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Nov Adsense $616:This Slick WP Theme Made It Possible

As you know in Oct I broke the duck in my Adsense earnings by finally passing my $10 per day earnings I had set as my second goal. Well the third goal is to reach a monthly Adsence income of $1000 and Nov’s adsense results shows I’ve made good progress to achieve this target. My Nov adsense income from my niche sites was $616, an increase of 28 percent over last month.

Adsense Income Statistics

Nov $616
Oct $444
Sep $260
Aug $224
Jul $268

My Secret Tool Revealed-Adsense Crusher Template

Actually  I had wanted to reveal this “secret” i.e the WordPress template I have been using, in my last Adsense update “Google Adsense-Here’s How You Can Achieve 70 pct Increase Too“. But I couldn’t do so because Gabriel the WP template creator had not set up the affiliate program then. Well the good news is that he just did and here is the Adsense Crusher WordPress template (this is an affiliate link) that helped me so much to reach my previous target and will continue to help achieve my next target of $1000 per month.

What you can expect when you used the Slick Crusher WP Template

1. It’s specially created to get you exceptionally high CTR  to maximize Adsense earnings. The theme is the main ingredient for having a high CTR.

2. It’s SEO optmized

3. If there is anything you need to modify the theme, Gabriel does that for you too at your request, free! So you’re not just buying a theme but a lifelong service.

4. It allows you one set of images for all your posts or you can set up different images for any post you want and have default images for all the rest. You’ll be taught how simple it is to do this. (for me I put on every post 4 115X115 pictures at the top with keywords in the image alt text)

5. In Theme admin, you can select to show excerpts not the full posts in homepage and category pages

6. The color scheme is easily customizable in the theme admin.

7. An adsense guide which covers the theme installation is provided for you to follow. WordPress is extremely easy to use even if you are just starting out and have never done it before. In the guide you are given Gabriel’s personal email if you run into problems setting everything up so don’t be afraid to use it. (I’ve used it and trust me he is there for you)

8. When you purchase you get 2 Ebook guides (SEO strategies and theme install walk-through) + Slick WordPress theme plus a bonus marketing software Gabriel built that you can use to ping a list of your pages to about 130 sites.

9. The Adsense crusher system comes with white hat marketing & backlink strategies all explained in the ebook.

10. Included in the course are 3 main traffic and backlink strategies. You will learn to deconstruct effectively what your competitors have done right; how Gabriel uses web 2.0 properties to increase Google love and increase traffic etc

A Peek At The High CTR WP-Theme

** If you are serious about purchasing, email me and I can provide you a real life blog with this theme.

My Thoughts

If you are searching for a magic pill or a quick “put money in my bank tomorrow” kind of method in adsense, this isn’t the one for you.  This is just a tool that has been developed, tested to give you very high CTR, one of 2 things that will increase your adsense income, the other being traffic.

You will still have to bring in the traffic yourself though so you will have to think about the quality of your contents on your blog and the backlinking strategies you currently follow.

How fast you can get to a $20 dollar or $50 day depends very much on your own effort and time but this Adsense Crusher system and WP Theme can help you expedite this time.

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40 Responses so far.

  1. i recently download a WP theme. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank You.

  2. Very cool, Peter. Well done on reaching and surpassing your goal. You'll hit $1,000 a month in no time. I need to add more content to my micro niche site, but it's averaging about $10 a month without doing anything. I'm going to check out this new theme and see if there's anything I can tweak with what I have now to get a better CTR. Thanks for the tip!

  3. peterlee says:

    @Alan @ Work From Home:Thanks Alan, yes I'm working real hard to hit $1000 and I'm encouraged by the results so far. Yes since your niche site is ranking so well, it's to your advantage to add more content so that you get more clicks. Remember more content=more impressions=more clicks=more$

  4. Cheap Cruise Travel says:

    I also would like to try this theme.

  5. Chandan says:

    It might not be work same for all people, the adsense earning also depend upon the niche that you choose

  6. You have improve your earning from July to Nov and Now are getting smart income through ad-sense…it was not so easy task..you need to do efforts for this..Visitors always eager for good and informative content,..there are millions of blog on the web..but few of them got success to bind the visitors on his website or blog…great job dude…

  7. peterlee says:

    @Cheap Cruise Travel: Good, try it and let us know your feedback. You're gonna love it.

  8. peterlee says:

    @Chandan, that goes without saying. It's like if you are a top Olympic sprinter….you may have the skill to win but you will still need to buy the best pair of shoes to help you win the gold medal :-)

  9. peterlee says:

    @Cataract Eye Drops: Well making money on Internet is not easy….but we just have to find what works and focus on it.

  10. peterlee says:

    @Cheap Family Holiday: It's $47…and it's an investment to help improve your SEO Optimization/ CTR and earn more adsense income. Of course you could still opt for any of the thousands of free themes without this added boost…the choice is really yours.

  11. petraweiss says:

    This sounds great, I have to check it out! My Adsense income per month hovers around $100 (that's with 2 sites, one of them brings in about 95% of that figure), and I am always looking for ways to improve my CTR.

