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My Paying Ads-How I Earned USD3.1K In 60 Days

I have been doing Internet Marketing for almost 9 long years now but for sure 2016 is going to be my best year ever in terms of making money online. I am scaling down many of my other online business endeavours and for good reasons too.  I can now afford to work less hours and yet earn more than I used to. Why? Well because the hard work that first started in Sep 2015 is now bearing fruits of this labor- I am seeing earnings go sky rocketing high in one special revenue sharing online business opportunity-My Paying Ads.


I’ll now get straight to my income earnings on Day 60 (today):

Sep 20, 2015- played devil’s advocate and paid just USD5 to join business in the pretext to review owner, admin, payment plan structure, legal and compliance adherence, business licence/registration
Oct 12, 2015- Ready and started with just USD50
Oct-Dec 2015 – Put in another USD350 into the business and was earning about USD40 per day
On Dec 22, 2015 Paypal our major payment processor decided not to work with all revshare companies.

Dec-Mar 2016-MPA paused business to rework their business goals, website, removed paypal as its main payment processor, added new processors, changed server, pay plans among others. In short it took pains to make necessary major changes to enable itself to run the business long term, stay sustainable for business for next 5-10 years. The business was registered and licence approved in Singapore. That alone speaks a lot about the integrity of the business, its legitimacy and its owners along with so many licencing requirements to comply with, courtesy of  the Singapore Government.

Dec 22-Mar 16- MPA data migration of complex database to brand new and robust format, server update, new script, new payplan. During this period many other revshare businesses folded because all of them too used Paypal as their main payment processor.  However MPA’s admin showed clear leadership and honesty in returning all Paypal funds to members and took the time to rebuild and restart MPA to keep it running for many years to come (may be 5 years or 10 years or even more) without any major stoppage. We are now into our 2nd year of business.

Mar 17- MPA restarted business together with 146K members based all over the world.
Mar 18- I resumed business with MPA

My earnings today May 17, 2016-DAY 60:

Revenue Sharing:
1. Per hour-USD3.17
2, Per day-USD76.08 (100% withdrawable)
3 Total earnings from Mar 18-May 17 -USD3184.81


Commission from Affiliate Offers (from Dec 2015)

….courtesy of MPA’s Traffic Exchange – free advertising for members

How much do you need to start seeing profits

Firstly it is not an investment because there is nothing to invest and your ‘seed money’ is actually used to pay for the advertising services made available by the company to members. MPA is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as potential earning opportunity to members through “Revenue Sharing” a potential part of the business. In fact many members ignore the advertising benefits and focus entirely on the revenue sharing business.  Members have different income goals, different budget to spend. You can even start with $5 and you will too get to the same destination which most of us are trying to get to – build the MPA journey with 100% repurchase until you max out withdrawing earnings of $200 a day or $6000 a month…a life changing income! There are other members who are just happy to set their goal as $100 per day or $50 per day. In which case they will possibly reach their income target sooner than others.

For example: This is one member’s achievement being able to withdraw USD200 every day. His name is Shaf Memon:


The ultimate Goal of 146K members

This is where I am today in terms of daily earnings in my business….$76 daily earnings (100% withdrawable)

Where I want to be?….$150 daily earnings, daily withdrawal to my payment processor

The pay plan is structured so that when your lower costing shares start to expire you will have more than enough money to replace them quickly and then begin again buying shares in the higher levels (4 pay plans)…it’s called leveraging. That is how I am able to repurchase USD100 worth of adpacks daily from my hourly earnings (from my $76 per day earnings). Each one of these daily repurchased adpacks will in its turn give me $20 earnings in 2 months. Like this…

$100 repurchases

And….I have 8 pages of these with each of them  giving me daily profits totalling $20 before they expire in 60 days after each has started. Call it my money making machine…call it my golden goose if you will.

The Concept of Revenue Sharing Using my USD1100 seed money to illustrate
my Day 1 earnings (100 adpacks at $5 each and 60 adpacks at $10 each):

day1 earnings

Just take a look at day 1 on Mar 18. I bought max 100 adpacks in plan 1 (=$500). And 60 adpacks in plan 2 (=$600). Now take a look at the hourly earnings to get an idea. You will see that MPA pays about 2% per day. So my $500 would get me earnings of about $10 per day and MPA continues to pay these active adpacks for roughly 60 days. So total earnings for 60 days:

$10 X 60 = $600 (so $500 becomes $600 in 60 days) and similarly $600 becomes $720 in 60 days.

Do you think you will get anything close to this if you put your hard earned money in your bank?

MPA pays 120% earnings and once this has been paid out completely to you…it stops paying you any more earnings. Most of us do 100% repurchase of more adpacks everyday … using the hourly/daily earnings we received. Take a look at my image…On Mar 19 I was able to use the accumulated hourly earnings to buy 2 more adpacks so my #shares increased from 160 to 162. I bought 2 adpacks of $10 each =$20 (My one day earnings were about $21.82). So this goes on everyday. It’s like compounding your earnings although “compounding” is a wrong term to use because this is not an investment but a purchase of adpacks for advertising.

Sometimes it takes a whole life to discover something in life or in business worth keeping, worth pursuing, worth building…The active members now are in an unrivaled position in the industry to really succeed for themselves and their families. Long Live MPA!




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