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Pyramid Links The Best Protection Against Google Panda and Penguin

Have you suffered terribly after what the Google updates of Panda and Penguin made significant changes to the SEO world in the last 2 years?  I know that many people have lost their income and have had many of their websites taken down for good. That’s how bad the situation was although many are still recovering from it or at least trying to.

You may even be considering quiting your online business if your main money sites lost most or all of the rankings. But for whatever reasons, you could be holding back this decision till another day. Perhaps you may be in the midst of re-evaluating your options or trying to make sense of what you should do next. Well this article is probably going to help you get through this phase of your thought process. It’s important so read on.

Has SEO Died?

Definitely not. But it is right to say after Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, it has substantially changed the way how website owners should now do their SEO. You should find out what you must do if you wish to stay in business. You should if you still love being a part of the vibrant online world and the challenges it has once brought you. I am sure you want things to be the way they were. But… if you don’t do anything, nothing changes. So this could be your defining moment when you read what I have to say.

Leveraging on the power of organic traffic that lands on your websites every single day is still your best hope of making a comeback and start to make money online once again. Today we focus on one of the most important link strategies of all time. One that has stood virtually unscathed after Panda and Penguin came down with all its might – Link Pyramid. I won’t waste time explaining this in any length so read Jonathan Leger’s article to find out what Link Pyramid is here.

Why Link Pyramid Works.. Always

Well simply because it is what Google wants to see you NOT doing – i.e. send tons of links to your website which once upon a time seems to be what we used to do when we first learned about SEO. Well today the scene has changed. Quite dramatically I might add. It does not work anymore and the sooner you learn this the faster you get your websites back ranking again. You also avoid all the Google slaps in any form or fashion and in any other new animal Google chooses to name their next algorithm updates.

link pyramid

Essentially the linking strategy in a link pyramid is simply building massive amount of links that point to a bigger website that links to your money site. By doing so not only do your sites get all the “link juice” it brings but more importantly does so without risking a red flag in the eyes of Google. Google has no choice but to love your website and it can’t get any easier.

It’s a good feeling to know that you can build tens of thousands of links that will help increase your trust in Google, ranking and finally more traffic yet again. Yes build 1000s of more links to all of the links pointing at the bigger site and in so doing you create a “pyramid” like effect. Hopefully this now explains the term more clearly for you and understand the power it yields. It’s also the safest link strategy people who stay in business are doing right now.

How Do You Build Link Pyramid Links

Even if you just have only one website (but most serious people in business have hundreds of them), it would be impractical or foolish to do this work manually. Instead, just go for the easy way – just buy those cheap fiverr gigs or buy a software to do it yourself. For me I choose to use a software to do it myself since it is that simple to do.

The Essential Features of a Link Building Software for this purpose and what they can do or give you are:

1. cheap or at least inexpensive software
2. able to create 1000s of backlinks within a reasonable time like 1 hour
3. drip feed feature
4. report generated with auto-save feature during backlink building
5. simple to use like just provide your destination site that allows input of multiple urls
6. allows input options for different levels of backlinks – tier 1 (money sites), tier 2, tier 3
7. Panda/Penguin safe and your links to be on a wide variety of blogging platforms and you get comments/trackbacks on them
8. allows creation of Premium Backlinks i.e. quality .edu and .gov backlinks.
9. allows backlinks built on different web statistics / domain services platforms
10.links created should vary in their PR status, as well as their no/do-follow status, so that they will appear completely natural and organic to the search engines that will be crawling them.

I used this software to build Pyramid Links…everyday

sweet submitter

I am currently using such a software called Sweet Submitter that has all these features and I used it everyday for all my websites and blogs. Take a look to find out more about this software. It’s cheap, easy to use and safe and specially for building link pyramid. It has helped me stay in business after Panda and Penguin. So check out Sweet Submitter here.

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18 Responses so far.

  1. I am now having better understanding about the importance of link pyramid. I should focus my link building on this method. However, for some of my website get backlinks from web directories, blog comment, forum profile still work.

    I am interested to the tool you recommend here. I will try it and see the results.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Thanks Lukman for your support and purchase of Sweet Submitter. You will love it. In fact some people bought this to sell backlink building services in fiverr because it is so easy. I have found Ian, the developer to be constantly upgrading this tool with better features mostly after listening to and getting feedback from his customers. His support is fantastic and unbelievably fast via email.

    • In my view, link pyramid will help only those websites/blogs has authority , it means they normally getting tons of traffic from search engines or social media. Another bad thing in link pyramid is that it will decrease the trust worthy ness of the targeted site and increase the bounce rate.

  2. Great post about the link pyramids, l would like to ask if the software in link building really works, l would like to post more about this and your personal experience, thanx

    • Peter Lee says:

      Yes it works very well. I make it a daily routine using this software because it is built to make link building easy, fast and safe. It works well for me as I’ve got close to 50 sites to get links daily. I like that it lets you make links for different tiers (tier1, tier2, tier3) to suit your seo needs.

  3. After read this post i realized that in this pyramid link method your focus in on quantity of links rather than quality of links. It is weird that someone is trying to build numbers of links (1000s) but not focusing on quality. I will say quality is the most important thing than quantity. Every SEO should focus on quality backlinks to be successful in online business.

    • Peter Lee says:

      I think you still don’t understand the real benefits of a link pyramid. It is now the best strategy in terms of backlink building and increasing domain authority and safest way. You may wish to do more research on this and other benefits. It is different from building 1000s of backlinks pointing directly to your money sites. That would get you the Google slap.

  4. SportsBT says:

    This is a very interesting post about link pyramids, I actually believe that this is a great way to promote an online business. It is getting more and more difficult to optimize a website, good to know that there are such tools. I would like to know more about it.

  5. I get more information about pyramind liks. Its only way to get a good rank on google. This post inspired me thanks for sharing

    • Jon Klokov says:

      Well, there are definitely other ways to get solid rankings on google, this is certainly one of the easiest and probably most effective in the short term. Still, long term utility can be shafted by Google updates, or at least I suspect it can

  6. I will now definitely go for pyramid links as these are more effective than other blog comment, forum However for me blog comment, forum, article links are still working.

  7. Jon Klokov says:

    Any chance Google updates will shatter the pyramid link strategy? Can’t imagine Google would let something like this continue indefinitely, no?

  8. Haresh says:

    I am now understanding about the importance of link Building. I should focus on my link building method. My website get backlinks from web directories, blog comment, forum profile still work.

  9. I`m fighting everyday with my competitors and I`ve noticed that sometimes one quality backlink from a respectful and well ranked website keeps them way back behind me but for sure there has to be a solid base of links for supporting those high quality ones

  10. suryabhan says:

    pyramid links…….. new topic for me
    really panda and penguin created big headache for blogger but your post seems to have the solution for this. after this i will definitely read Jonathan Leger’s article, to get this logic more clearly.

  11. jahid1234 says:

    Yes it works very well. I make it a daily routine using this what hat because it is built to make link building easy, fast and safe. It works well for me as I’ve got close to 50 sites to get links daily.

  12. kazi says:

    Great post . I too believe that there are definite ways to get solid rankings from Google. The Pyramid can work short term . But can it work long term ?

  13. In my perspective, join pyramid will help just those websites/blogs has power , it implies they typically getting huge amounts of activity from web search tools or social media. An alternate terrible thing in connection pyramid is that it will diminish the trust commendable ness of the focused on hand and increment the ricochet rate.

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