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Lazy SEO Rockstar-SEO WP Plugin Review

If you have been following my blog, you’d know that of late I’ve been buying lots of ebooks, software and wp-plugins for my online business. Specifically for my many niche sites. I think I’ve unknowingly become a serial buyer at one of my favorite forums, Warrior Forum.

I’ve just bought an SEO Plugin called ‘Lazy SEO Rockstar‘ and I really like it so much that I’m going to do a quick review of it and share with you. I like it because it’s focused on onpage and offpage SEO which can relate to just about anyone who has a home business blog, someone who wants to make money online or simply starting out learning how to make money blogging.

What Is This Plugin All About

It’s the first time I see a wordpress plugin provide so much useful information and information that you can use in your daily routine SEO work. Perhaps it was developed with the intention of helping a lazy Internet Marketer and that’s why the name. But I meant lazy in a very good way. All of us are lazy to do all those boring and seemingly unproductive work and much prefer to use the valuable time instead doing something that we can see the rewards quickly. But we don’t always get what we want right? OK, the way this plugin was developed was meant to allow Internet Marketers or anyone who owns at least a site to spend just 10 minutes a day to automate some of our boring SEO tasks like onsite SEO, offsite SEO, backlinking and keyword research.

There are essentially 4 modules supported by this plugin. Module 1 helps you do ‘Long Tail Keyword Research‘, while Modules 2/3 take care of onsite SEO factors (Post LSI and Mass Tagging) and Module 4 focuses on offsite SEO and the much raved about by the many people in the Forum – it provides you EDU/GOV backlinks in seconds.

Module 1- Long Tail Keyword Research

The plugin lets you type in a ‘seed keyword’ and simply clicking a “Go’ button lists an extensive list of long tail keywords for you.  Well take a look at this screenshot and you will understand better with my example seed keyword as ‘make money blogging‘:

My Thoughts:

Long Tail keywords may not generate as much traffic as your main keywords but if you consistently write your contents using long tail keywords the eventual traffic amassed can be huge. Also it’s good for SEO too as such contents help the search engine know what topic you are writing. Personally I think it can be even more effective if you write long posts because you can write lots of different long tail keywords. I wrote about the benefits of writing long posts in this post called “2-Week Old Authority Site Now Gets Constant Traffic“. Having a list of such keywords in seconds makes your writing so much easier don’t you think? It even lets you export it for future use as well.


Module 2 – Post LSI

It has a menu that lists all your blog posts and selecting any can then tell you which keywords have helped your visitors find your particular post after they searched in Google.

My Thoughts

Having this information at your fingertips is great. You can use it for strategic planning and understanding visitor traffic and if your keyword selection is correct. It’s a lot faster since it is found in your blog rather than having to go to Google Webmaster Tools to hunt for it.

Module 3 – Mass Tagger

The mass tagger lets you tag keywords people used to find your blog posts (see module 2) automatically. You either manually tag your posts with these keywords or you can automate the process and let the plugin do it. If you look at this post below just after ‘Did You Miss Any Of These”, you will find the keywords shown as ‘tags’ – these are what keywords visitors have used to search in Google for this post. All done for me automatically.

Module 4 – Gov/EDU Backlinks

Like they say the best is left to the very last and this module is the most talkabout and most powerful. It lets you type your keyword and the plugin then searches for Gov/EDU blogs for you to do your commenting and get those precious backlinks easily. In seconds! It also lists the PR of the blog page so you can select only high page rank blogs to do your commenting.

Here is a screenshot:

My Thoughts

No matter what arguments you may have about the usefulness or the power of EDU/GOV links, I have always heard the experienced marketers swear by EDU and GOV links and why they viewed them with so much respect. Now if you think my post showing you How To Find EDU and GOV LInks is great, wait till you see how much more this plugin/EDU/GOV Backlinks Module can do for you. It’s awesome.


There are actually 2 options:

You can buy this SEO Plugin from the Warrior Forum (use this post to buy at the current WSO price of $9.90. But it is on dimesale which means when more people buy the price will continue to go up every 10 sales.


Let me install this SEO PLugin for your blog at just $5.00. I have obtained permission from the plugin owner, Traian Turcu that I can do so. Just contact me.

I  provide this wp-plugin upload service on your wordpress blog as one of my Cheap Link Building Services  I provide to my blog readers and subscribers only. If you are interested, do contact me.

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  3. Peter Lee says:

    Thanks Pamela, Yes I am always looking out for good and cheap plugins at Warrior Forum. Some of them are really good and help to cut down all the manual work that we usually do.It’s a small investment but frees us so much valuable time for other important stuff.

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    Never heard of this plugin before but the features you describe make it stand out. Does it work with SEOpressor?

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