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How Well Do You Know About Google?

I was a little curious when someone recently posted a thread question “Did Google Algorithm Change in April?” in the Warrior Forum. I wanted to know if this really happened. I guess I reacted like anyone else reading it would as any Google algorithm change would invariable impact how our websites rank in Google – along with a host of other things that go with this ranking.

Well the WF poster was anxious to find this out because he had several of his top ranking keywords suddenly dumped by Google and called it a mild disaster. While Google will never share with anyone and everyone when these algorithms actually take place, it is anyone’s guess if it did.

Well this is the little I found out …

Google Algorithm – How Much Do You Know Google

1. According to Google’s man Matt Cutt when he was asked in a recent interview how often Google’s algorithm changes, he said in 2009 there were 450 tweaks to the algorithms. Changes were made like almost every day.

2. Google has confirmed it is now using website speed as a new factor for search ranking algorithm. While Google has never spelt out how it it determines this, my guess is that your website page load time is going to play an important part of this algorithm change.

3.Google Caffeine – In Nov 2009 we were told that Google Caffeine went live at just one data center with the full Caffeine roll out to take place “after the holidays”. Well we’ve seen 3 holidays already passed us in Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays so we can assume this has happened. But don’t expect any official word from Google because you won’t get it.

Some of the publicly announced changes of Google Caffeine are:

  • more up to date with web2.0 sites like Twitter, Facebook etc
  • increased speed how Google finds new pages and indexed them

So have you noticed any of these changes for your website?

Interestingly although we know very little of when Google makes algorithm changes or what has been changed, Google on the other hand knows a lot about us. Like …

  • any black hat SEO techniques you may have been engaging intentionally or otherwise
  • using duplicate contents on your websites
  • spamming
  • other undesirable tactics that almost surely lead you to a Google Ban

I have often seen many people share their fears of Google quite openly with others. I remembered one blogger mentioned he did not use Google Analytics on his website for the sole reason he fears giving so much information to Google might harm his good search engine ranking.

The fact is that whether you liked it or not Google already has tons of information about you. Just take a look at the Google Dashboard and sign in to your account will tell you just how much Google knows you and all your online habits. Also how did you think Google was able to implement Google’s Personalized Results? – by remembering everything you have searched for the last 180 days so as to customize your results.  A little eerie perhaps but a sign of why it’s still the no. 1 search engine with 65 percent search market share in Mar 2010.

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26 Responses so far.

  1. Julius says:

    I didn't know that Google may include page load time as one of the factors it considers in ranking. But it makes sense though

  2. Ok so I am not sure if Google changed it algorithm but I think yahoo came a bit more to its senses. I was ranking on the first page for certain keywords on google, bing, you name it search engines except for yahoo and I was just puzzled how they had BS websites ranking on the first page!

  3. Nobody really knows much about Google. It is top secret.

  4. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    Honestly, I am not that knowledgeable with Google. But it occurred to me that Google include page load time regarding ranking, now I need to be extra careful with adding something on my blogs that cause it to load slowly. That's just what I'm thinking now.

  5. Yes, it is difficult to identify the logo, because the colors are different for each letter and it is bit confusing. I guessed it as the first one. I think it’s right.

  6. While it can be extremely helpful to know what's knowable about Google's algorithm, most times the best thing to do is ignore it. Google's goal is to bring the best, most relevant content to searchers. Your goal should be to produce the best, most relevant content for your site's theme. If you're doing that, Google ranking will take care of itself.

    At least, that's the theory… though I can't bring myself to leave it to chance. I'll take any advantage I can get….

    So much for theories.

  7. We really do not know what the algorithm actually is and you never will do, we should concentrate on putting good quality content that surfers will want to read. Google wants to serve its customers a with good quality content that is relevant to their searching so if we stick to the above we will get traffic was ever a Google's algorithm is. As always, Peter, thank you.

    Kind regards,


  8. I sure hope none of my sites get banned by Google, never heard about Google Caffeine, you sure do stay up to date with Google, huh? It's good to know this stuff though. Thx.

  9. peterlee says:

    @Garden Hose Hanger : I think if you follow the TOS you shouldn't have to worry. It's always good to focus on protecting your adsense account. You can read up a lot of other people's mistakes from forums why they had their accounts banned.

  10. Well, if you have nothing to hide and you provide quality content in a well arranged manner doing everything right (pleasing your readers and google) i don't think one should be bother about google Algorithm. Like you said, google monitors everything. Most people think it's just backlinks that matters in off page SEO but it's not. There are other things some not even known to us that google uses to determine whose site is worthy to be on it first page. For example google can tell how long a person stays on your site when he visits, that's why you can see some one with much links ranking lower than someone with few links.

    That's why if you want to do business online it's better you start out right. Don't provide content of low quality or copy someone's work and then use SEO trick to work your page up, because then you'll always have to tweak since google is smarter than you

    In a short time, i'm sure only those who provide real content will survive google algorithm and rank

  11. Yes, it is difficult to identify the logo, because the colors are different for each letter and it is bit confusing. I guessed it as the first one. I think it’s right.

  12. Property In US says:

    Hi Google is unlimited and very deep and as u know Google is Google thanks for nice.

  13. Graphic design says:

    Yes i know abut Google Google is very great or a network that is compress whole world and no any person know abut Google completely.

  14. Hey Peter,

    I've actually seen positive changes to my site regarding rankings. I guess it all comes down to creating quality content, building quality backlinks, and updating your site somewhat often. At least, that's all I do. :)

  15. peterlee says:

    @Alan @ Work From Home: Well Alan, I guess these are all tried and tested ways to work and it's going to be a routine work for all of us. The challenge will be to do all this work with less resources and still get the same results in ranking – perhaps outsource or some software to cut down the workload.

  16. you have to put it on a website, they have a crawler which goes through all the web pages on google and gets pictures off of them. I'm not for sure about this either, but I think thats how you do it.

  17. Yes i understand but do you not think everyone is entitled to their own opinion? I don't mean to offend you. But i don't understand how anyone can think his voice is good. I'm sorry but that's just the way i feel. And i like that you're being so civilized.

  18. renudiz says:


    Google is very vast and it is hard to understand Google.

  19. Car Repair says:

    I know about google adsense,affiliate programs etc is they an easier way to make money thought…ohh yea i know abut surveys also lol

  20. Property In US says:

    Hi Google is very great sea for whole word and also known fore search engine all is very great sharing thanks fore nice sharing.

  21. Graphic design says:

    All is very great sea looking for Google all is not understand for easy Google thanks fore great sharing.

  22. It would be better, though, if it were set up to show the correct answers at the end of the quiz. To keep those interested from having to Google too hard on a Saturday, you can find the answers here. But no peeking unless you’ve already taken the quiz!

  23. data recovery says:

    Right, No One Can Commit that what is the exactly Google algorithms, We all guys can predict and follow the Google guideline, you are right we can only predict until we received any announcement from Google. Google Man Matt Cuts don't give the idea what change he is planning to implement, One Point I like very much in your post that is Site loaded Time, I also think it is the factor which play the imp role in get the higher ranking after Caffeine.

    Jacob Luis

  24. First i dont agree mat cutts will exactly tell how often the changes are made…:) but i still agree that repeating daily strategies can kick google :)

  25. First i dont agree mat cutts will exactly tell how often the changes are made…:) but i still agree that repeating daily strategies can kick google :)

  26. Tej Kohli says:

    I am keeping watch on Google Algorithms suddenly I noticed one more changes that Google now can give ranks your site three and more pages , previously it give ranked only two pages

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