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How to SEO Optimize Your Squidoo Lens

Squidoo lens is a webpage that can be used to share your personal perspective on an issue that you want to share with the world. Squidoo lens provides publishing tools that enable publishers to organize topics and make money through commissions on web advertising. Squidoo lens can be created simply even by people who don’t have any publishing skills and programming knowledge. They can act as a powerful marketing tool when used properly. Squidoo SEO involves identifying the words related to your topic that are being searched by others and use those keywords on your Squidoo lens or web links pointing to your lens. This will intimate search engines the search terms your webpage is most relevant for so that they give better rankings to your WebPages for those searches. The process for SEO optimizing your Squidoo lens is:

Build your Squidoo Lens

The first step is to build your own Squidoo lens. You need to visit the site ‘squidoo.com’ and click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button to register yourselves and build your Squidoo lens. After the registration process is over, you can proceed to build your lens by creating a short and memorable title for your Squidoo lens. Clicking on the ‘Build my lens’ button will take you to a Dashboard, where you can complete your Squidoo lens. Finish your Squidoo lens by giving it a proper theme, writing a lens biography, picking suitable modules (modules perform specific functions within the lens), populating the module with your topic knowledge and Squidoo ideas. Once you Squidoo lens is finished, hit on the ‘Publish’ button to make your lens appear live on the internet.

Hot Tip #1: Don’t Make Another Squidoo Lens without this software

Optimizing your Keywords

The basic form of Squidoo SEO is identifying the words related to your topic which are searched by more number of people on the internet. The first step in identifying such keywords is brainstorming properly regarding the words you likely type in Google or Bing while searching for a page like yours. Next, check how often these shortlisted keywords are actually searched on the internet through online tools like the Google’s Free Keyword Tool. Check out how many webpages are linked to the keywords that you want to deploy. If some 1000+ URLs are linked to your keyword then it is preferable to look for other keywords. Otherwise you can use the same word.

Optimizing Squidoo’e Lensrank

The focus on Squidoo is generating traffic by leveraging your content and credibility and thereby increasing the rank of your Squidoo lens. The higher the rank you can secure for your lens, the higher will be your online credibility. The lens which are ranked in the top 100 are specially showcased. Proper optimizing can help you in improving your lens rank. One of the best techniques for improving your lens rank is by making it more interactive. Interactivity helps in getting more attention on search engines and thereby a better rank. The interactivity of your Squidoo lens can be improved by including more interactive modules in the lens. The selection of appropriate lens will also enable in showing your personality to the users of search engines.

Hot Tip #2: You have to see if other Squidoo Lenses are getting traffic for the keyword that you want to target

Include Pictures

Including pictures is quite essential to succeed in Squidoo lens SEO. Make sure that a picture is included along with every article. Pictures will expand the range of media you use to promote your Squidoo lens. Pictures will make your Squidoo lens more attractive, more bookmarked, more shared, and ultimately more read. If you can’t buy pictures, you can simply pull an image which is not copyrighted from Google search and include them with your WebPages.

Socialize Well

Squidoo is a social site. So, try to socialize with the owners of other Squidoo lens. Try to visit other Squidoo lens as often as possible and leave your valuable feedback to them. Squidoo groups are also available on squidoo.com which bunches the entire related lens. Joining in any of the related groups will help you in better showcasing your lens and also improve the exposure to your lens. Publishers should also use general social media like Facebook and Twitter to improve the popularity of their Squidoo lens. Lens which is linked more on social networks have better popularity and generate more traffic. You can also use social bookmarking as search engines consider this as important in enhancing the relevance and authority of your lens.

Hot Tip #3: Find a niche where almost every Squidoo Lens is getting traffic

Squidoo marketing is similar to article marketing other than that it has its own internal linking structure and advanced features. The above tips will can help you in developing a good SEO strategy through Squidoo lens.

About The Author: Kate is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. Currently, she contributes to Reputationchanger.com


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  1. Squidoo lenses now become noneffective due to massively use for spamming. initially it provides excellent links opportunity but later on exploit by unethical spamming behavior. Anyway all the above listed lenses optimization tips are some what fresh yet little bit effective and worth try.

  2. Basher says:

    Squidoo marketing is similar to article marketing other than that it has its own internal linking structure and advanced features.very nice

  3. mdmobin14 says:

    Squidoo marketing is similar to article marketing.it provides excellent links opportunity.thanks…………

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