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Natural Link Building-Does It Exist?

From the time I started my online business, I have always been taught that link building is the most important aspect of the business. If you want to succeed in any online business opportunities that is.  Even today, I still hear many people say the same thing. Also many of my mentors and the so called SEO gurus also preached that building backlinks to your website must be as natural as can be. But really what does this statement mean? How natural is natural, it now begs the question. Does it really exist at all?

What is Natural Link Building

So far I have yet to find someone give a definite answer to what really is natural link building or what is deemed a natural backlinks growth. Does this mean, we do all the things naturally without any outside help – and once you achieved that other Internet Marketers or bloggers will only be too happy to link to you? Perhaps like Wikipedia because many people I know would be ready and willing to do just that? But then again how many of us can claim to be in the same league as this established big website?

Building Backlinks via Automation

Now many people always get the wrong ideas about automation and tend to associate automated tools with something not legitimate and sometimes black hat techniques. Now if this were true, any business that sells software and other sophisticated technological solutions to clients would have been closed down by Google a long time ago. What I am trying to say is that these automation tools are created with good intentions. They may well be used for ulterior motives but that is a separate matter altogether. These tools are designed to help anyone in business be it the brick and mortar ones or the more familiar online work at home businesses of you and me. I have used many of them to run my business and I can’t imagine continuing in business without these tools. In short if you are not leveraging on what these tools are offering for your business, you are missing big time.

What Do People Say About Natural Link Building Growth

While scouting for another good automation tool to help me cut down most of the mundane and laborious work, I asked a very prominent software developer. Gabriel developed the now much talked about automated tool on backlink building called ‘Link Thunder’ and I posed this question to him in my favorite Warrior Forum. My question and my worry was would building 3000 backlinks a day like what this guy achieved with his Link Thunder backlink tool do more harm than good?:

Here are just a few of the many testimonials from forum members who used Link Thunder to get backlinks:

There’s lot’s more testimonial if you care to read them here:


What Do YOU Say About Natural Link Building Growth

Share with us what you think. Do you really believe in doing backlink building the natural way or with automation tools. If you used tools, did you in any way get penalized by Google.

(Update) My Own Results Achieved With Link Building:

Niche Site: http://keyword-domain/inside-page-with-keyword.html

Before Link Thunder Backlinks: Page 2 #11, 14,800 searches (Jul 16)

After Link Thunder Backlinks: Page 1 # #8 (Jul 21)

512 Backlinks from Link Thunder ( Expression Engine Forums)

Domain age: 2 years

Here’s My Offer To You-You Can Get 1000s of Backlinks From Link Thunder Here

Naturally with a backlink building tool that is this good, I purchased it from Gabriel since backlink building takes the most effort. Now I like to offer my link building service using this tool. Yes the same tool that Gabriel uses to get all those backlinks for his satisfied clients.

What You Get: 1000 Backlinks Using 2 Plugins That Gabriel Does and From Link Thunder Tool. Your links posted on Boonex Social Network Websites and Expression Engine Forums.

What You Pay: $17.00

(most of this cost goes to the manual effort to key in 2000 capchas before I can post your links on about 2000 sites.). Repeat order gets 3 free personal edu blogs.

What You Will Get: A report showing you all the 1000 backlinks (give or take a hundred or two)

What kind of Backlinks will you get?

For this link package I used 2 plugins and put your links on ‘Forums-Expression Engine” and Social Networks: Boonex. I have attached the screenshots for you to take a look.

Contact me if you are interested. This offer is only for my blog readers and current subscribers

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18 Responses so far.

  1. David Josh says:

    Thats very informative, I read the whole warrior forum thread might have to give it a try. 100% agree that back-linking is most important part but waiting for the natural process is time consuming and in today's world with the competition and demand of instant success you do need to try the alterative means. Thanks for the info guys !

  2. peterlee says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for dropping by. If you have as many sites as I, you will know that backlink automation tools just help to keep your sanity :-)

  3. Natural link building is time consuming and when you show patience in this field i will be helpful for you, for example one of my friend is running 20 sites and he always concentrate on “natural link building” he launched these site before 2 years and show patience in “natural link building” now he is earning a lot of money and his all these sites have PR3, 4 and 5 and he said i will not go down because i never use unethical methods, so i will say that “natural link building” is very useful in-spite of time consuming.

  4. fax from computer says:

    Build bakclink naturally takes time and I have such problem like now. However, the result of it is fantastic. Once again, it takes too much time to do it manually. 
    I am interested to your offer, please email me Peter how to order. I'll give it a try.

  5. peterlee says:

    Hi Lukman,
    I have sent you an email. Thanks for your support.

  6. True natural backlinks never really happens in micro niche sites, or at least not very often. I mean who would really remember the link you your page and then one day think about it and post an anchor text to in on a blog post. It just seems very unlikely, but these are the links google strives for. What I do to simulate this is by letting my links index through google without the help of pingers.

  7. peterlee says:

    You've made a very good point about pinging. The best way of course is let the links index naturally. But if that is not possible then ping but don't overdo it. You can safely ping your backlink URL list once a week. DO NOT PING YOUR LIST EVERY DAY! Finally, be very careful with third party pinging software as many of them tend to be rather abusive and results in erratic results on search engine rankings.

  8. Google has the answer which no one will ever find out.  Natural back links to your site is done with automation.  Here is an example, you could get 2500 post one link per person to your site, but Google will believe that to be “not natural” because no one person could do 2500 back links in a day.  Anything that is out of the norm, breaking Google rules, is not natural.

  9. Natural link building is one of the most important factors that will help you in your business. Link building is the only factor that helps you come high in search engines. It very much necessary to maintain the speed of the submission rather them making it quick sending a signal to search engines that you are spamming. It is also important to get quality back links rather just getting quantity with low quality.

  10. Thanks for sharing your expertise on link building plus I loved all the comments.  Link Thunder sounds like an interesting tool and I may consider it as an option.

  11. Thats very informative. Thank you for your post

  12. usually i use natural link & free backlink

  13. I have also seen that when you just gain Quality Back Links and even if they are less in number, then also your site ranks well with less back links. I know many sites which just have around 1000 back links beating website having more than 5000+ links.

  14. I often use natural link building method for SEO because its organic and very effective inspite of it that its time consuming and don't give fast results but its very important method at all.

  15. Tom says:

    Hi Peter, interesting points! I rarely try any programs for getting backlinks, except Angela´s which worked really great! I rely on blog commenting and article marketing.It takes time, but nothing comes easily online.Maybe article marketing and link getting (like 5 per day) is natural link building?

  16. Good points, Peter. Natural link building I feel is any link building that looks natural to the search engines. In other words, don't go overboard when building links. Just keep it steady and gradual over time.

    I still need to look more into the service you're offering. Expect an email from me sometime this week.

  17. Link building is one of the most important aspects of optimizing your website for top search engine placement because search engines view each link to your website as a vote. There are two types of links that you can build to your website reciprocal and one-way links.

  18. Whatever good your site may be for the audience, it’s not a good idea to rely only on natural link building as in this case you may wait for years when your site starts rank in search engines.

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