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Online Business Owners: Time To Embark On New Strategies For 2013

If you are a small business owner, blogger, affiliate marketer, Adsense and CPA marketer, those selling information products, e-commerce site owner or any other online business owners and still run this business today, congratulations.  You’ve survived the onslaught of Google’s might of late haven’t you. Yes with many marketers’ income and lives that have been adversely affected by Google’s Panda, Penguin, or Exact Match Domain algorithm updates you should be thankful that you are still in business. But at this juncture we should evaluate our own business potential and give some serious thinking about what new strategies we should adopt for 2013 and onwards.

Whether your online business helps you earn a little extra monthly income or brings in 6-figures a year (or more), you already know how important getting traffic is. And like many, you may find it’s difficult, sometimes even exhausting to get the consistent traffic you need. With Google likely making more such updates this gets even tougher.

Forget The Old Traditional SEO Ways

It’s clear Google is gaining the upper hand on traditional SEO methods so there is no use adopting any of these practices anymore like:

1. Get a bunch links – thousands of them

2. Get links with your keyword in them

The formula looked like this:

– 60% of your links should be your main keyword

– 15% of links are your main keyword + other words (eg: read about,
check out, etc)

– 15% of your links generic text (eg: click here, visit site)

– 10% of your links as the text (eg: your link URL used as the text)

The interesting thing to note is that it is no longer this easy to rank in Google. Even if some marketers still resort to such “formula” because their site rankings have not suffered too much, there could be reasons for it. BUT there’s one very good reason that some of their sites didn’t get hit at all, or recovered extremely fast.  And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with where they were getting the links from, but more so with “how” they were  linking… i.e. the link density and anchor text they were using.  Still it is important to evaluate your present link building strategy and decide how you want to proceed.

Change To A Proven Business Strategy

Whether you are a new Internet Marketer or an experienced one, it is always good to follow a proven business strategy that works and delivers results consistently. A good way to do this is follow a good training program run by well established marketers. Many of them follow 3 Basic SEO Methods:

1.  Keyword Research

  • Accelerated keyword research techniques that exponentially increase traffic levels to your site.
  • Conquer top rankings for ultra-competitive search terms using the potent “nested” keywords approach.
  • Crucial planning steps that must be taken before you ever start thinking about optimizing your sites.
  • Learn how to make the search engines thrilled with your carefully chosen, keyword rich “category” pages for your website.
  • 2 coveted rules for picking keywords that you’ll be able to successfully rank high for.
  • 4 quick tips for discovering how much time and work it’ll take to outrank your search term competitors. (So you can find out early if it will be easier and more fruitful to target other keywords).
  • Secrets to creating webpages that rank high for MULTIPLE keywords so you can dramatically increase your traffic.


2. Onsite Optimization

Onsite Optimization is now recognized as a critical SEO component after all these Google algorithm updates. This is where you’ll begin building your highly optimized site. You’ll have to re-learn the expected requirements on how to get your site built for maximum SEO pull and momentum. A well optimized site has all these advantages:

  •     High voltage characteristics of the most profitable web pages.
  •     You can STOP worrying about keyword density in your articles.
  •     well structured sites that will have Google falling head over heels with your content.
  •     good internal linking methods that can make the difference between ranking #1 or ranking #10.


3. Offsite Optimization

The link building landscape has changed. It’s very important you’re following best practices when building links (or really take care when you’re not). The recent Google Panda, Penguin and EMD updates have shown that the old traditional SEO ways now do not work. In fact if you are still using them I suggest you start to undo some of the damages they are bringing to your site and ranking, probably with0ut you knowing it.

Learn what this SEO Expert Lisa Parmley of InlineSEO System has to say about how to build an Authority Site Model:

  • The 3 categories of link building; real links, forced links, and hidden links.
  • Writing good content with a product or service to sell is something you can learn only from the successful marketers. Learn also how to sway real webmasters to give you links (which makes whitehat link building super simple).
  • Tips and tricks for using web 2.0 sites and building your own blog/link network.
  • Making absolutely sure hidden links are covert so you avoid dreaded unnatural link warnings and penalties.
  • How to get real links from webmasters; exactly what to say, how to say it, and who to ask.


If you run an online business, then this is the best time to do all this evaluation before the new year begins. Yes determine the quality of your website as Google sees it today. Changes are necessary in this business if you rely on Google to give you consistent and decent amount of free search engine traffic.  Are you comfortable with the way things are going for your business? Are you satisfied that you still rank your sites in Yahoo and Bing and although your business suffered in the hands of Google, you still have at about 30 percent of free search engine traffic coming from them? The choice is yours but do your business evaluation NOW!

how to make more money with a squidoo lens

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  1. Matt says:

    Cheers for the post Peter,

    Probably a good time for everyone to assess their SEO strategy for next year, no doubt google will have some more joyous changes in mind for us all.

