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Let Me Do Your Keyword Research For Your Niche Marketing

Are you looking for a keyword research service for your niche marketing?

Are you a seasoned niche marketer?

If you like niche marketing, you would know it is quite an effective business strategy that focuses on marketing a product to people who need them. It’s fulfilling a need, an interest, a passion, an obsession or simply solving a problem for someone. The small markets are commonly referred to as niches.

As an experienced niche marketer you would be the first to agree with me that doing proper keyword research holds the key to niche marketing success. However it is not as easy as going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and start looking for your profitable keywords to make money. Proper keyword research is not something you can learn overnight. You really need experience and patience and probably a few failed attempts before you get it right. Do you agree with me?

Are you new at niche marketing?

If you are new at niche marketing, chances are that you are new at Internet Marketing too. Perhaps you just got started an “Internet Home Business” and like most new marketers are too overwhelmed to know where to begin. But don’t worry, you are not alone as most new marketers go through this Pandora’s box of madness.

I like to think that after getting your feet wet in Internet Marketing, you would slowly realize the power of the Internet and focusing on small niches is the right thing. Trying to go to a a big niche like ‘make money online’ when you are new and clueless as to where to begin is probably not the best idea. In fact it is almost ‘committing online suicide’ if there is such a term.  Let’s just pause for a moment to rationalize why this is a bad option…..

If you target this niche, you are actually targeting people who don’t have any idea just what Internet Marketing is.  All they are interested is “make money online”. So if you have a website about affiliate marketing, passive income, or making money in adsense targeting this keyword phrase, the traffic is not going to convert well. Why? Well simply because people coming to your blog is just not interested in what you have to say or they don’t know what the hell you are babbling about. You might be better of targeting ‘Niche Blogging’ with the keyword phrase like “how to make money blogging“.

Niche marketing lets you target a smaller group of people and provide them with the answers to what they are searching for. It helps if this same group of people are hungry for this information and come to your niche website, with an open mind and a ready to buy mentality. Focusing on these small niches can get you more sales if these niche markets have high searches and low competition. And if they are the “evergreen” niches that are popular with a demand that you know everyone just cannot get enough of everyday, well you have found a gold mine.

So what kind of niches should you target. How do you find such profitable niches to begin with? Well my keyword research service that I provide can help you.

My Keyword Research Package contains:

  • 5 sets of three-worded keyword phrase (KWP)
  • all 5 KWP have gone through domain availability check and at least one domain with exact match (keyword) is available at completion of work – either .com, .org or .net
  • a report that provides list of the 5 KWP with detailed local search count, global search count, strength of competition (inanchor count, intitle count, inurl count)
  • all 5 KWP have good advertisers (between 8 – 20 advertisers)
  • all 5 KWP have attractive ‘cost/click’ given by these advertisers – at least USD1.00 per click (checked from spyfu)
  • list of useful resources to help your new micro niche adsense website get to Google’s page one ranking e.g. Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense Course, Angela Edwards Backlink Program, affordable outsourced article writing etc

How Much Does a Keyword Research Package cost?

  • $20.00

How long do I take to complete one Keyword Research Page?

  • 3-5 days

Why take this long?

I believe in giving the best and most profitable keywords for your micro niches. Finding them is a combination of practice, experience and some luck. Sometimes it takes an hour to find a gem while on other occasions it may take a whole day.

What niches will I focus on?

  • I research only products because it has been proven that product niches are the most sought after and demanded by people. When people searched for products they are usually ready to buy that product or the information relating to that product. All the clicking to get this information translates to adsense revenue.
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20 Responses so far.

  1. SEOP says:

    Sounds good. But I need more information. I don't want to waste money and not get its worth. Any portfolio?

  2. peterlee says:

    @SEOP:Here's some information. Started my first micro niche adsense site in Sep'09. Today I have 10 micro niche adsense websites following Xfactor's method. Currently all websites on Google Page one except the last one as I just got it indexed and currently on page 3. If you look at the related posts below, I have a passion for building adsense sites. Earned $100 in Dec'09 and surpassed this amount since then. Last month $260 so that's 160% increase.

  3. Jacqueline Gates says:

    I got really excited about your offer until I read that you only do research on product niches. Do you happen to know of anyone who would offer the same service for non-product niches?

  4. peterlee says:

    @Jacqueline Gates: Actually the work involved in keyword research is exactly the same. I just happened to prefer product niches because there is more demand. I'll shoot you a mail to discuss further.

  5. Lol! Peter you're the victim of Disqus's new experiments.Only two comments in five days.People are confused.they thin it is anonymous posting.
    For those who are willing to post your comments-write your comments and then click the 'post as' button,you can put your name,email and website URL there.
    To come to the point,this might be a very demanding service.Many people just don't know how to do keyword research.Wish you good luck in this venture.

  6. peterlee says:

    @Sujan Mukherjee: Hi Sujan, can you elaborate more about Disqus new experiments.

  7. @ Peter: Disqus is doing an experiment with their comment interface.They are just doing away with the default comment box where you have visible name,E-mail,and website fields with the comment box.But,now you can put all those things only after you have written your comments and then clicked on the 'Post As' button which will let you put your name,email and website URL.For non-techies it's confusing.They might think that all the comments are anonymous and they can not put their website URL.Since those fields does not pop up if you have not already written your comments.
    I guess this is only an experiment.Hope, we'll see the old comment box back soon.

  8. I was used to use Spyword something like that to know how munch is the price for a keyword but Ispionnage is munch better!

  9. Great service you're offering, Peter. I'm actually interested in getting into this area, and since you're already doing some work for me, I may enlist your help in the near future. :)

    Building niche sites for Adsense or affiliate sales is a direction I'd like to take, along with what I'm presently doing. Looks like it can be pretty profitable too. Great job you're doing!

  10. peterlee says:

    @Alan @ Work From Home: Hi Alan, sure no problem. Just let me know when you want this done and I'll include it in the week's workload. Thanks for the support as always. Appreciate it.

  11. Interesting offer. I am able to do a niche research that fits my needs, but I think 20$ is a very fair price for this. Especially regarding how much a proper research can increase the profit you make ;-)

  12. stag do says:

    I love that you suggest tapping into small niche markets ESPECIALLY for someone who is a small business owner just starting out. And, you provide affordable suggestions for how to use those keywords. Thank you so much! :)

  13. peterlee says:

    @stag do: Yes a small niche is definitely easier to rank in and you get real targeted traffic too.

  14. stag do says:

    I love that you suggest tapping into small niche markets ESPECIALLY for someone who is a small business owner just starting out. And, you provide affordable suggestions for how to use those keywords. Thank you so much! :)

  15. peterlee says:

    @stag do: Yes a small niche is definitely easier to rank in and you get real targeted traffic too.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hi Peter,
    I'm interested in your $20 keyword service. How do we get started?

  17. peterlee says:


    Thanks for using my services. I think I found you a real gem….Good luck on this niche.

  18. Tej Kohli says:

    I had suggest “niche marketing” for one of my client now We are getting massive traffic , but one point disappointing is that Conversion ratio is Null but the conversion from other media is like 10% to 20 %

  19. Yes, You right. gettting the right niche for your online business is all about experience. i have been doing this for a long time and i also had made mistakes in start so best of luck. great packages you offer

  20. Sounds great indeed but in addition to the fact the key words need to be relevant to your business the search numbers should be also taken in consideration. However this is so tricky job that I don’t even know if there is a person that can handle with this by his own

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