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Profile Link Building-Learn My New Twist To Get Higher PR Backlinks

If you run an online business in any kind of niche, you’d probably know that one of the most common things we have in common is link building. We need backlinks to help our website or blog get to the top 3 positions in Google in the keyword phrases we are targeting. It’s probably our bread and butter in Internet Marketing, our life blood of our website.

However have you ever wondered if the backlinking methods you have been using for years – have they really produced the desired results or were they achieved as fast as other Internet Marketers did? Are there smarter ways to get not just any backlinks but higher PR backlinks for lesser time than you are spending now?

Well to cut the story short, I did ask all these valid questions sometime in June last year when I was preparing for my one-day “Adsense Workshop” I had to give to a small group of young  aspiring Internet Marketers (see below image).

Now the reason how I got into that (in June) was because as the workshop was named by yours truly as “Secret Workshop”, I had to teach them new things that were never found in books, websites or other IM tutorials. So I bought almost all the weekly Warrior Special Offers that successful marketers were selling almost every other day in Warrior Forum. Mostly ebooks that revealed their “secrets” and I have to say many were just that. Really awesome!  I have to say I learned a lot especially those related to SEO – never mind that it was information overload for me.

One of the new things I picked up was a better way to get my Forum profile backlinks.

The old conventional way:

When you create (or pay someone to create) all the thousands of forum backlinks, these links are on pages of PR N/A mostly but on sites with high PR domains. Now there are many people (including Angela Edwards) who will swear that it doesn’t matter so long as the domain has high PR. I honestly believed so too years ago and in fact was promoting Angela Edwards Backlink Program until recently when I stopped after I found my new method. Let’s just say it’s not that it didn’t work but the results were slower and less effective in pushing SERPS up quickly – compared to the newer method which I’ll describe.

My Preferred Mew Method:

In this new method I still used Forums to get my backlinks but instead of placing my links on PR N/A pages (on high PR domains), I put my links on PR 3, PR 4, PR5 pages in high PR forums memberlist pages. You see many of these websites are long established and their members list pages have high PR as well.  Now can you see how much better your backlinks will be when they get indexed and pointing to your money sites?

However the truth is it takes a long time to search for these forum websites that have high PR forum member list. But I did it slowly over a few months doing a few sites a day and finally now have a long list that I used for my backlinking. I just make it a daily chore to create a few backlinks on these high PR pages. Anyway it just takes a couple of minutes to do one since I have a ready list of these member list sites. It’s ‘Register’ -> retrieve email – > activate link -> edit profile -> put your url on the homepage. And you’ve got yourself a PR 4 or PR 5 anytime you do this.

Now if you are still unclear how this all works out, then take a look at the image shown below:

profile backlinks









What Can You Do Next: I encourage you to spend some time looking for these Forum Websites and search for dofollow, high PR members list pages. But do take note that many of these sites do not show the homepage so you must ignore these as they will be useless for your link building purpose. I took a long time to get this list but it is really a worthwhile effort.

OR ….Get This List From Me

Simply buy this ready list from me for $12 (just contact me if you are interested to get this list that I personally used).  My only request for anyone who wants this list from me is this – do not spam these sites but use them with great love.  Just to give you a glimpse of what is contained is my list:

List of High PR Pages that you can put your url to get instant high PR backlinks:


1 PR4

6 PR3

9 PR 2

1 PR1


PR7 High Authority Website-most of the pages are PR4 (do-follow) and you are free to post a comment with a link back to your money site

PR3 High PR Blog-this post accepts dofollow comments

 My Final Thoughts

Honestly, I would much prefer if someone else researched this list of websites instead of me doing the laborious task. As you may know, I prefer to work smart and not hard – if I can help it that is. Well since nobody offered anything like this or perhaps I never looked hard enough, I did it myself. And for a small fee, it could be yours too and something that you may find very useful in your link building efforts.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Jauka says:

    It really sounds good to me, building links on those member list page would really be beneficial as I would get links from high pr. But I don’t know the trick to search this stuff.

    What I do mainly is forum posting, blog commenting and article submission, I do it naturally and slowly and it works for me.

  2. Dillon says:

    Hey Peter. I just read your post and am on the same page regarding back linking. I think the manual back linking from high PR pages is the way to go for back links that will appear natural to search engines. I came across a similar service at http://www.dofollowdonkey.com. They will give you a list of high page rank blogs related to your keywords that you can comment on an leave a do follow back link to your site. I typically get 25 to 50 do follow blogs per list. I then create a relevant comment and leave me back link as well. It is similar to your forum method, and has been working great for me too.

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