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My Article Directories Submission Service Kicks Off On This Blog

You will agree with me that Article Marketing is one of the best ways to market your online business besides getting nice backlinks too. There are thousands of article directories over the Internet with some of my favorite ones like Ezinearticles, GoArticles, Amazines. Over the years we probably have taken them for granted but let’s pause for a second to understand:

Why Article Directories Submission is good for you

1. Your article always stays at the article directory you published at. It gets read by visitors today or many years later.

2. If it is a well-written and keyword optimized one and with a compelling resource box text, you can be sure your article is going places – yeah possibly viral!

3. You get nice backlinks

If there is one magic word that I can best describe why all the super affiliates, super Internet Marketing Gurus keep on saying they get thousands of page views for any of their articles – it’s SYNDICATION! All of these article directories allow other publishers to reprint or use whatever articles that have been published on their sites, as long as they stay intact, including the resource box.

Why are people still not submitting to all these article directories?

…but only to a handful, even if they know they are allowed to. After all, there is really no duplication issue. You could well submit the same article you wrote to hundreds of them. Duplication exists only if the same article is submitted to the same site (same IP address). Well here’s the answer:

It takes too much time to submit the articles

than it does to research and write them.

Here is The Best Solution

Outsource! Pay someone to submit your articles for you so that you don’t get to do this labor intensive task (yeah you know it’s good but you just don’t have the time) and let you do all other more meaningful tasks you’ve got planned.

Here’s my recommendation

My Article Directories Submission Service :-)

What you Get From My Article Submission to Article Directories Service:

1. I will submit your article to hundreds of article directories in my article directory database. At the moment I will submit it to 110 article directories in which I have completed registrations ( I am still in the manual process of registering to many others as I write this) so this number will increase every day. Once I have exhausted myself with registering with every article directory I have in my database, I will update this number, the price, and other submission options.

2. You will get a report from me once work is completed and the report will show you a complete list of article directories (list by url, and submission date) that your article has been submitted to. It should be completed within 24 hours after I received your complete article details.

How To Get Started if You like me to do your article submission to these hundreds of article directories:

1. Make payment of $3.99 via pay-pal using this button:

2.Use the contact page on this blog and provide me the following:

  • your article title
  • your article body
  • your keywords – not more than 5 keywords preferred
  • your text for your resource box – you need to provide it in html format. For best results you should put not more than 2 links with or without anchor text.
  • 2 other alternative titles for your article (optional)
  • 2 other article body for your article (optional)
  • your pen name preferred- good for SEO (hint: pen name can be your main keyword (optional)
  • your email address for me to send the submission report – if different from the mail you sent me.

(Note: the alternative titles/body of your article will be used randomly during the article directories submission process)

What I cannot guarantee you the following:

1. Like in all other article submission services, I cannot guarantee what happens once we submit your article to the article directories. Whether it gets accepted and published is outside the scope of this article submission service. It all depends on their systems they used, and their site’s policy and guidelines.

2. As you may already know, some of these article directory sites may have a minimum or maximum number of words for your article and depending on your article’s length, your article may be rejected due to not meeting this requirement.

3. Once submission work is completed and submission sent to you, we do not monitor the outcome of this submission e.g. if the article has been published. However I have submitted them for my own articles and have been receiving confirmation emails of publication from various directories.

Here is a sample of the Article Submission Report which you will receive:

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Peter, You certainly keep your self busy I admire that. do you think with articles already on my blog could i use them or would that be classed as duplication and harm my blog? even if I am the Author

  2. peterlee says:

    @Greg: There is no problem using one you have written on your blog and submit it to article directories, as long as you don't send it twice to the same site. In fact most people do this.

  3. peterlee says:

    @Greg: There is no problem using one you have written on your blog and submit it to article directories, as long as you don't send it twice to the same site. In fact most people do this.

  4. Thanks for such a great information shared with us…..

    jacob Luis

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  6. Hey Peter, Why does every time I use directory submission my articles are not being approved. And sometimes they took a long period of time to approved. Hoping for your reply..


  7. I plan to use them. I saw a banner in a popular forum I think. The prices seem decent. I hope they are not scammers and deliver what they promise. Thank you for the review.

  8. Bidet says:

    This is a great service, thanks for sharing it. Its always a hassle submitting your article to all these different directories, outsourcing is a great way to do it.

  9. peterlee says:

    @Tattoo Kits for Sale: Thanks for dropping by.

  10. shaalu says:

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  11. wine racks says:

    Article Marketing has become enormously popular in recent times. Thousands of articles are being submitted everyday to various article directories and article distributors. Unfortunately many of the articles submitted for marketing are sub standard with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and inadequate knowledge of the subject.

  12. peterlee says:

    @wine racks: That's quite true. But they get their just deserts too as nobody will bother to visit their website from the links given. But I guess these people just want the links.

  13. Tej Kohli says:

    I am also Doing Directory Submission on Regular Basis

  14. watsandrew says:

    This is really good article on article submission and marketing. This article will help me to increase the amount of knowledge about article marketing and submission. Today lots of high PR article submission sites available to submit free article.

    article submission service

  15. Article submission is one of the best way to promote the website.. One should always take care of the content.. One should try to submit the article in the directories having high PR..

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