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My Strategy To Increase My Google Adsense Revenue

It’s been 6 months since I ventured into building micro niche adsense sites following John XFactor’s Adsense Master Course blueprint. If you have not read my post I wrote last September sharing with you why I decided to build micro niche adsense sites, feel free to read the post “Buiding Micro Niche Mini-Websites Took Off This Week“.

My 6-month Google Adsense Report Card

1. Track My Results:

Just like in any new online business opportunity you’ve started, it is important to track your own progress closely. You then rinse and repeat the process that got you the good results and for others that failed to meet your expectation, well the analysis begins.

2. My Micro Niche Adsense Websites – Useful Statistics

  • Number of adsense websites created                         – 9
  • Websites on Google’s Page 1                                    – 9
  • Websites on Google’s Top 3 positions                        – 5
  • Adsense Earnings reached $100 per month in Dec’09
  • Adsense Earnings reached $180 for March’10

3. How I achieved Google’s Page 1 Results

Simple. I just followed XFactor’s ebook to the Tee. I did share this in my post “John XFactor’s Micro Niche Adsense-The Adsense Lessons I Learned” including purchasing the Micro Niche Adsense Finder as well as the XSite Pro2.  For backlink building and getting to top of search engine ranking I joined Angela’s Backlink Builders Program. The program works very well giving you 30 high page rank websites at an absurdly price of just $5.00 per month.

My Strategy To Increase My Google Adsense Revenue

I have been monitoring my adsense earnings generated by my top 3 niche websites and they have consistently contributed to more than 50 per cent of each month’s adsense revenue. In March, I focused most of my attention and effort into these 3 sites including getting more backlinks and  adding more pages. However adding more pages to the main website is really the easy part and it’s pretty easy with my Xsite-Pro2. What is more important and perhaps made the real difference in the results achieved is putting the icing on the cake. Well this is what I did:

More keyword Research:

As you know my 3 main websites are already on Google’s top 3 positions for the keywords that I am ranking due to all my backlinking work. They have consistently remained in these positions and the CPC is pretty good. Before I go adding a new page to each of these 3 websites, I do a quick keyword research using my Micro Niche Finder. This time I looked for a few potential keyword phrases that are more competitive but still related to my main keyword I am ranking for my homepage. I then used my favorite site Spyfu dot com to find the highest cost per click from each of these potential keyword phrases that advertisers are prepared to pay. Then I write my usual content and add my new page using this newly found keyword phrase. Then do the same of the other 2 websites. Job done!

The reason why this method works is because in the new keyword phrases that I found, I am not trying to rank in the search engines. That would be silly as I stand no chance at all of making it as they are highly competitive. I still continue to rank just for my homepage’s keyword phrase. When my visitors click my homepage, they will now proceed to other new pages (link is made visible on the homepage) to look for more information. When they do so, any click on these new pages get me a higher adsense revenue because of the higher CPC.

Have you been missing on getting PR6-9 backlinks for top search engine ranking? subscribe to Angela’s Backlink Program to get 30 of them every month at just $5.00.
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38 Responses so far.

  1. Angelas strategy is dead right now.

    site owners are deleting this kind of profiles !

  2. peterlee says:

    @Home Based Business: That's totally not true. There could be due to too much spamming that a few site owners have deleted them. Started this month's link packet, Angela is puting in tight controls to curtail the widespread theft and abuse (which is what is causing the spamming and the sites getting shut down). We are getting our link packets a few days late because of this.

  3. work at home says:

    So I think you microniche site giving you good revenue by adsense, thats good. Recently I have changed my blogger template, and I think the new template is better than before and will give me good adsense earning in future.

  4. peterlee says:

    @work at home: Hi Chandan, I just came from your blog and it looks very nice. I'm really impressed. Would you ever consider hosting your own blog perhaps later rather than using blogger.

  5. work at home says:

    Sir, I want to express my thinking with you. I want to make my blog like moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com , the blog is no. one position for the keyword 'make money online” and I like the monetization system of that blog. So I think if that blogspot blog can achieve top ten then why I can not, well for that I will have to work more.

    I have joined in one SEO company, so now I do not get much time for my blog, I want to update my blog frequently, but I do not get time to write, I try to hire people for write for my blog, but all are same, nothing any specialty of article, so have you any good article writer that you know?

  6. peterlee says:

    @work at home: Hi Chandan, That is an impressive blog and I know of another blogger Grizzly too whose blog is very well respected too. Yes I am sure one day your blog will be like one of these. You are progressing very fast.
    Sorry I don't know anybody personally who writes for people other than myself and another one I know but like you, we cannot spare the time to write for more people.

  7. work at home says:

    Well why I will sell my blog, if it give me good income, Thank you you lost for admire me. I will continue my work until I get my destiny.

  8. ExtremeEzine says:

    I took a different path but ended up in about the same place as far as niche AdSense Peter. I'm very happy so far. My AdSense earnings are now second to only a membership site and still climbing. Each one by it's self pays for all expenses plus a profit, and that includes my dedicated server. I went years not believing AdSense was still a good source of income, I'm glad I was wrong ;)

    I'm subscribed to Angela’s Backlink Program too. Plus I'm pretty sure I purchased XSitePro a long time ago but don't know if I still have it. I almost bought Micro Niche AdSense Finder but then didn't for whatever reason. I'm using methods taught on the Keyword Academy and it's working out nicely.

