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Make Money Online By Learning How To Make Money Blogging

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How To Make Money Blogging|Make Money Online

Wondering how you can make money online? Well, there was a time when you had to think a lot about making money online and if you will succeed in this adventure or not but today, there is no need to think a lot. All you need to do is to kick start earning online. However, you will have to consider your options according to your skills. There are so many earn online opportunities available today that can help you to earn handsome money through online working. Below is the description of some works that you can do to make a living online.

how to make money blogging Start a blog­– If you want to make money online and become a self-employed person then the best thing that you can do is to start your own blog. It is the first thing you need to do before you think about how to make money blogging. It is very easy to start your own blog. All you need is a domain name, a hosting account and a blogging network. One thing that you will have to consider before you actually start blogging is on what niche you will be running your blog. This is a tricky point because most of the people get stuck on this point. You should consider your interests and give them the first priority. Initially, you may start part time blogging but once you will get success in it, you will have to consider doing it full time. If you will be successful in running your own blog then you may leave your old 9-5 job and make a living with the help of your blog.

Write for others – If you think that you have got enough guts to write something good and productive then why you don’t provide your writing services to others just like I do. Not only that I’m running my own blog but I also providing writing services to others as well. There are so many people that are making a lot of money just by providing writing services to others. You can join an online job portal where you will find so many writing jobs. It is better to write a few samples so that you can present them to the clients. If they will like your writing then they will hire you for their writing services. All the writings that you will produce will not be under your name but you will get paid for them.


Become a developer – One job that is considered very hot today in the online stream is developing. If you are a web developer or an application developer then you are in demand. If you have these skills then there is no reason that you should not be making an income online. If you will look around then you will find so many people that are making a fulltime earning through their developing skills. They provide these services to different clients all over the world. If you can develop iPhone or Blackberry applications then you can also sell them on your own website that will definitely help you make handsome living online.

About The Author:

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How To Make Money Blogging


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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Peter! It´s been a while since I visited your blog! I agree with the guest post author that starting a blog is one of the best ways to start earning money online but the content needs to be excellent.Writing for others (guest posting) brings the author a new audience and the blog owner fresh content.

  2. The best way to make money online is write for others. There are so many ways but they are long term.

  3. Hi, Another great way of making money online is graphic design freelancing. You can find a host of websites to start earning some extra cash right from home setting your own hours. I also agree with you Peter, writing among the others is a top choice as content is king and many people need writers for articles, blogs, and many more areas of interest.

  4. Nice article Crystal. Monetizing a blog takes time and a lot of effort but the rewards can be huge. There are a handful of bloggers earning over $40,000/MONTH just blogging. That's the very rare exception but there are many bloggers earning a few grand a month.

  5. You are definitely right that the first step to earning money with a blog is to start a blog.  But there are a lot of other things that need to take place in order to make any kind of money from the blog.  It starts with excellent content followed by a monetization strategy.  Great post!

  6. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality.This is very nice one and gives in depth information.Thanks for this nice article.

  7. Sam says:

    Peter certainely a nice post. I would also add something like creating a service like SEO and start doing for others would help people make money. Again one has to use the power of blogging to support the service.

  8. This is definitely an inspiring blog for a beginner to get started. I agree blogging can be one of the best ways to earn some extra money. If your blogging intention is only to make money then it’s wise to talk about common issues or popular topics like fashion/art/travel/food. Try give out useful tips from your experience. Impressing search engines with right no of keywords can help you drive traffic to your blog but again over doing it and copy pasting content will also effect your blog negatively. Go through popular blogs which are available, analyze the pattern they follow and get inspired

  9. I just started my blog because I heard a lot of people are earning through blogging. I envy those people who earn 6 digits every month. A great effort is needed to have this income.

  10. Marylynn Minette says:

    Have loved this site for a long time, thank you so much for the effort you put into each and every part of it.

  11. Dealbulous says:

    Starting a blog will definitely be a great start to make money online especially with WordPress because it is so much easier now. Hosting companies like Hostgator which comes with cPanel now comes with WordPress installation utility which makes WordPress installation a breeze.

    The only thing to worry I guess would be how to drive your traffic which is another level higher. Good luck!

