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I Got Google Page 1 Overnight Using This Plugin

Yes, critics, naysayers and even myself hate to come across such posts as unbelievable as “I Got Google Page 1 Overnight Using This Plugin”. I bet half my readers who read this title would have cringed in disbelief as a first reaction. Well since you’re here, why don’t you just do that unthinkable and really take a look at what I have to say. You could continue being who you were…. or become a changed person and ready to tackle even more unthinkable tasks ahead of you as you work from home after reading this post.


WP Plugin-Backlinks Rotator

I purchased this simple yet powerful WordPress Plugin just yesterday and followed the plugin instructions on how to set up on my blogs (Yes it allows multiple blogs setup). Just a few simple filling-in of information for the field settings and less than 24 hours later – I achieved Google Page 1 for 3 of my keyword phrases (from page 2 and page 4 respectively). I will share two of the keywords while the other is a niche that I cannot reveal.

What Is This Plugin All About

Installing this WP Plugin lets you belong to a network of many members sites of all diverse niches.You put in your links on the given plugin settings page and these links get rotated among members’ blogs. In essence Backlinks Rotator creates backlinks on all members’ sites pointing back to your site and helps to get all of your links indexed from within the member sites. In return, when Google spiders these sites, you get backlinks, lots of them, many of them from relevant and high PR blogs.

A Look At a  Simple ‘Backlink’ Settings Page of my  blog

google page 1

The plugin allows either your homepage url or a permalink url (blog post) to put your keyword anchor text. You can put unlimited number of links to set up. You then display your widget on your blog’s sidebar which will show up to a maximum of 10 links from other members’ blogs and web sites. Take a look at the image below to get a clearer picture:


Display Permalinks Too:

I especially like the feature to let you display your blog’s permalinks (post url) in the network to get the additional backlinks while boosting your search engine ranking for these pages. These links will appear on members’ blog post pointing back to your specific blog post and gets you the backlinks.

Using Credits

Each time one of your links is displayed across the network, it uses one of your “credits” and as you display the Backlink Rotator widget (when someone visits your blog) you earn 1 credit. So if your site has lots of traffic, you will receive lots of credits and that increases your chances of more displays of your links on the network of blogs. The system also allows you to purchase credits if you wish to increase getting more backlinks and lets you earn credits by simply pinging other members sites – all done at your blog admin area.

See How My Keyword and Site Displays on other members’ Blogs Here:

google page 1

…..so you can see how powerful this is as your site/anchor text keywords get displayed across thousands of blogs in the network

My 2 Sites Got Google Page 1 Overnight

Site 1:


keyword: Learn Affiliate Marketing —> from page 2 (#13) to page 1 (hovering #1-#4)

keyword:Affiliate Marketing Training —> from page 2 (#16) to page 1 (#10)

get free backlinks

get free backlinks

Site 2: My niche site which I cannot reveal moved from page 4 to page 1

My Thoughts:

I’ve shared my experience on my use of this plugin which is only a couple of days so I will have to monitor closely how good it is in the long term. Although I have exceptionally good results, different people may  obtain different results. It really depends on your sites’ keywords and how well ranked they are in the search engines. For the 2 sites I had tried out, 1 site is older than 2 years and was already on Google Page 2 while my niche site is only 2 months old but I had done much backlinking over the months. But for me, I am really encouraged by the excellent results and can say that this is really a good plugin if you wish to consider for your online business blog.

Start To Get All Your Backlinks On AutoPilot

get free backlinksGet the Backlinks Rotator WordPress Plugin (the purchase link shows only after you watch the 14-min video) so that you can get all your backlinks on auto-pilot. To me this is an ingenious plugin that works! Now if you cut down much of the link building work in your business, don’t you think you can focus more on many other important areas in your business. Yeah such as make more money online or make money blogging.


1. The cost of this wp-plugin = $47 (Premium – allows wordpress blog links only) – use link above

2. The cost of this wp-plugin = $97 (Premium Plus – allows you to add sites that are not wordpress URLs i.e. put any link you so desire including external links like YouTube, Ezinearticles, add permanent links on members’ posts.

3. Hire me to upload this Premium Plus plugin valued at $97 for just $15 as I purchased the developer licence from the plugin owner, Rod Moore. Contact me for more details if you are interested to get this plugin on your blogs.

Case Studies of Backlinks Rotator on my Blogs and Websites

I have documented my studies of this wp-plugin and how I was able to improve my search rankings for most of my keywords.

