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John “Xfactor’s” Micro Niche Adsense-The Adsense Lessons I Learned

Since the launch of my very first Xfactor’s Micro Niche Adsense website 6 months ago, I have learned quite a lot about how to make money with Google Adsense. I realize this learning has to be ongoing and what you figured out right today may not be applicable tomorrow especially since Google is constantly changing it’s algorithms.

Well you can say with Google it follows the saying “the only thing constant is change”. One good example is that a year ago many people were just happily creating one-page adsense sites to join the bandwagon and earn on Adsense clicks. Today one page sites are probably not so workable now that Caffeine is in mode and those who started that way are now beefing them up with more pages. Still most of us bloggers who continue to be passionate about making money with Google adsense will continue to comply to whatever whims and fancies Google decides what’s good for its advertising platform.

So the adsense lessons I learned during the last 6 months are:

1. Keyword Research is the most important process of the make money with Google Adsense campaigns. Knowing the strength of competition allows you to determine if you could ever dominate that niche you are interested in and gauge how much work you have to do to be in the top 4 positions at least.  And if like me you used Angela Edward’s Backlink Building Program to get you to top search engine ranking, that translates to how much profile backlinks you will need to accomplish that.

2. Get backlinks, lots of them pointing to each of your adsense sites. Xfactor uses article writing exclusively to get the backlinks, while I prefer Angela’s Backlinks simply because it takes less work to achieve the same results, although I still used article submission sparingly.

3. Aged domains is very much an important SEO factor. This home business blog and my work at home homepage still make money with adsense and the adsense clicks are quite consistent since I now have many keyword phrases on Google’s page 1. The 2 tweaks I had made to get more adsense clicks are:

  • Putting a 300X250 rectangular ad on the right side bar gets more hits than other previously placed affiliate ads.
  • search for list posts and place a horizontal link unit. The reason – most readers like me tend to be lazy and like to read list posts because they are scannable and easy to read. The Google link unit adds as additional information

4. Google’s ad and image placement policy requires that you do not put any images next to your Google ads. Contrary to what others think you cannot just put a border line to separate the images from the ad and think that is acceptable. It is not. This, according to Google suggests a relationship between the images and the ads and may be construed as misleading readers. Here is the policy that you can read for yourself.

5. Google’s Smart Pricing Policy is something bloggers who make money from adsense must be aware of. Smart pricing essentially means that the earning per click can be reduced by Google if you are deemed to be giving low conversion rate to advertisers. So, if you are smart-priced by Google, you could be getting only $0.10 for what’s worth $1 per click before.

So what this means is that you should always be looking at your Adsense stats a little closer than you have been to see if you have big numbers of impressions with hardly any clicks.  I guess this favors the advertisers more than publishers and it’s Google’s way of making Google Adsense one of the best advertising platforms. Then again a publisher may at the same time be an advertiser too and so there shouldn’t be too many grouses about this policy.

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18 Responses so far.

  1. When reporting adsense revenue for websites on my taxforms, do I need to reveal any details about my sites?

  2. reikihealing says:

    How to use micro niche finder to find a profitable nice market?
    I want to make money online in different profitable niche market. I heard Micro Niche Finder is a good tool to use to identify longtail keywords for profitable micro niche markets. Where can I find some one to teach me how to use Micro Niche Finder if I buy it?

  3. Alan Mater says:

    Nice tips, Peter.

    I didn't know about number 4 and 5. That's very interesting and something I'll have to keep an eye out for.

    I haven't gotten into building niche blogs, but it's definitely a possibility in the future.

  4. Alan Mater says:

    No, they only care about the amount you earned. That's it.

  5. Alan Mater says:

    Not sure why my reply to you posted below my reply, but the answer is below. :)

  6. trips in city says:

    You are absolutely right. In last week of Jan, I was hardly getting comments. From Feb 1st – till date. I have got lots of comments and have see same commentator commenting on different posts. I now know why they i get lots of comments during the beginning of the month. I have to either remove the plugin or put nofollow.

  7. reikihealing says:

    I'm making an adsense website and want to know if putting other sites' links on my pages is legal?

  8. Toeic says:

    Thank you for this info. Interesting and useful. It's not really simple to get good income from adsense even if the traffic is high.

  9. peterlee says:

    @Alan Mater: I did know about it but did not read the policy until recently. I have since removed all images for all my sites for the time being. Will figure out how best to put them back without infringing Google's policy later.

  10. hizlindir says:

    l earn money google adsense. l like this article.

  11. I really think most of these courses aren't useful for anyone that's being doing online marketing for 6 months or more.

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  13. Its that easy to find ages domains ???

  14. Good post, didn't know that bit about google's smart pricing.

  15. Good post, didn't know that bit about google's smart pricing.

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    […] John “Xfactor’s” Micro Niche Adsense-The Adsense Lessons I Learned […]

  17. lukman nulhakiem says:

    thanks peter for point of smart pricing. I did not realize that matter till I read this post. the top 3 things mentioned in this post I have already done. And that gives me a good result.

  18. peterlee says:

    @lukman nulhakiem: No problem. Glad you found out now.

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