators?

1. It’s supposed to help increase your Twitter’s Google Page Rank. Well not that it means so much but for ego boosting :-)

2. Whenever you tweet with a link, your tweet automatically updates all these RSS Aggregators that you had your twitter RSS feed submitted to. Pretty cool huh? You get immediate backlinks from the whole blogosphere in just one tweet.

3.I’m sure you have already been submitting your website feeds to your favorite RSS Aggregators. I am using Big Mike’s RSSBot which automatically sends to more than 30 RSS Aggregators at one click. Don’t worry I’m not promoting this product and this is not an affiliate link, but just in case you like to own such a great tool (It costs about $30 and another $20 a month if you wish to promote as an affiliate :-( ).

4. I presume you have already set up your blog to auto update your twitter account each time you publish a post on your blog. For those of you who may be new to blogging or twitter, here is the post that tells you how you can do this. Here is my old post A Neat Trick To Twitter Tweet Your Blog.

Final Thoughts

This is quite a simple yet powerful way to get your Twitter backlinks don’t you think? It’s combining the power of RSS and your twitter RSS feed to get more traffic and more backlinks. Now start tweeting.

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  1. hiwaarco says:

    Thanks you for sharing the extremely valubale information. More ever thank you for the illustartion which makes the process a fun like

  2. I was just on icannsofts website yesterday looking at rssbot , now I might have to go back and purchase a copy – many thanks for the tip

  3. Bidet says:

    This is a great post, thanks for sharing it. Its a good way to build backlinks to your twitter account which in turn makes your actual website more powerful.

  4. peterlee says:

    @Bidet: Absolutely!

  5. peterlee says:

    @Cycling Jerseys: No problem. Glad I could help. You'll love it.

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    Hey Peter..

    Thanks for sharing this cool post bro.. I liked the Twitter RSS promotion.. never heard it before..

    great stuff

  7. peterlee says:

    @Hector Cuevas: Hi Hector, no problem, glad you liked it and thanks for dropping by.

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    @Rakesh Solanki : Glad you like it and thanks for the visit.

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    Well for lovely sharing thanks for it.

  10. Twitter is most famous platform for all of us, millions of people use twitter for active networking, it's micro blogging site.

    Jacob Lee

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    @Cataracts Drops: Absolutely! Thanks for dropping by.

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    Thanks, Great post. Back links are the second most important thing for any website. The first being quality content that helps your target market. And this is quality content for us. Thanks again for the excellent article.

  14. Affiliate Marketing Plan says:

    Thanks for sharing it. I never heard this before! One question, does this help in SEO?

  15. It's a good tip thanks, I really have a PR4 backlinks from twitter maybe this way i can also increase the PR of those links
    Thank you

  16. peterlee says:

    @home business: You're welcome and thanks for dropping by.

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