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John “Xfactor’s” Micro Niche Adsense-The Blog Tools I Used

If you are in a habit of buying domains and running many websites to serve the needs of your online home business then I guess you probably rely on a good process to maintain so many of them. You could also be outsourcing some of the more labor intensive, boring and simple tasks demanded from your business. Well as for me I have a growing number of Xfactor Micro Niche Adsense websites and I rely a lot on a few of my favorite blog tools to get by.

These blog tools have in some small ways saved me lots of man hours and allowed me to focus on more important work like backlink building to Google’s page 1 – all of them are now on page 1 except for my newest awaiting Google’s indexing.

1. Micro Niche Finder

This tool has greatly helped me find all the untapped niches for my Micro Niche Adsense websites.  Finding the best keyword phrase (3 word maximum) is important to me because I used it to buy the exact domain name. I really cannot imagine if I get this wrong, it would be disastrous and I’d be terribly disheartened to launch any new sites.  There is therefore no room for mistake and Micro Niche Finder gives me that comfort and so far so good for all the keywords I’ve found.

2. X-Site Pro2

It’s probably my most expensive blog tool I have bought in my Internet Home Business journey (purchased it at almost $200) and to be honest I did think it was expensive at first. But the ease in which it helps me create these static websites justified whatever reservations I had at first. There are different opinions about whether using a WP blog or static website is better for adsense sites. Well after 5 months of using X-Site Pro2 the results I achieved does convince me I made the right decision. Since it is a tool that I’ll be using for a long time, I’m sure I’ll be getting my money’s worth.

3. Big Mike’s RSSBot

This is my latest tool I purchased and like all previous tools acquired a great deal of my time was spent on checking this tool out from people who have bought and used it. The verdict – I think the price of less than $30 is definitely undervalued and over delivered. BTW I’m not promoting this product because the only affiliate program Big Mike has requires people to pay $19 a month to be entitled to promote his series of softwares like this. Well that alone tells a lot about the quality of his tools. If you need to check it up, just Google it.

A little bit more about this product. RSSBots automates your feeds submissions to about 30 online feed aggregators. So just imagine taking just 2 minutes to submit to 30 of these feed aggregators even for sites that require login or a captcha. It even allows you to put your keywords and anchor text during the submission process. If you have been reading some of my recent posts, you know I’ve been working on finding out the best ways to submit my RSS feeds. So looks like I’ve found it here.

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25 Responses so far.

  1. I am on a project for 50 mini websites in different Class C IP hosting. going to try adsense in different 50 minisites :)

  2. Maybe this micro niche finder will work for me :)

  3. peterlee says:

    @Home Based Business: Yes it's always taking the first move that really makes the difference. I wish you the best in your project. Let us know how it progresses.

  4. work at home says:

    I have not start micro niche till now, I think you are one expert on microniche finder. Well it is not bad idea to earn more money from adsense.

  5. As I post in forums and on blogs I have notices that many people have more that one web site. Some people have two or three. I have wondered how the manage them all. I can barely manage one web site. I am planning a second web site. Does Xsitepro do web hosting also?

  6. peterlee says:

    @Melva Pratt: Yes it is common for people to have a few blogs and they add in to the income. It's probably a matter of time when anyone has to think about adding the second then the third. If you never get it started you never will. No Xsitepro does not offer web hosting.

  7. peterlee says:

    @work at home: I think micro niche offers more earning potential because you can choose a small niche to try to dominate. But you need many of that to really add in the income. Good to hear you do this.

  8. mosesisaac says:

    Great information. Keep up the good work.

    Moses Isaac

  9. Whether you’re interested in working at home, freelancing, or starting your own business, you’re not alone. There’s a great community of bloggers who are happy to share their experiences and inside stories about leaving behind the corporate life.

  10. I look for profitable micro niche through Google Adwords Keyword tool.Isn't it sufficient enough for domain purchase.Lately I've discovered quite profitable niches via adwords tool.

  11. Unfortunately AdSense dose not make me much.Only my sites in the finance niche doing well with AdSense.But,I agree with you about Micro Niche Finder.It's a great tool.

  12. peterlee says:

    @Online Earning Blog: Thanks for sharing your experience on adsense. Yes I think finance niche is a good one to be involved in. Good that you are making money on it. Keep in touch.

  13. I have heard of Micro Nice Finder, but have never purchased it. I have not heard of the other tools you mentioned, so I appreciate you mentioning them. Time is important – anything that can be done to simplify many “money earning” tasks is so valuable.

  14. peterlee says:

    @Work From Home Online Jobs: Exactly why I bought it too as time is a precious commodity too. I really on these tools to run my business.

  15. For sure.Just loved your blog.

  16. peterlee says:

    @Online Earning Blog: Thank You!

  17. Movies online says:

    I've never had any luck with adsense. I can see 10 clicks and only £0.05p profit, which is ridiculous. Are there better ad deliverers out there?

  18. Creative Web Design says:

    I'm inexperienced with these things: Would there be anything that I would need to report (site name, description of site, etc) on any of my tax forms that could reveal the nature of these sites?

  19. Creative Web Design says:

    Blog tools I need the most are ones that show visit statistics and something where I can create a play list and add it to my blog, but if you can think of anything else please post!!

  20. Toeic says:

    Great stuff. Congratulation. Micro blogs are not for me but I really see the potential. Good luck :)

  21. home builders seo says:

    it is one of the best keyword and niche research tools available. You can use it to uncover as yet untapped niches .

  22. Its a java-based clone of the popular windows mysql front end HeidiSQL.The project are partners this is not a competing project.

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