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Own A Blogspot Blog? Learn These OnPage Tips

Competition to rank on top of search engine results for your target keywords grows by the day. That is why you need to keep tightening your SEO grip at every step of the way. This post is specifically dedicated to those blogging on the Google-owned Blogspot (also known as blogger). We take a sneak peek to various on-page SEO tips for optimizing your blog.

Activate custom Robots Header Tags

These tags allow you to tell web crawlers not to index certain pages of your site. You only check the ‘ nofollow ‘ box under any of the pages you want ignored. The feature is pretty easy to use. However, one must be very careful to use it correctly. Incorrect use can result in your site being ignored by search engines. How to use them: Blogger-> Settings ->Search Preferences, click Edit next to ” Custom robots header tags ” finally select YES.

Optimize your images

Image optimization is an art you want to master to ensure that you maximize on your image search traffic. It’s very easy: name your images in plain (but descriptive) English), add the alt attribute, ensure that your images are descriptive (you can add description to your base alt tag). Be careful not to put too large images as these may negatively affect your site’s load time.

Internal Linking is vital for SEO

Internal link building is one of the best ways to create natural incoming links to the pages of your blog. You have more control, which is not the case when someone links to a page on their own. Internal linking works perfectly when combined with great content and is a perfect way attract bonus search traffic.

Page-load speed

The speed at which your site loads is critical to attracting more readerships for your posts. If your blog more than 4 seconds to load then you’re probably getting less traffic and lower conversions than you actually should. Avoid displaying more than 10 posts on the main page. Also, use small sized images (videos and other multi-media). If uploading third-party images, consider using Picas Web Albums to later link them to the album in your sidebar. For optimal load speed, Google recommends using Blogger widgets, JavaScript and links. If you have any links in your side-bar, you’re advised to put them at the bottom end of the side-bar.

Custom Robots.txt File 

This is one of the features that were added when some dramatic changes occurred on Blogger a couple of months ago. Custom robots .txt works in pretty much the same way custom Robots Header Tags do i.e instruct the search engine to ignore certain pages of your blog. Carefully use this tool because any mistakes could cause your site to vanish from search engines.

Optimize blog post titles

Page title is a very vital element in your site in terms of ranking well on SERs. If you’re new to using Blogger, chances are that your title bar is still featuring Blogger’s default template ‘ ‘ Your blog: Post Title ‘. From an SEO perspective, page title is more important than blog name. You’ll therefore want to swap the title from ‘blog first’ to ‘ post title first ‘ format. The main reason for this is because users are more likely to search for specific posts rather than the name of your blog. Having the post title come first increases your chances of being found.

Submit blog to all major search engines

Lastly, if you’re yet to get your blog indexed by the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), then see to it that that is done soon. Submission is very easy to do and is free. If you’re not sure if your blog is indexed or not, enter this query on all the three search engines: site:myblogname.blogpost.com. If all the searches produce no results, your blog is not yet indexed and you therefore need to submit it. Note that submitting your blog to Yahoo will cover both Yahoo and Bing since the Yahoo Explorer was merged into Bing Webmaster tools back in 2012.

Wow! That’s it  A basic introduction to the 7 most crucial steps to take to optimize your Blogger blog. Hope you’ve gained plenty of new ideas. We look forward to seeing your blog grow to become one of the most sought after sites in your specific niche going forward. All the best!

Author Bio:

Bernard Naylor is an Online Consultant for VictorPest – Mole and Rat Kill Tunnel Trap. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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  1. I like the way you review product and give us your recommendation. I am now reviewing bloggerzon and hope find something profitable.

    • Peter Lee says:

      Hi Lukman,

      What I like about Bloggerzon is that the developer has constantly upgraded the software to make it safe to use without getting your blogs deleted by Google. But the best thing using it must be this…you can create as many blogger blogs as you wish without paying for Domains or Websites.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Peter, the tips you shared are really helpful. I visited your blog after quite a long time. I was unable to understand the changes you mad eto your site. It was only that I spend some time searching for posts that I came to see this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All these discussed points are essential to be successful in SEO. From these shared points i think these points are very important and effective “Optimize your images, Page-load speed, Submit blog to all major search engines”. Especially blog’s loading speed is very important when a reader visit your blog or website and it is working slowly definitely visitor will leave this site. All these shared points are very useful and effective therefore every blogger and webmaster should keep in mind these points.

  4. hiren says:

    hi peter lee
    nice article blogspot is great platform to start career in blogging field and nice seo tips. backlink is very important for any website when we get more high PR backlink then we increase our website traffic. thanks for sharing.

  5. Peter, You have some really good tips here on this post. I will be writing a post on blogspot soon, thanks to you.

  6. it is very common that optimizers usual focus on building the excerpts pf keywords identity but your post has given new direction even we can optimize the images also to get results on top in all senses of areas. great post for optimization purpose.

  7. Akash Agarwal says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such nice information. Here you described the points are really helpful to make a BlogSpot blog.

  8. Sallu says:

    Nice share Peter … Appreciate the tips over here! I mainly create blogspot blogs to point to my money making niche sites and your tips would surely come in handy to rank that blogs.

  9. Joy says:

    Hi Peter, these tips are really amazing and helped me a lot with my blogger blog optimization. Can you please share some tips for blog post images and designing optimization? I would love if you do that.

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