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PPC: The Best Among Passive Income Ideas

Guest Post: by Abigail of BuyTemplates

People nowadays believe in fast money and easy earning techniques. Despite having a proper income source they want to have a side source for which they won’t have to invest any effort or time. This kind of income is recognized under the USA government as passive income.

Some passive income ideas include revenue from rented properties, interest and dividend from stocks and bonds, royalty from a literary creation, pensions, etc. However, if you have a company of your own, you will definitely know the inevitability of online marketing. With the growing popularity of part time online jobs and online advertisement, the passive income source that has gained prominence is PPC advertising. PPC stands for pay per click. Have you ever noticed that certain sites contain advertisements tempting the visitors to click them? If you have missed those details, I’m sure you have at least noticed the various Google Ads that flash up each time you visit certain sites. These are pay per click programs, allowing passive income through click counts. If you have a company or say, any product that you can advertise then you can earn some money by subscribing your product on an advertising site, say, Google or Yahoo and get paid based on the number of people actually clicking your advertisement. However, you will need to buy the advertisement slot with a certain minimum amount. In order to ensure maximum response in return of the amount paid, you must have an Adwords Management Company providing PPC management.

I’m sure you will not want completely trash visitors clicking your sites just for the sake of it. You will prefer visitors who are actually interested in your product or company so that they can turn out to be prospective clients. Passive income cannot be your sole intention. To ensure quality visits to the advertisement you are paying for, you need a proper management. Most automatic PPC programs have a link with the PPC sites where they pay visitors for visiting the sites. This way the click count increases without any benefit to the actual business. So choose your advertiser carefully by checking whether it includes a proper PPC management. Without a management, you might have the required traffic but ultimately no profit to showcase.

There are certain things you must keep in mind before and after choosing your company for PPC advertising. They should have a good reputation; they must meet your budget and employ a good PPC management system, as said before. The most important thing is that they must be able to produce very interesting advertisements with catchy lines and flashy designs. If you think as a layman user, you will understand that it’s a general tendency of human beings to go for something that looks simple yet attractive. This should be well taken care of. Initially you must invest a nominal amount just to check the performance and then after closely monitoring the responses you get, you can take the necessary decision.

If you want to explore other online passive income ideas you do have many options. If you know something unique like a rare recipe or a personalized home decorating technique or a computer hacking idea, then you can share them online and get paid. It’s like a royalty. The same applies if you write an eBook. If you are innovative enough then you can also sign up in sites letting you designs T-shirts for young and old and later sell them in sites like eBay. Online, being the fastest mode of passive income can quench your thirst of easy money very efficiently.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. I have toyed with the idea of PPC, but it does seem like one needs to go to a bit of trouble to get this set up etc. PPC is not what I consider a 'passive income” as you have to moniter it. To me passive income is basically set and forget

  2. For me as a newbie in this online business, PPC and Google Adwords is very hard to understand, but I gain as an affiliate.thanks..

  3. PPC campaign is good Peter.. But I wonder how much you can earn for that kind of management or business..

  4. As long as your PPC management team knows what they're doing and won't require much if any work on your part, then surely this can be a great passive income idea, Peter. Do you have any experience with the site you link to that will manage the PPC for you?

  5. peterlee says:

    @Work At Home: Hi Alan, this is actually a guest post and I've yet to really get started on PPC. Tried a long time ago though and got burned, but that's a long time ago:-).

  6. Graphic design says:

    SO far I’ve earned all my affiliate commissions through free or nearly free emais — blog posts, website articles, eHow articles, emails. I’ve considered the PPC method and read a very good book on the topic, but haven’t taken that plunge quite yet.

  7. Graphic design says:

    See all those t-shirts that kids, teenagers, and college students like to wear? If you have a little motivation and some creativity, you can start earning passive income designing and selling these shirts…

  8. lukman nulhakiem says:

    I have been starting to learn PPC Adword. It is new for me. I agree with you that PPC is the fastest way to gain passive income and the chance is very very big.

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