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How You Can Create Your Own Sales Page Graphics

If you have been doing Internet Marketing or blogging as long as I have, which is about 5 years, you would have seen tons of graphics. Those that people put on their thinking caps and try to use them in their sales pages to sell you something? Well do you know how these people do them? Creative people? Ingenious geeks? Out of this world? Not really! I can do that too and I’m going to show you how in today’s post. Yup! today’s post is going to be a little off tangent, a little different from my usual topics in my home business blog.

Well like they say, a picture tells a thousand words so take a look at what I created for you to see, a graphic that took me a whole 30 seconds to create (click image to see it bigger):

I came to know of this free tool at the time when I was writing a review article for my Amazon site and I then used it to create a nice testimonial on the product. You probably can think of many other ways you can use it too. In this tool, you can use it to create:  testimonial, headline creator, buy now creator, Belcher Button Creator and the most famous 30-day guarantee like I just showed you.

The tool is here


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Faruk says:

    Thank you for your article. This tool, I need it…

  2. Web graphic design can be made easily any professional web design company. For that you must request for a web design quote from the web design company.

  3. hijab says:

    A simple design and it looks clickable. :) Thanks for the tool. I’m doing also graphic design and sometimes i’m running out of imagination to do it. I download it and, did a little bit change so it will not look like same on the others. Thanks you.

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