  9. As usual another very impressive post.I too depend more on the small niche sites to make money.The thing is, it's very easy to maintain and you earn passive income without much hard work.Work hard once,build your site,add optimized contents and your done on the onsite part.Now it's all about linkbuilding.That you can do with a good plan.
    I'm not very big fan of those backlink builders programs.But, I've headr so much about Angela's Program.Never tried though.I rely on sheer hard work.That works well for me.
    Regarding the John XFactor’s Adsense Master Course blueprint,it looks very good to me.Bookmarked it.Will try it someday.

  10. peterlee says:

    @Sujan Mukherjee: Thanks for your comment. A lot of people made the mistake of started in too big a niche and wasted their time and effort without much success. I think small niches are better if you follow a strategy, not necessarily adsense although it is many marketers' choice..

  11. peterlee says:

    @ExtremeEzine: Well Brian looks like we do have a lot in common. Must be my years of learning from you and visiting your great blog that made this possible.

  12. Creative Web Design says:

    Can anyone help me increase my income with Google Adsense? I only make $20 for the past year from Google Adsense Ads. I currently have a Blog and I receive decent traffic but just not enough cliks on the Ads. How can I make more money?

  13. I have written 190 hubs and will get 200 hubs for my Christmas present but have to increase the clicks on my hubs. My question is which will set your screaming; what is a backlink and how do I do it? I am sorry but I have haven't got a lot of computer knowledge but love to learn.

  14. peterlee says:

    @Creative Web Design: I have long found out that it is difficult to make much money in adsense just using one blog especially if it is a competitive niche even if the traffic is good. There is just too much distraction.The solution – focus on smaller niches.

  15. Sounds like you are doing something right. Congratulations on ranking in the top 3 places! Backlinks and relevant content that is updated/added to are essential.

  16. cheats says:

    Oh I see that is why many blogger earn much more than because of this awesome strategy in Adsense

  17. Creative Web Design says:

    Your AdSense ad’s should blend into the look and feel of your web site. Make suer you use the same font type, size and color so advertisements don’t look like ad’s. On the other hand, sometimes visitors become ad blind so you need them to stand out. Again, test, test, test.

  18. Watch movies online says:

    I'm not a fan of adsense. When i've used them I would struggle to make a couple of cents per click. That's just not worth it in my opinion.

  19. more fun says:

    Advertising from Google and its network partners sites displaying its ads accounted for most of the company's earnings. Google posted revenues of $1.578 billion for the quarter ending September 30, 2005, up 96% from the third quarter of 2004.

  20. cheats says:

    Thanks now after 2 days referring this technique my earning pump up

  21. peterlee says:

    @cheats: Glad it works for you too.

  22. buzzyblogger says:

    Adsense is good for people who have some traffic built up 400-2000 clicks a day. You also have to test different layouts and and dimensions. Certain ad types work better than others.

  23. ExtremeEzine says:

    Nice of you to say that but we both know you have been running circles around me lol

  24. more fun says:

    buzzyblogger you are not so right. Everything depends from your theme. I have on some blogs such themes that I get 80% CTR and this is huge. If your main income is adsense and you don't interested will the visitor will like your site or not, stuff the content with the biggest adsense blocks and mask it with the same color as the theme and the content.

  25. Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.I am using this strategy to increase my google Adsense revenue. I 'm a community member at http://www.snapstech.com. Snaps Technologies is one of the leading USA Web Designers company. Other than web designing we also excel in Web development, display advertising, E-Commerce solutions and SEO services.

  26. Ad placement can definitely help your earnings. What I like to do is have my ads show up only half on the fold and half below. This way the ads by google is not being shown when an user gets onto the website. People do not like clicking on google ads so this helps a bit and you are not breaking any rules

  27. Graphic design says:

    Very few keywords can meet that criteria, so for the most part, keep it one post per page when you set up your blog, for the best search results.

  28. Property In US says:

    Hi very great post and all sharing is also very impressive also looking very cool post thanks fore it.

  29. Graphic design says:

    All you have to do is employ simple and easy to understand techniques. With a little time and effort you will be able to steadily increase the income you generate from all of your websites.

  30. Car rental says:

    Great idea.. It works 100% for me.. Thank Peter!

  31. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    Glad I found this post. So, this is it, CPC is one of the factors that can be useful on earning high with adsense. I'm sorry for this dumbness of mine but I'm still new to this business so I didn't know anything and I want to learn more with this. I will continue reading more valuable post and hopefully, I could be able to find more interesting posts as well.

  32. Great strategy and I am wondering if you write articles as the guy in Xfactor book does or do you just use angela's backlinks exclusively? I hate writing articles and that is the only part I don't like about it. Can you tell me about this please?

  33. peterlee says:

    @Garden Hose Hanger: Article marketing works but it takes a lot of your time. I started writing articles too but when I found out that by using Angela's backlinks I could get similar success, I changed to doing just that. So you could say I use Angela's Backlink program exclusively.

  34. shreen2008 says:

    Good article. But you need to shell out some money to get the backlinks.. Hmm. Interesting. Please tell me in detail how to increase my CTR in adsense and generate more revenue. I have traffic in 40+ visitors/day, but CTR is very low. I have PR 2. How do I increase my revenue. Please help..

  35. shreen2008 says:

    Good article. But you need to shell out some money to get the backlinks.. Hmm. Interesting. Please tell me in detail how to increase my CTR in adsense and generate more revenue. I have traffic in 40+ visitors/day, but CTR is very low. I have PR 2. How do I increase my revenue. Please help..

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