  12. Sten says:

    Dealbulous. I agree completely with the author and to you!
    Make your blog and write on it – it’s good. But make it a visit and see it’s a problem serious.

  13. used tires says:

    Excellent post, Crystal. While the opportunities to make money online have increased, so has the competition. So finding the right niche where one can really shine is very important. It helps put genuine passion into the writing and is the type of content that readers look for too.


  14. Gio says:

    Hi There,
    I would like to just mention that I 100% agree and admire this post of Crystal. First things first, I really think that on the one hand constructing a blog is very easy and one might be able to do it part-time but as for me it took me long hours to start this, well because sometimes you just don’t know what to write about and researching in internet is very time consuming. Anyways, I thank the author because of his easy to understand language for newbies like me.

    To The first million,

  15. The most important question discussed in a business is how to make money. And requires high quality business skills to maximize the profit. A small business which has just started needs guidance and right approach to make the most of its resources. Blogging helps a lot in find the answers to this question. 1on1 links is one such business networking site which helps maximizing the profit for the business which is newly started.

  16. arie says:

    im read this article on google translate because im not understand english,,,
    basicly im like this article, thanks…

  17. Aakansha says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’m a writer myself. I tried blogging but I’m not able to reap all the benefits from it, thanks to the google algorithms. Could you could help me find out where I can utilize my writing services.

  18. jhian says:

    one can earn money thru blogging.Make ur blog and post iton blog submission sites.

  19. I agree that blogging can be very lucrative if you take the time to really gain insight into what you are passionate about and create a blog around that passion—because this will sustain you as you learn more and more about making money with your blog. Thanks Peter for sharing this post with us.

  20. i am using google adsense and i got nice response also i am earning good amount from it ..

  21. Joel says:

    Good article. It’s taking me a lot of time but I’m starting to see the money trickle in. You just have to try and see what happens.

  22. Hi Crystal and Peter

    Goog points. But i think its important to say that if you go down the blog route, then its wise to not only pick a niche that you love talking about but also to check out how important or popular that niche is if you want to succeed :)

  23. I would add affiliate marketing to the list. I started it as a beginning freelancer, and now I even have a few people working for me. My only problem for a while was how to monitor employee activity throughout their work hours, but I found a nice and easy software that solved this issue, and I can see my business growing gradually.

  24. grace paul says:

    Wonderful Tips for me to Improve My Skills in Blog Writing.

  25. It is very nice blog. It is fact that everyone wants to earn more money in limited time. I think its great idea…

  26. Ray Jackley says:

    I had success using writingscore.com for an essay I needed to hand in last minute. I actually got a pretty good grade if I remember correctly lol. What are some other good writing services you guys have success with?

  27. In blogging, we should also be consistent. A study shows that 40% of bloggers quit within the first 90 days of their blogging activity.

  28. It is not as easy as you think earning from blog so before making your first blog make a plan first. Include in your plan how to propagate your blog and how to market your blog.

  29. I agree with you. To achieve your goal in making money online you must get enough traffic first, to get your desired traffic you must provide an authentic information for others. Blogging is a world of “We, us” not “Me, I, myself”

  30. Inabuy says:

    really just one answer for people who looking for business but doesn’t has money: just make a blog with blogger.com and optimize it by make original articles and backlink as much as possible…..

  31. This is an excellent blog on blogging. I just want to say whatever business you start, you must be willing to stick with it before you see any type of success.

  32. Its very helpful to earn money by using google adsense. I am using it and it helping me lot.

  33. Blogging is an excellent way to make money online, I signed up with an excellent website and now work from home blogging for them. I also write articles. You can visit the site and quote ref. W0149 for a fast track application.

  34. Blogging is indeed a great way to cater large eye balls and get some traffic for you that will help you earn some good amount of dollars for you! i would hve to completely agree on this thought!

  35. Carin says:

    Yes, blogging gives you the opportunity to make money. Internet money making is interesting and simple if you concentrate in it.

  36. Hilywatson says:

    Hi Lee…thats very much about money making online as there are lots of ways are available here which is effective and stable and give us lifetime stable income.

    As you have suggested Blogging and Web Designing are one the most successful way which can easily make us earn handsome amount lifetime. We just need to acquire knowledge about it and put it in action.

