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No Really! There Is No Trick In Blogging

The following is a guest post by Noah Mark Rodolfo. If you would like to write for this blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

If you think that authoritative blog sites have something secret in their possession, you are completely wrong. They achieve success because they simply know the right guidelines and proper marketing for their blogs. This article will give you the most basic guidelines to have a successful blog online. No Really! There is no trick in Blogging!

If you are running a website business online, you most likely have a blogging platform to support your website with quality content and other useful stuff. It is important to know how blogging works and why you should incorporate it with your business site. Blogging for business is an important (and free) method to advertise yourself, your site as well as your products or services.

Why blogging is necessary for your business? It is good to know that blogging is one of today’s in-demand tools which can definitely help convert sales for your business. So it is safe to say that a blog is really a necessary extension of a business website. Blog is a superb advertising tool, make good use of this platform will give various benefits for your business. It is also good to note that your visitors won’t visit back to your site if all that you offer are completely self-serving and reads as an infomercial.

Here are a few sound advice to make your blogging experience more enjoyable and much more advantageous which can help give you more positive results.

Offer Quality Content

When I started blogging in 2008, I never thought that content is king in this industry. I seldom add a single post in a month, thinking that money will come in through my affiliate links and other ads. I was wrong and my blog never succeeded.

It is important that for your home business blog to become effective, it must be engaging in all aspects of your writing. Once you accumulate posts, your traffic and readers will also increase. But having more content doesn’t always mean that your blog is informational and worth visiting. The bottom line is to continuously give quality and useful content for your readers. This can be achieved by using healthy comment interactions, questions and polls, interesting details, relevant videos and other several activities that you think may get interest to your readers.

Appealing Title and Opening Sentence

Your title and opening sentence are the post’s first impression. A lot of bloggers give big emphasis on each title of their posts because it plays a crucial part in blogging. Build your title and opening sentence to be more engaging and intriguing  for your readers. A satisfied reader might even share it on his various social media profiles which can add to your marketing campaign.  Also, good utilization of words inside a blogging title is more prone to be scooped up through the search engines like Google. Ask yourself – ‘is this something I may wish to read?’. Otherwise, there’s a high probability that your readers will not be going to even click your post link.

Publish Regularly

If you are blogging for business, then you need to get yourself on a blogging schedule. If a person is really a devout follower of your blog, it will be best to supply them with fresh content on a regular basis. If you are not posting on a regular basis, most of your readers may become bored waiting for your next post which may lead them to find other blogs that offer similar topics.

Publish regularly. Keep your posting at least three times a week, sustaining fresh articles that will help keep people interested in your work. It could be a favorite quote, video or picture… will still be new content.  You can also schedule your blog posts for future publishing. This will help keep a consistent posting in your part.

Ensure that it stays Positive

Among the worst steps you can make will be a negative blogging attitude. If you are in this type of industry, worrying or trash talking your competitors will certainly not going to benefit your blog, hence you will lose readership and followers.

Running a blog together with your online business website may pose some risks if you are careless. There are a lot of spammers that will take advantage of your comment system that could give your posts irrelevant comments. Make sure that you handle this people in positive way and never engage them in non-sense debate. It will only tarnish your website’s reputation and credibility. Remember, ensure that your site provides positive content all the time.

It requires a Buddy to create a Friend

Comments. Who does not love them? Among the simplest methods to bring focus on your personal blog would be to leave comments on other blogs. It’s not only good free publicity, it is a nice factor to complete this task. Besides, you simply might learn something or uncover good quality tips or perhaps purchase.a win-win situation with other friendly blogs.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a terrific way to promote your website or blog. In guest posting, you simultaneously offer other blog readers to a new type of writing which could give them interests. In return, your site get’s total exposure and it will certainly increase its organic traffic. Everybody wins, new exposure & new visitors for that authors and new perspective for those visitors.

Use Links & Key phrases

Your blog is among the best places that you should make the most out of relevant links and internet search engine friendly key phrases. This key phrases are crucial if you want Google to find your post pages and gain organic search traffic. You have to use keyword tools to choose the best phrases for your site and to your post pages. If you can do this perfectly, your blog will become one of the most authoritative blog sites in the world wide web.

Offer the Best Branding for your Blog

Branding your blog is also crucial for your online business success. You have to plan how to brand your blog to attract people naturally. You can do this by having a logo, email list, good website design and many others. It is important that your site is unique and has a competitor’s edge in every category as much as possible!

These simple guidelines will help your blog business to reach another level in the Internet marketing industry. If you want to learn how to make money  blogging, the most important thing is to continuously strive for the best content you can give to your readers on a regular basis. Take great effort and be competitive, I promise you that the benefits are worth it!

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Noah Mark Rodolfo is a Filipino blogger who loves to share information online. Learn free tips and strategies when it comes to blogging, SEO and other make money online topics on his website at Home Based Business

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  1. John says:

    Leave comments like here? :P

    No but seriously, a lot of people say just keep blogging, keep posting fresh and new content, and you will see money soon enough, it’s not working for me after like a year. Think I’m going to give up on blogging :/

  2. used tires says:

    All excellent tips. Other than some basic SEO optimization techniques, there is really no solution for blogging success in the long run other than working hard to create unique and useful content, interacting with readers and keep adapting with the times.


  3. I have a carp fishing blog but it gets no where near the comments as your site, your advice has been helpfull, regards

  4. Your blog is among the best places that you should make the most out of relevant links and internet search engine friendly key phrases.

  5. Buy Tabex says:

    Great site to help me advance with blogging techniques so my website can advance.

  6. John Peter says:

    I was thinking for start work on blogs, and i got very useful information here. thanks for sharing the knowledge…. Keep it up more….

  7. I totally agree with you, the only thing that blogging needs is a regular quality content. If you can’t keep it updated, probably you won’t succeed in the blogsphere.

  8. You could not have said it any better. All you need is something to say and the ability to put it into words.

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