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Online Business Opportunities – Online Share Dealing

The following is a guest post by Toby Hughes. If you would like to write for this home business blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

It’s hard to imagine our society today without the use of the Internet. It’s become ingrained into so many aspects of our modern lives that for some, it would be impossible to live without. Indeed, the Internet has become a powerful business tool worth billions. But which online business opportunities can provide an income for both the both the entrepreneur and the everyman alike?

Once solely reserved for the slick city investors of Paternoster Square and Wall Street, share dealing and stock broking has come on leaps and bounds since its official beginnings over 200 years ago. Rapid developments in technology and the Internet have now opened up the fast paced and lucrative environment of the financial markets to everybody through online share dealing accounts.

The rise in online share dealing is due to many factors. Whilst shares can still be bought and sold by post and telephone, today online share dealing accounts are owned by the majority of people that invest largely because of convenience. Big banks and other independent brokerage services offer accounts which are relatively easy to set up, requiring ID and an initial deposit into the account. After this, investors can buy and sell shares on the UK, European and Worldwide markets; participating in international share trading all managed from the comfort of their own home.

Another massive advantage of online share dealing accounts are that they usually come with the benefit of additional features and levels of service meaning that both starter and professional share dealers can participate. The type of online share dealing account you choose will depend on your investor confidence and experience as accounts can offer a varying level of specialist management and advice. Those new to investment may want the help of share dealing manager who can take complete control of your portfolio. According to the guidelines laid out in your contract, your stockbroker manager will have an agreed authority in how your shares are managed. This is known as a discretionary service and even those who enlist the services of a broker may have the option of trading stock on their own. Alternatively, an experienced investor familiar with shares may have the financial confidence in an execution only service; often the cheapest option available as no advice from a broker is given.

In addition, most online share dealing accounts provide users with easy-to-use real time platforms in which to trade. Good platforms are updated instantaneously with information, charts and updates on the latest trades and share performances. Viewing your portfolio in this real time manner means that shares can be traded with the simple click of a button. Access to information and reports by experienced analysts are often uploaded to help to navigate the marketplace make informed investment decisions. The last couple of years has also seen the rise of share dealing apps for smartphones meaning that investments can now be conducted on the move.

Lastly, cost plays an important part in the success of online share dealing. Dealing costs have often turned people off from investing in the stock market but trading online has proved cheaper than dealing over the telephone and in person. As with any product or service, it’s best to seek an online brokerage service or online share dealing account which charges the lowest fees. Some major banks are offering online share dealing accounts with small monthly fees from as little as £10 a month whilst others charge per trade.

Like all investment opportunities, it pays to shop around when choosing an online stockbroker or online share dealing account. Different account providers may offer lower commission fees on investment trading and different incentives to join such as introductory commission-free rates. Some may, however, charge annual management or inactivity fees. It’s important to know the pricing structure of your account and compare seemingly competitive rates for the most lucrative deal.

Whilst it’s great that online share dealing accounts have opened up trading to a wider audience, it’s important to remember, like with all investment, there will always be an element of risk. Despite the numerous tools offered by accounts, it’s important to select the right account for your level of investment experience and one that suits your attitude to financial risk. With this is mind, it may be wise to seek the help of an independent online share dealing broker who can provide information and advice on the best account providers – opening up a world of exciting and potentially lucrative online business opportunities which have been well considered.

About the author:
Toby Hughes writes for http://www.independentfinancialadvisor.co.uk , a UK based site that provides access to independent financial advisors on a wide range of financial products such as online share dealing accounts as well as to debt advice charities for those struggling with their debts.

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  1. nur hasan says:

    Really nice post……Thank you..

    The Internet is quickly growing into a world-wide marketplace, which provides a unique opportunity for everyday people like you and me to cash in on it and start making money online!

    This is important, don’t forget that we live in the world where info quickly enhances the quality of our life. Make use of the Internet and search for income opportunity you need this type of info.

  2. True. Online business needs to have a broad reach on the web and if you are starting one, it is important to plan and devise a good website marketing strategy. It is often the driving factor of a successful internet marketing promotion. There are plenty of online business opportunities that can prove to be a very convenient and lucrative alternative to mundane office jobs.

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