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Online Business: How To Avoid Picking A Wrong Niche

home business blogOn theory, any niche that you put all your hard work and apply all the skills and techniques learned from all those years of struggling in your online business should work. Yet there are still many people who failed in their Internet Marketing or work from home business ventures. Why is this? Well just one word- “Passion” or more appropriately the lack of it.

From my 4 years of experience in my online home business, lacking interest in the niche you picked seems to be one of the top contributing factors in it becoming an eventual failed online business opportunity. Fortunately I encountered only a couple of them and on hind sight, I figured that it was common sense to start an online business site about something that I have an interest on or one that can be sustained over the years.  There are others I know who placed other things as higher priority like keyword numbers or cost per click if they are into Google Adsense. I know many of them regretted such decisions and paid a heavy price too.

Why You Must Have The Passion

This is especially true if you intend to create an authority site as compared to a small niche site with limited contents and pages. Remember in authority sites, you are going to create ongoing and fresh content and you want to enjoy researching your chosen niche topics and create a site that you know other people will love to link to.  Only having greater interest and an undying passion for your niche will see you through achieving this.

Some Ideas On Niche Picking

Do You Enjoy financial topics? Then consider credit repair, debt, investing or banking. Do You Enjoy Health Topics? Then start a website on weight loss, hip replacement or critical illnesses Are You Technically Savvy? Then create an authority site on computer reviews, computer repairs. Do You Like Sports? You can start a website writing topics on fishing, sailing or baseball

Change Your Mindset

I know lots of people go into an online business for various reasons but the most common one seems to be to make money online, or make money blogging if you prefer doing blogging.  However what will greatly help your business and possibly how successful an online entrepreneur you will become is how serious an online publisher you really are.  If you are serious about providing good, unique contents on your website or blog,  it is important to treat your work as the most important online publishing you can ever provide your clients. Remember your readers come to your website to look for information that they are searching for.  If you give them crap, they leave, but if you consistently give them valuable information, they become your most trusted customer.

Have You Had A Failed Online Business?

Share with us if you ever failed in a website you started and what made it become unsuccessful. Was interest and passion something that contributed to this?

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Choosing a niche is not an easy task and you need to be very precise about what you choose. You need to take the best niche if you want to get good traffic and you want to be rich. The above tips will surely help you to get the best niche for you.

  2. I once built a site on back pain in 2009 and it attained a pagerank1 within 9 months only to abandon it some weeks later when money was not forthcoming. The point is I was actually too money conscious.


  3. Melvins Ca says:

    With passion and interest makes all business successful whether it is online or offline and for online choosing great niche is most important.

  4. small business insurance says:

    You're absolutely right, it's attractive to go into competitive niches that have potential to turn out a lot of money, but without the passion, you won't have the drive to be competitive in those niches.  Those clicks are high paying for a reason.  Passionate people have made them so expensive by putting everything into their research, how could one who doesn't feel the same believe to make as much money?

  5. I have seen people getting demotivated and feeling that they cannot do online business and blog for making money. The problem with people is that they are unable to identify the niche that is good for making money, some people do find a good niche but then they are not patient enough to wait. The post will be of huge benefit for people who want to know about how to choose a niche.

  6. lax limousine service says:

    I believe in persisting with what ever you choose and patience always pays off. I know people who choose the best niche possible, do the best research possible but fail in to maintain as they look for quick results.

  7. Gerald Mora says:

    Hello Peter, Thank you for the post. I agree with you on the niche picking process. Certainly no matter what your niche is, probably you’ll find a lot of competition, but if you wanna be outstanding, you need to offer something really special and build relationships with the people to attract prospects.

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