8 of my niche blogs either homepage or inner pages have all moved up in ranks to Google’s page 1 within 1-3 days. They were mostly stuck on page 2 for a long time until now that is. After using the Premium Plus plugin, installed in various blogs, they are now on positions 4-7 and have remained there. (if you have time read my full review here:


(the last page- page 6)

PR 7 .edu Backlink In 15 Seconds! – WordPress Plugin Automates on-site and off-site SEO

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22 Responses so far.

  1. i love that plugin peter. Thanks..

  2. very intereresting article – thanks for sharing

  3. Interesting – how long you think this will last and have an effect before google figures it out and puts a big old stop to it (counting these links?)

  4. how to fax from computer says:

    A very interesting plugins. It is like a time saver for me. But I have one question Peter. You have great results just 24 hrs after installing it on your blog. Just it like a link exchange software? And how many links you got to increase your SERP results?

  5. peterlee says:

    Hi Lukman,
    My links increase by: (B4)Yahoo LInks:124, Link Domain:133/(AFTER)Yahoo LInks:133, Link Domain:138. But note I tracked http://www.domain instead of domain in a hurry to do so but this still registered backlinks increase. I think the results were good because on purchase I received free 1500 credits and I used it up entirely on rotating 3 keywords.

  6. peterlee says:

    There is nothing black hat about this if you are implying. I treat this like a link exchange with other members in a network. Just to clarify,your links do not automatically display on hundreds of blogs. They do so only randomly so you have to be realistic too.Just to clarify, I got exceptionally good results because upon purchase I get 1500 free credits so this increase my chances of my sites getting displayed on more sites.

  7. money making guide says:

    I think getting too many backlinks overnight will harm your website. Is not it?

  8. peterlee says:

    I have found it to be not true since I do quite a bit of backlink building. Also it takes time to get your backlinks indexed by Google.

  9. Ken Weiss says:

    I have heard of this plugin, but not used it yet.  Most of my articles are product reviews are either first position in Google or page one of Google through backlinking.  may take a bit longer, but you know the quality of the backlinks, and no backlash from the gods at Google.

  10. Paul says:

    Wow, I'm actually quite surprised of your results. I've actually never heard of this plugin, but the concept seems pretty powerful. I'll have to give it a check.

    Thank you for publishing this article, Peter. Much appreciated.

  11. Bw3ndo says:

    Is worth noting how the credits share out a more successful blog with traffic to those less visited sites.
    I know it is time consuming (to type links manually) but I tend to shy away from autoblogging features.

  12. Thanks Peter for sharing the WP plugin and your results.

  13. Sounds interesting.  These links are not permanent though (hence the word “rotator”) so I assume the bump in Google SERP is only temporary?

  14. peterlee says:

    These links you get are indeed PERMANENT. I know for a fact because I've been monitoring them and every blog that I installed this plugin is increasing backlinks every day. Members' links are randomly selected by the system to display on other member's blogs and the more traffic your blog gets, your links get better chances of being displayed.

  15. When I was a member of the Keyword Academy they had a membership site that did something very similar. It seemed to work well but I would only use it on my niche sites. It's pretty cool that the Backlinks Rotator is in WP plugin form. That makes everything very simple.

  16. I believe i making to the top with time and serious quality work on my website. It needs patience and people willing to be slow can do this. But sometimes you need to hurry on things and this is where this plug in will come handy.

  17. The topic is clearer now to understand. It works like a closed community. The best part is that the backlinks are not reciprocal and Google will not be able to understand the link distribution. If you have traffic, you will get more chances to display your links. It means that search engine robots wil find the links more frequently and it will affect the backlink juice. This plugin is useful

  18. peterlee says:

    Indeed you have really understood what this plugin does. Well hope you will try it one day.

  19. […] page so as to display this url across hundreds of blogs. Check my post on this amazing plugin: I Got Google Page 1 Overnight Using This Plugin and how this is easily done.5. Except for one site having the same domain age, all other sites were […]

  20. henry says:

    Peter, are you buying credits to build more backlinks, or are you depending on credit earned from traffic exposure to your site and daily ping. I just installed this plugin on my site this week. But I do have reservation if it works in the long term. And whether BigG will discount sites that use such plug-ins.

  21. Box game says:

    Your article is really interesting. The problem is that google has decided to be more aggressive, and we do not know the new criteria, the hunt is on. thank you so much for the information.



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