    The early bird etc…

    • Roy says:

      I detect a touch of irony Matt ;); correct, the early bird catches the worm, and I agree with the OP that simple harvesting links and lots of links is simple not enough, and, may*, may, just have the opposite effect if done badly. I guess sticking to the principle of building content people want to read isn’t a bad start.

  2. The one thing I’ve never done is chased links from others; I find it distasteful. I do enough internal linking though, and I link to outside sources to help highlight what I’m talking about, as well as to reference sites that have inspired me to write on a topic.

    Of course, with all the onsite optimization, it still comes down to writing content that Google evaluates and determines is authoritative and valuable so that all those keywords people want to research works for them. Personally, where blogging is concerned I don’t care about researching keywords because I feel that, other than this blog, whenever I’m writing all my other posts it’s known what I’m writing about as the keywords are my topic. For websites though it is definitely a bit more crucial.

  3. Wow…After reading this blog post i just say..wow… This is what I am searching for. There are so many informative blog posts that I am searching. This is a well defined article post for SEO Experts. There is a verity of information.Onsite optimization is very important while doing SEO for any website.

  4. Wow! I learned a lot from your blog, most especially the formula of my links. I am just trying to figure out how can I personally do it but if it wasn’t because of this blog, I would not know that I should give efforts in making my links rank in Google. Thanks! I am looking forward to read more of your blogs and learn so many techniques. Kudos!

  5. Your blog will give bloggers so many ideas on how to evaluate their SEO gimmick on how to make their links rank the right way. Thanks for sharing this to us! Good post!

  6. I totally agree with what you said that planning for our site changes is crucial. The outcome will definitely depend on the ideas that we come up with. The right ideas and decisions should be applied now. Thank you so much, Peter!

  7. HI,
    Online business is a great work for now a days. Its very help full for small business workers . Its very useful site.

  8. In this time and age, we’d have to take our web-marketing ideas out of the box. This will definitely help our business more than we think it will.

  9. nice info to be practice in the new year. for the people like us that always make the money from the web it will wonderful if we can do all the thing that been list by the author. hope we can follow all the guide given by master.

  10. It seems like the best course of action with SEO, and ranking with Google is to ensure you’re providing relevant and unique content on a regular basis. Soon, all of the questionable techniques to gain traffic will all be useless.

  11. After the panda and penguin update im not sure what else i can take…
    Anyways change is something u cant avoid, so we ll have to adjust our strategies and tacties with it. Im getting ready for the next year personally.

  12. Internet marketing is one of the different way of marketing. nice one.

  13. To rank high and well in google u have to focus on great content, but u also have to keep updating that content, which some forget. Besides that u can work at backlinking building. But only make a few a day so it doesnt look forced.

    Sorry for my bad english, great post

  14. Peter says:

    The key to getting high ranking in Google is to get lots of people to link to you. The more people who link to you and the more “important” they are in the Googlebot world, the higher you will rank for keywords. That is my take on online business. Nice article!

  15. Is focusing on long tail search results still a valid strategy?
    Anyways great informative post, this will help me get ready for the next year!

  16. Sam says:

    The Google ever-changing algorithms are making everything mess in my online business. I have seen so many ups and downs and now it’s really bothering me like anything. I really hope Google stabilizes its algo and let bloggers achieve what they want. Anyways, I think creating affiliate program is the best way to stay in business. Socialize yourself much as you can to fight against Google’s changing algorithms.

  17. Sam says:

    Awesome strategies you have laid out here. This is very beneficial for novice beginners like me…Onsite and Offsite optimization are the best strategies which I am planning to implement. Thank you so much for an informative content.

  18. From these sharing points and tips i got strong knowledge regarding SEO strategy for the year of 2013. Especially this point is very helpful to make our strategy Google friendly. Before read your post i was unaware about the ratio of backlinks we should get from different keywords and anchor texts.

  19. Roger says:

    Really fantastic and comprehensive post about a subject that covers a lot of ground. At times, I feel Google really thinks what we, as a blogger thinks. Creating content that Google loves is something which should be followed to be on Google’s top page. Honestly, content creation is always a challenge for me as I’m not a very strong writer and never have been. This post is really helpful. Thanks for share!

  20. Mariya says:

    I think with SEO the problem is that people think that it is all about onsite optimization and they don’t put hardly any efforts on offsite optimization. This is what leads in producing the overall result. Thanks for sharing the post.

  21. Jon Klokov says:

    I like the ports about offsite optimization. It’s a point that a lot of people tend to ignore or simply not know how to process properly. Good article.

  22. the panda and penguin update im not sure what else i can take…
    Anyways change is something u cant avoid

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