    Thanks a lot for this important post.

  37. Adsense is actually a good source of income if you have many blogs with lots of traffic.

  38. I believe that a blog can make money but it is very difficult
    it caused a very competitive competition.
    but one day you will be able to

  39. Good post,i think it is very difficult for me to make money online,it needs a lot of work.

  40. Arif Ali says:

    i am a new bloger and now i want to make money your artcle sure is full of information

  41. You are right that the first step to earning money with a blog is to start a blog I agree that blogging can be very efficient if you take the time to really gain what you are passionate about and create a blog around that passion it.

  42. Learning how to make money through blogging is like making money online. Lots of bloggers already earning enough money for them to live, we just have to follow their tips and tricks so we could also earn money through online.

  43. uthpal says:

    It’s a popular way to earn money at home. To earn money, just follow the blog sites rule & information. Thank you.

  44. Buy Tabex says:

    Blogging is a great way to advertise your website/business.
    this blog has made some interesting points that will help me in the future.

  45. huusangcao says:

    Making money online has made the chances of people vieevj do increase, you do not need to go to work in big companies, what you need is a computer with internet connection and a little more knowledge of social Assembly is that you can earn the big money for a short time.

  46. Hey,

    A very insightful post there. I agree with all the points, especially with become a developer can be beneficial, iPhone and other smart phone application development is in high demand these days.
    Thanks for the share.

  47. In today’s online world blogging is the best way to earn money online for housewife who are educated but not able to work….

  48. yes certainly one can earn a good amount by starting their own blog…and then it can be outsourced by other companies for writing for them. Thanks, it will help us to be away from mundane 9 to 6 job!

  49. Glad you posted this.

    I think writing for others is a great way to make money online. So many people are looking for writers. Once you make a name for yourself, you won’t even have to start seeking people anymore.

    A blog is definitely a great way to make money as well. Be unique, create something that’s not out yet.

    Glad to see people sharing their ideas on the net. Very inspiring. Keep it up! :-D

  50. Benjamin says:

    This is a great overview of getting started blogging! I started my own personal finance blog 4 years ago and I too have experienced the rewards (both financial and otherwise) that blogging can bring. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot through the process and met a lot of great people! All this because I decided to try something different one day! There is certainly a lot of competition these days when it comes to blogging so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much for overnight success, but if you’re passionate about a particular topic and stick with it, readers will come!

  51. Making money online is one of the most ideal way to earn. I started with not knowing anything but just writing. The best thing about working online is you have all the resources available for you. You can learn them easily. But if you really want to earn money thru this, planning is very important. You should pay attention to a lot of details too. Thanks for sharing this.

  52. Hi Peter
    Nice post having excellent contents.This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.Thank you very good and a healthy writing.I would really like to keep reading your blogs. Cant wait for the next post

  53. Hi Peter, Its a great idea to write a blog, but you need to choose a subject you are passionate about so you don,t lose intersst half way through.

  54. manojtwa says:

    This is definitely an amazing website for a beginner to get started. I identify managing a site can be one of the best methods to produce some extra cash. If your managing a site purpose is only to earn extra earnings then it’s recommended to talk about typical issues or well-known issues like fashion/art/travel/food. Try give out useful recommendations from your practical knowledge. Impressing search engines with right no of conditions can help you site readers your website but again over doing it and content staying content will also effect your website negatively. Go through well-known blogs which are available, assess the style they stick to and get inspired

    • Excellent information on make money online blogging. All are excellent points to implement while creating blog to cope up with this competitive business world. Thanks for sharing. SEO is not simple at all and is by far the only thing that matters. Of course content also matters.

  55. this is a really great post on how people can seek other means to earn an income via the internet. Thanks for the great information.

  56. Pankaj says:

    Nice article Crystal. Monetizing a blog takes time and a lot of effort but the rewards can be huge.

  57. Thanks for the info Crystal. What do you estimate the average time to build your blog up to make money is?


  58. Good Article to make money online and excellent review of getting began blogging! I began my own individual money site 4 decades ago and I too have knowledgeable the benefits that running a site can carry.

  59. Fiberseals says:

    great post with great information, really gives it to make some money with blogs.

