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Link Pyramid- Good Backlinks Technique For Home Business

Link Pyramid-A Simple Yet Powerful Link Building Technique

If getting backlinks is something you constantly do for your online business (and you should) that’s understandable. After all, backlinks play such an important role in our business and we seem to can’t stop doing enough of it ourselves; or buy backlink services sometimes so as to get our sites ranking well. Yet, often enough, they are the cause of many success stories as well as  the pain and struggles of many Internet Marketers trying to make the most out of their blogs or websites. We certainly can relate to all that at some point in time in our Internet Marketing journey. However, today, let’s take a step back to ask ourselves is what we have been doing good enough? Are we getting the just deserts for all the hard work done to acquire our backlinks? If not what else can we do.

A Link is Still a Link. Or is it?

It probably is true when you started your online business 5 years ago. However, in reality, things have changed so much and what was true then may not be relevant and good enough in today’s world. Yes 5 years ago, all you got to do is get yourselves tons of links for your website and you can outrank your competition. It’s now not that easy anymore and you probably know you have to ‘go with the flow’ and consider many other factors too. If you don’t then you lose out. I just have to remind you of some recent Google Algorithm changes to bring this point to you. Like the   Google’s Panda Update or the May Day Update. And don’t forget that Google makes more than 300 algorithm changes annually although not all big ones like these two but suffice to say, you must take actions. I have been following the Link Pyramid with good success so I like to share with you just how powerful this method of link building is: how to make money blogging Base Links The foundation of your link pyramid are your base links. As with an actual pyramid, the foundation is the largest part of this virtual structure. You need more base links than any other kind of link. Base links are, for lack of better words, lower quality links. Links from things like lesser article sites, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, links from deep inner pages, etc. It’s important that you have a lot of these kinds of links, because Google’s algorithm thinks that this is “natural.” After all, how likely is it that a web site will have a bunch of super-high-quality links from major web sites and not have magnitudes more links from “lesser” sites? So you want to make sure your link pyramid has a solid foundation of these kinds of links.

Mid-Grade Links
The next level of our link pyramid are your mid-grade links. These are links from web sites that have more authority than the sites mentioned previously, but still may not be top-notch sites. The kind of sites that usually reuse EzineArticles content often fall into this category, as do links from mini-sites and sales letter sites.

Mid-grade sites have a fair amount of links aimed at them in their own right, and so Google sees links coming from them as being more individually valuable than the base links. Of course, that means that you don’t need as many links from these kinds of sites as you do from the base link sites.

Nor should you have more links from these kinds of sites than the base link sites. Remember, it’s all about looking “natural” in Google’s eyes.

Highest-Quality Links
For most long-tail keywords (keywords with less competition in the search engines), you don’t even need the top level in your link pyramid. You can usually rank just fine with the base links and mid-grade links. I have numerous sites ranking quite well for many nice keywords without any top-quality links.

However, when you’re aiming higher, you need to collect higher quality links. By “higher quality”, I mean links from sites that already have a lot of links aimed at them. In Google’s eyes, site with a lot of links aimed at them have “authority”, and anyone these “authority sites” link to must also be important.

The great thing about links from authority sites is that a few links can make a big difference. So while these links are more difficult to acquire, you don’t need nearly as many of them to rank well for your keywords. I’ve brought sites from page two for my keywords in Google to page one with just a dozen or two links of this kind (and I’m talking about some fairly competitive keywords).

Make It Look Natural
For best results your link pyramid should look natural to Google. So this means having a large number of base links, a lesser number of mid-grade links, and just a few top-quality links.

But don’t get too concerned if some of your links tend to belong to more than one category of link types. Don’t get too hung up on this because that adds to the “natural” that your link pyramid has become and that is what Google likes to see.

My Thoughts:

This is one reason why many of my 26 niche sites are ranking on Google’s page 1 without much effort because I used mostly high page rank profile links from Angela Edwards. It has worked so well for the last 2 years that I’ve found myself repeating it so often. Now if you subscribe you are eligible to buy 60 high PR backlinks for just $5.00. Do check it out.

Most times I don’t need to get too many high quality links for my sites unless they are those that are authority sites or when the competition is really outrageously high.

