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How To Promote A Business Through Online Marketing

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Guest Post by Christian Arno:
Putting It Out There
How to promote a business through online marketing

There’s a wide world out there, and it is right at your fingertips. The internet has shortened the distances between consumers and competitors, and a cyber-stroll into the global village brings you to products and opportunities galore. The trick is then how to capitalize on this cornucopia of opportunity, before others do so before you.

To start with, you need to speak your customers’ language. While English may seem to reach far and wide, it has in fact reached only 28 percent of the global population and the remaining 72 percent expect you to speak to them in their own tongue. The first step towards this is creating localised domains translated into the language of each target market.

Domain is crucial as I, in .fr France, look for services in my own domain and language. This means you, advertising in .com America, hold little interest for me. If you venture into my virtual realm then you stand a much better chance of winning my custom.

And one size does not fit all. Resist the temptation to directly translate keywords and other key parts of your website. Language is a minefield and there are plenty of opportunities to come to grief on distorted nuances, or simply language-blind error.

Language aside, people react to colour and images in different ways, depending on their culture. Red can mean purity in the East (specifically India) and passion in the West; while white is the colour of brides for many, it can be the colour of mourning to others. Many cultures have their own colour connotations and knowing about them is all part of your research.

But these are just the building blocks. Once you have got beyond the basic features of language and colour you need to bear in mind that content and design can also ensnare the unwary and inflexible. Each localised website, in each different domain, will need to be tailored to local tastes and preferences, while still keeping some consistency in your branding.

Domain, language, colour and layout. These are all crucial steps to launching your website to an expanding market. But to take it the extra mile there are still more sophisticated ways to draw the readers in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email campaigns, article creation and aggregation, and social media are all means to this end.

SEO is a key strategy for the businesses of today to gain their toe-hold in the internet. It is a hard and long path up the Google rankings, and taking it in multiple languages does not make it any easier. Multiple Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) is an emerging field that seeks to make the way a little smoother. It recognizes this fundamental principle, that optimizing SEO keywords across languages is not a simple matter of employing a dictionary. Mistranslation aside, popular search terms differ between languages, and even between countries which ostensibly speak the same language.

Researching these is an obvious step. A pick-up to an American is a Ute to an Australian and ignoring details like these can have serious effects on your SEO campaign in its different domains. Equally, a US company advertising car insurance, that wants to target French markets, could very easily translate ‘car insurance’ as ‘l’assurance automobile,’ a literal and legitimate rendering. However, a look on Google’s keyword tool would reveal that key search terms which will yield more results are ‘assurance auto’ or ‘assurance voiture.’ This simple step makes all the difference. And keep researching your keywords and descriptions, as these terms update themselves and your website needs to keep up.

Localization may seem a tedious business, but it does pay. 2007 research by the Localization Industry Standards Association showed that each dollar invested in website localization produced a $25 return. And that figure was up from $10 per dollar in 2001. Both localization and SEO will make all the difference to your marketing strategy. Quite apart from preventing linguistic or cultural gaffes, they will also maximize your visibility on foreign search engines.

About the author: Christian Arno is the Managing Director of Lingo24, an international provider of online translation services. Follow Christian on Twitter.

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  1. workathome says:

    These are sure helpful and points, especially the point about localizing advertisement. I believe it makes alot of sense. SEO well we all know is the key to lots of free traffic, that why different people are saying different things about it, which is right we are not sure. Thanks for your post

  2. peterlee says:

    @workathome: Thanks for your comment.

  3. cheats says:

    Yup this is a great tool to promote your business this is like a great advertising medium for your business

  4. data recovery software says:

    Online Marketing is the broad Field and strategy to optimize any business online. So in the Online Marketing We make the strategy and promote our Site for all visitors.

  5. Michelle says:

    What ever the language you might be..I would always recommend to use to translators plugins installed in your website so that there would be no chance of missing any visitor who visits your website/blog. SEO would be a perfect choice for the people looking to promote their Business Through Online.

  6. more fun says:

    Google Wave hasn't resonated with me either – but it has with many others. Will it ever be a killer app? Maybe not. But it's one more reason for certain people to use Google services and be exposed to their advertising.

  7. seoserviceslondon says:


    In the past, offline media was one of the major mediums to promote one’s business and brand awareness. However, with the increasing popularity of the online media and its positive results, more people are turning to online marketing techniques to build a strong business presence across the globe. There are several online marketing strategies we can use for our Internet marketing solutions, but SEO (search engine optimization) today has taken a stance much ahead of any other technique.

  8. Julius says:

    Creating localized websites can indeed reach more customers, but in my opinion, this is for those who have already expanded their business and have made it into a huge corporation.

  9. All excellent tips. If you stay true to your goal and remain persistent, you should see some results.

  10. Online marketing is really difficult these days.

  11. Christophob says:

    It is one of the easiest ways in promoting your business through online. Many people do this work as Home based business, to promote the business. People will visit your websites more often when you advertise it online. This blog is enlightening.

  12. ivan@forex ea robots says:

    Building links could help promote your site online. Some people are paying someone's help just to promote their site online. They're using different techniques and strategies on promotion. Now, I could be able to promote my site online on my own without the help of other by simply installing top commentator plugin and it helps a lot though. Some are eager to find my site just to put links but little they know that they help on promoting my site indirectly.

  13. For monitoring competitors I have been using Google Alerts to keep me updated on what is going online. Do you have any other suggestions on services to use to get notifed of competitor updates?

  14. Jhon says:

    In this days online business is easiest way to earn. Just know something about online and its business strategy. No need to gather enough technical knowledge. This post can help to you to know about online marketing, advertising, SEO and more.

  15. Great and informative blog post. A really important point – and one I'd like to highlight – is the importance of offline promotion for your blog. It's surprising many that will actually check out an URL on a business card or publication. People are naturally curious, so if you caught their attention, it's likely they'll check out your blog as well.

  16. It is a really good checklist for those who are starting their online presence as online shopping websites. However, most of the things mentioned go for pretty much all online businesses, whether they sell exclusively online or not, or just promote their services like that.

  17. Amy says:

    Most businesses can benefit from free online promotion. Attracting visitors to your site is only a starting point for successful internet marketing. This can be achieved with SEO.

    Thanks for sharing the Article…

  18. Great article, thanks, i am hoping that you post more articles similar that i can learn how to work from home.

  19. Great article, thanks, i am hoping that you post more articles similar that i can learn how to work from home.

  20. Pilates says:

    Thanks for the tips on how to promote my business. I gonna keep all your instructions in mah mind when promoting my business and communicating with my clients. Thanks a TON!

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