  60. J.R. says:

    Surely these are great tips. Actually these are all things that we do s we get a good amount of money. Great points in this article. Good post.

  61. Sonia says:

    Actually i keen to build a good blog/ website to make money (of course i have knowledge on webdevelopment). But i have a doubt wheather i can make that blog/ website to be a good earning platform. Now i just realizse while reading this article, am sure to build that blog.

  62. Hey, you have shared very effective tips. i think writing for others will be more helpful in making money. Today’s content writers are more in demand. Thanks for tips.

  63. There are a number of ways to make money by blogging. Do you know what you want to blog about as this will affect what you use on your blog as a way to earn money from it? Than all you really need to do is to write every day.

  64. It is an good article for making online money from blogs.

  65. Adlen says:

    It was a wonderful article that provided various tips on making money online.

  66. Its a tough grind to make money from a blog. The level of commitment it takes to write well consistently and develop the relationship with an audience is no joke. I respect anybody that can do it.

  67. Adren says:

    Then you have all of those get-rich quick scams. Interesting tips and advice you have though.

  68. I am trying the same ways to make money. In fact, I have dipped very lightly into all of the ways you listed. I think the easiest and most likely for a novice (someone who hasn’t majored in a particular profession) is blogging. Doing freelance work is very competitive with people in both software development and content production. When you have your own website, you have the reins of your online money making future.

  69. hi
    i am kevin obrion If your managing a site purpose is only to earn extra earnings then it’s recommended to talk about typical issues or well-known issues like fashion/art/travel/food./services

  70. Samdonna says:

    This is a nice post. Blogging is a great way to make money. Before start blogging, blogger have to keep in mind the following important points.
    * Blogger have to get a clear idea about blog topic.
    * Blogger have to think about audience.
    * Blogger have to write an unique and informative content.
    * Blogger have to use proper image.

  71. Achmax says:

    It is an good article for making online money from blogs. In 2012 there are many competitor which can take down any one company

  72. kevinjames says:

    Good information & appreciable work, i like your way to express, Keep it up.

  73. Anna Lopez says:

    Starting a blog is never easy as others m ay think,it needs dedication and resources, Your post really inspires me to write more and be more creative on my writings.

  74. would like to just mention that I 100% agree and admire this post of Crystal. First things first, I really think that on the one hand constructing a blog is very easy and one might be able to do it part-time but as for me it took me long hours to start this, well because sometimes you just don’t know what to write about and researching in internet is very time consuming. Anyways, I thank the author because of his easy to understand language for newbies like me.

  75. Blogging has become such a popular way to make money online. It’s a great way to showcase your writing skills. Yes, you can even write for others. Add some products and traffic to your blog and you’ll make lots of money.

  76. This is definitely an inspiring blog for a beginner to get started.It is an good article for making online money from blogs.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  77. James Hal says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful information. I’m agree with this post. Blogging has become a popular way to make money online. I’m a novice in SEO service and at present working on http://www.runlovin.com/ website.

  78. xay nha says:

    Add some products and traffic to your blog and you’ll make lots of money.

  79. Cory says:

    Thanks for the tips on making money using the internet. Starting a blog is pretty fast, but if you are trying to make money, writing articles is probably the fastest way to get income. You could get signed up with a writing site and earn income in a weeks time.

  80. I really believe that there are lots of earning opportunities in the online world. I gave up my office job last year to become an online worker. It was not easy at first but after 9 months now, I can say that I’m able to earn well online. And a major contributor of this online income is my blog.

  81. If you want to make money, become a freelancer!! Whichever your expertise is with the abundance of freelance marketplaces and freelance jobs,its possible that you will find someone to pay you for your services. In order to gain credibility and clients it will be more than useful to create a blog with unique content where you can showcase your work too..And then you can make even more money by using AdSense or paid links on your blog!

  82. Technofist says:

    thanks for sharing the information.

    its very useful for me

  83. Technoboy says:

    Thank you I find your info really useful. I have started blogging 3 years ago, for the first time I was working as a writer and earning close to $1k per month, now I work for myself and the revenue is almost doubled, but after Google updates I find everything more difficult to rank the site. Thanks for the useful info!:)

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