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  1. Chandan says:

    Sir it is very good analysis regarding linking factor. I will say that if you build few Highest-Quality Links then it work better than Base Links and Mid-Grade Links

    • Peter Lee says:

      High quality links are good and you may see your ranks improve tremendously but sometimes they do not stand the test of time or when a big algorithm comes, or or you have too much competition. But if you have lesser competition, sure it works wonders.

  2. Excellent sharing with have wondering info on good backlinks technique for home business.I have no doubt on this well advice.

  3. mbbs in china says:

    Nice post! keep it up…

  4. Mike says:

    I believe links should be relevant, and then look at quantity and pr of the pages. 

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  5. Thanks for the great information – you pyramid concept is very easy to understand.

  6. thanks for sharing and excellent technique. I will definitely follow this post.

  7. I will agree with Chandan

  8. kellyjack says:

    Ive really started looking in to linking and this was a good article,can be confusing. A lot of crazy stuff out there.

  9. Eti Sharma says:

    good stuff,,thanks for the advice about the quality links.

  10. Ha9242 says:

    Sir it is very good analysis regarding linking factor. I will say that
    if you build few Highest-Quality Links then it work better than Base
    Links and Mid-Grade Links

  11. Excellent information on backlinks. I had never known about the pyramid model of backlinks. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Donna Sheridan says:

    This one is a very unique technique . I will really make your work more organized. I really love this post. Thanks for sharing

  13. katsky says:

    Thanks for sharing this technique. This would be a big help.

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  15. Jack says:

    What an awesome article with important information about backlinks.  Backlinks are very critical to your SEO and page ranking to be noticed on the web.  Without it…it is very challenging to get to the 1st or 3rd page on Google.

    Great article

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  18. Excellent idea for home business. Great post.

  19. Makemoneysecret says:

    Wow.. Before reading this article i actaully didnt knew that even links are differentiated and categorized ..Really informative and good post… Read stuff that i didn't read before…

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  21. Excellent post and I am grateful to you for sharing this information, as I was looking for this kind of information on home business.

  22. Missy H. says:

    I just started to learn about how important links are.  Your article helps me to understand it better.  I want to say thank you for the info about Angela Edwards.  I just started using her service and will keep you posted on how I do!

  23. Promotional items says:

    good I was wondering how that worked. I also saw another type of link
    pyramid. It was of the black hat variety, and I am looking for good
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  24. Barbaragabogrecan says:

    Nice information. Every marketer knows that generally getting other websites to link to yours, commonly known as back linking, is an important part of website development. While you are in the process of adding back links to your website do take note of a few important things. It’s all about quality, not just quantity that matters. Randomly selecting thousands of websites pointing a link to you may seem to be the right thing to do at first but it might not necessarily benefit any of your online business opportunities significantly. Be careful of and avoid link farms as they will only hurt you in some cases. The search engines are pretty smart enough to detect this if it sees one and take serious actions against you.
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  25. All good points, Peter. When it comes down to it, it's all about keeping a well-rounded backlink portfolio. Diversity is key.

  26. It is very informative post for those persons who don't know about backlinks. It is very important to achieve great pr for site.

  27. Herry Smart says:

    definitely its not easy to get highest quality links but i wanna know that if we put 3 base links either it would be consider equal to one highest quality link or not???


  • Guideessay says:

    Excellent post and I am grateful to you for sharing this information, as
    I was looking for this kind of information on home business thanks….

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  • Thanks for this post and keeping us up to date on Google changes.  Changes are inevitable so knowledge is the key.

  • fax from computer says:

    You give me the point. Currently, I am focusing on high quality backlinks only. I skip lesser backlink sources. Thanks a lot Peter, I'll follow your suggestion.

    Link pyramid is very important aspect, really.

  • It is a very good strategy to build backlinks, the process is more natural and smooth.

  • Landscape Design says:

    Any tips how to improve links pyramids and link wheels ?

  • Adeel Abbas says:

    i got it, Peterleehc can you explain a bit more how to get base links and mid, i mean i m newbie on internet i can't spent dollars may be i can but i ll not really bother myself to purchase links, i will try first to learn all these things on my own, how they do when i pay them, so my question is this how can we get base links???

  • Shaun says:

    Nice Info on Back links ….keep it up….

  • Its good pyramid of the link building.Links are most important part of the online business.Its good technique for the home business.The base links are important in the linking.Keep sharing with us.

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  • linda weston says:

    Thanks for sharing techniques in back link. Good post.

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    great post good analysis about link factors keep it up

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