  12. peterlee says:

    @petraweiss: Hi Petra, $100 for 2 sites is excellent. You should focus more on the one that is earning you > 95% like more content, more pages optimizing with more keyword rich contents etc. Good luck.

  13. Tej Kohli says:

    Wow Such a great earning through Adsense , I am also looking to earn more money with Adsense

  14. Amazing increase! That's from all of your sites right?

    I want this theme badly but can't afford for now. It's quite expensive :(

  15. Marina says:

    Well I am happy for you that you working your way up to your 3rd goal, Good luck to you and I will check it out.

  16. peterlee says:

    @Tej Kohli: I'm just a beginner…I still have a long way to go.

  17. peterlee says:

    @Jewelry Making Supplies: Yes from all my sites.

  18. peterlee says:

    @Marina: Thanks for dropping by…and feel free to visit again

  19. AM says:

    Well, how much CTR can we expect if we purchase this theme,Peter??

  20. peterlee says:

    You should know nobody can guarantee you what would be the CTR you will get but I can assure you that with this theme you will get much much higher CTR. It's forbiden to discuss CTR details and I don't intend to do it here either. Send me an email if you like and I can show you what many many people are saying about their experience in using this theme.

  21. Brian P says:

    Hey man congratulations….. You should also factor in the holiday season. The cost of clicks goes up….. But happy holidays!

  22. peterlee says:

    @Brian P: Thanks Brian. Yes I'm sure the holiday season is helping too since any of my niches are products people buy everyday.

  23. Runner says:

    Peter, what a great result. I have also some mini-sites and the challenge is to increase CTR ( okay, also the traffic ). How is it, do you have the blogs on your own server?
    I think these challenges are quite big ones, if you have lots of blogs or sites. They should profit well with a small traffic, which means if SEM is used, as I do, the used keywords should be low demand ones and the keyword research shoul be done carefully. Peter, can you reveal your secrets a little bit, with how many keywords you target to rank well?


  24. peterlee says:

    @Runner: Hi Juhani, long time never hear from you hope are are well and good although I see your site all over the first page for many KWs. Congrats. Actually I've revealed everything in all my posts on micro niche or adsense. Just look for them on my archives. Essentially I focused on just a few sites that are high income earners and grow them to be semi-authority sites and add lots and lots of pages. Each page has 2 keywords with high CPC, not necessarily low competition.

  25. Runner says:

    Yeah, I am looking for new income sources and launched some mini-sites. But then I realized how much work it requires to keep the traffic going, huh! Just curious, have you, or somebody here, tried or used the link wheel to rank better? I have concentrated quite heavily on the article marketing, which is a sure way, but takes so much mental juice.

  26. peterlee says:

    @Runner: I've not done much on link wheel but Alan Mater has. Here is his post:http://www.replaceyoursalary.c

    For article marketing I'm trying out a revolutionary new way…check it out:http://www.warriorforum.com/wa

  27. Runner says:

    Thanks Peter for these two links, really interesting. If you will try this article marketing traffic builder, can we read the experiences here?

  28. peterlee says:

    @Runner: Yes I bought this WSO but it would be impossible to share my experiences without divulging the secrets of this technique and I have to say it's quite refreshing. So I can't do that and you may have to buy it to learn it. I can only say at the moment I'm still not getting the desired results and am working with Matt the creator.

  29. learntomakerealmoney says:

    That's great! congrats on the adsense earning. One of the best way to make real money online is through adsense. What I have found if you have some great content on your blog you will make money from it. You can learn more in this free book make real money on the internet. You can get your copy here. http://learntomakerealmoneyonl…/

  30. peterlee says:

    @learntomakerealmoney: Thanks for the link and your comment.

  31. Craiger265 says:

    Very interesting post, I got alot of it, thank you.

  32. Wendell says:

    Awesome article. I have been using adsense too, but will check out the info in this article with much interest. I have used info from this site which you all may find interesting, http://tinyurl.com/26z9qzw
    Also this blog has very helpful info too, wcvmarketing.blogspot.com

  33. I have started my blog with zero investment on plugins and want to keep going with freebies.

  34. belamy says:

    One of the best way to make real money online is through adsense

  35. RyanL says:

    Hi Peter, Do you have a goal as to when you want to be a full-time on-line business or marketer?

  36. peterlee says:

    Hi Ryan, I am already a full time Internet Marketer and Online Publisher.

  37. The problem with these type of themes and sites is that they are just rehashes of old content, nothing new and add nothing for the reader. While you may make some money for a short period, you are probably better creating quality sites that will last longer and make you money for a long time.

  38. thats nice!!! you really have to work hard to make money with adsense…. cool stuff. Im happy for you. I think a change of theme can really change a website for the good. WordPress is fun to use.

  39. Landscape Design says:

    I am learning WP this days. it is not that hard how i thought. I am going to try this theme out.

  40. I agree with you, Belamy. But this is not a get rich quick money making venture. Though when starts to come in, expect it to increase gradually. In the long run, earning money through Adsense is a great passive income.

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