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Is PageRank Still Important To You?

With Google just recently updated all indexed websites’ pagerank in June, I was more curious than ever to find out that all important question: Is your site’s pagerank that important to you?

A few years ago there was so much discussion on this love-hate topic among bloggers, Internet Marketers and even from the horses mouth – Google. There was even speculation that Google might even totally stop pageranking all sites to prevent people’s obsession with this little green bar from getting worse. It didn’t happen and personally I don’t think it ever will.

Google came out very strongly then and reminded all concerned parties that page rank, was just one of many factors that Google used to determine search engine ranking. Google now called it their 200 signals that their search engine ranking algorithms rely on. I believe this completely as I can see it for myself too. I’ve seen so many of my websites with Google PR0 beating the likes of many other websites with higher page rank simply because of other factors like exact domain keyword. I believed that page rank influences about 20 percent of your search engine ranking.

What Do I Think of Page Rank?

I definitely prefer to see page rank remain because it is a good measurement and acknowledgement by Google of how well perceived my sites are. I also rely on the PR of sites to access a site quickly for all my daily work like backlink building, or when trying to search for credible information.

I also rely on sites PR for my keyword research work.

What Do You Think of Page Rank?

Well do share with us how important page rank is to you and your online business.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. steevehopes says:

    I am also believe on the page rank, because the page rank measures how good your site is and how worthy is. eating healthy food

  2. Overall I dont think Page Rank has much importance. not in the sense that if you increase your page rank you know your seo is great, and vice versa if your PR drops.
    When included in the package of various issues taken into account that affect a website, PR isnt all that important.
    I do like PR though for a quick and easy barometer of how decent a website might be, and how authoritative it should be considered. If I am on a website and want to know whether to try leaving a link, or make any type of connection with it, it is a quick and easy thing to glance at.

  3. used tires says:

    I still believe page rank is relevant. Its a nice measuring stick in my opinion to see where you can expect the competition to be for a certain page. I mean how often do you see a Page rank of 0 website ranking at the number 1 spot? Not very often, and the only time really is when there is no competition or the page is so new that it hasn't gotten the update. So in my opinion it is still relevant but perhaps not as relevant it as it used to be.


  4. I never believed in page rank and it is just a airy fairy term behind which people are running. The thing i believe in is getting all my keywords high in search engines so that i gain the most from the traffic and my sales increase. The best thing to get good page rank is get good links.

  5. Rayzzsun says:

    Pagerank is little important as you have mentioned but not very important nowadays. I agree that some sites with low pagerank do outrank some high PR sites. More than pagerank, good links are important for a website.

  6. Secured Student Loans says:

    Google just extend the available of others options rather then rely on just one thing. But that is true that Page rank is still important.

  7. A Tricia says:

    how does google explain how a 5 months old site can shoot up to PR4 whilst a site over a yr is still on PR1? is nt relevant

  8. Preetpunjabi109 says:

    Ya Page rank is matter, because it tell the accurate reputation of the site, but we should concentrate on work with White Hat Strategy because these days google very much secure with it all.

  9. Wilson says:

    PR is something like nice to have to me. At least you got the feeling Google is endorsing your site because you've been doing a good job. Perhaps PR is Google's way of non monetary reward for webmaster.

    Other than that, I'm not too taken in by it.

  10. hershey20 says:

    Page rank are also important in order to know the improvement of your sites.

  11. Agbincla says:

    Rank is one of the most important factors for some people but for some
    people it is not much important. According to me i give importance to
    getting Back Links from sites that have Good Page Rank and this ensures
    me that my site has a good PR.

  12. Page rank is very important in seo and to get good SERP because your backlink does matter to give you good PR, in other words how have good backlinks definitely have good PR and probably google give preference those sites how have good RP therefor the main thing in SEO is PR.

  13. Debt Advice says:

    I think people have to consider pr important because obviously google does and to ignore the fact that the higher the pr the higher the weight of your site would be crazy

  14. Anthea98 says:

    Am doing SEO for increasing the SERP result of keywords..Thus a lot of traffic.I never bothered about page rank.If the traffic to my site increases my page rank will increase automatically.It happens in  many cases.

  15. Jude Naef says:

    You suggest not spamming edu sites but then you are recommending an automated software tool that can drop hundreds if not thousands of spam comments at one time. Please let me know why your tool is different from some of the others. Isn’t there a risk from google if you place 1000 links at a time.

    • Peter Lee says:

      The 1000 links that I provide in my link building service is not blog commenting but creating profiles in good legitimate sites mostly forums. There is no spamming involved in creating many profiles. Everyone who does link building use profile building as one of the many methods although it’s not the most effective. From my experience creating 1000 backlinks for your website does not have any risks the reason being that it takes time to get these backlinks indexed by Google. It is going to take weeks maybe even months to index most of them.

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