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Online Business:Why It Doesn’t Pay To Go Against Google

Give Google What It Wants!

It’s quite amazing to see almost every week a new software launched or a new “online business opportunities” course being aggressively promoted by many online marketers sharing some kind of underhand method. You know those that openly and proudly claimed they have found a new loophole in Google or some ingenious but black-hat backlinking method; or a quick and dirty solution that purportedly makes you the millions. Again, at the expense of Google’s failure to tighten some overlooked controls over some of their algorithms- which these people work real hard to uncover.

Although some of these approaches and tools do work for a short time, in reality it does not take long before any of Google’s miss failings are quickly identified and corrected by them. Then whoever have been quick to capitalize on these shortcomings are either censured, or their gainful experiences quickly cut short. I think the Internet Marketing world of today is a lot different from many years ago and it may be wise for more people to understand it really does not pay to go against Google and everything it stands for and tries to enforce them to all online marketers.  In short it is far better to give Google what it wants. Actually if you visit Google’s very own Adsense blog (located here http://adsense.blogspot.com), or visit Matt Cutt’s blog (located here http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/) you will realize that Google is always trying to help people. Google really wants you to do well in your business.

For example just by looking at the Adsense Blogger, you can see that they have provided their publishers great ideas on how to become better publishers. They also readily tell you the best methods to start earning more money from your adsense account offering you the strategies you need to obtain higher clicks with low smart-pricing.

If you study some of the more recent algorithm changes they made, you can appreciate that they actually want you to add thousands of high quality pages in your websites.

But you do need to know what does working “with Google, and not against them” actually require from you? Well very simple just be Google two-shoes and do everything that is required to do. For starters, you should do the following:

1) Avoid forced spam backlinking methods.
2) Create the absolute best themed content you can.
3) And ensure that your sites are built for people that can find what they are looking for. You see Google takes pride in being the best search engine and they can only do so by giving visitors the best experience when using their engines.

Throughout my now almost 4 years in Internet Marketing experience, I have come across many friends and other online marketers who have had bad experiences with Google. And most of the time, they were involved in something either black hat or grey hat although there were a few who were innocent but got in the line of fire too.

So why not give Google what it wants and start prospering with lesser stress and avoid all the worries about your websites getting into some trouble like getting de-indexing by Google.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Google is the biggest giant in the internet world. Going against it is insane! It's best to just go with the flow and try not to do any funny business.

  2. ryan_goldberg says:

    I don't recommend google adsense to anyone. You have to work very hard to reach $100 for it.

    Better promote your product or service.

  3. mandy anderson says:

    As Google is not  a small organization so it corporate all people to experiment anything by searching in Google for their business.
    Drupal developer

  4. Discountshowlasvegas says:

    nice post,very well discused how to optimize the business

  5. peterlee says:

    Hi Wilson.
    Exactly. I think if each of us focuses more on the work than anything else like trying to outsmart the big G, we could be better off.

  6. Google is only one of the best search engines of the world and also best for a business success.

  7. Tom Ewer says:

    Trying to “beat” Google will never return good results in the long run. Quality content + time and patience = success on Google.

  8. Karen says:

    Brilliant post, great information on Google and the way they operate, I will be trying some myself.

  9. DTConsult says:

    This is really a great post. I notice some seemingly savvy internet marketers recommending that you ignore some of the terms of agreement on certain sites where you can post free ads. I know it can be difficult to find free places to post ads for business opportunities. But I just don't like the underhanded way some people approach promoting yourself. Again, thanks for this post.

    Debby Taylor

    Would You Invest $70 a Month to be
    Healthier and Earn Extra Income?

    While Building a 4 or 5 Figure Monthly Residual Income Within 2 Years?  http://www.everyoneprofits.inf

  10. Suchmaschinen Optimierung says:

    Google is one of the best search engine of the world and Google always doing it's good to satisfy it's customers.

  11. With the way the social networks are rising in popularity, Google has turned it's focus more toward social buzz, over any other factor used to determine PR.

    Simply because backlinks used to be all a website could do for Google to see that it was popular, but as social networks like twitter and facebook grow and evolve, so will Google.

    Google demands a diverse link building process that you should definitely abide by, I totally agree with the Title of this post.

    Keep up the good work Peter, thanks.

  12. Going against the google can ban the site. as google is the biggest giant in the internet so it's not at all allowed to go against it

  13. Landscape Design says:

    the reason is simple: most people on the world just think about google when they hear “internet” word.

  14. Education says:

    sumtimes we cross the Google's line to monetize our blog…
    i think, that's okay, as long as the crossing is not big…

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