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Do you use your blog to make you money? I ask this because interestingly in all my years visiting blogs, their blog owners have almost since inception, started commercializing their blogs. Learning, finally knowing and then sharing with others how to make money blogging is the process each of these blogs go through – but not as easy as it sounds here though.

But interesting enough I read in a post a few days ago that there are some people who have strong personal objections to making money from their blogs. I guess these are the bloggers who associate making money from blogs as immoral, unethical, greedy and the like. That is fine too as there are many different reasons why people set up their blogs and as long as they help to fulfill a purpose, they are probably happy.  However it is important that one makes up his or her own mind from the beginning so that your blog content and development follows a consistent objective.

Well for those like me who have started monetizing their blogs for some time, here is some food for thought on how to make money blogging posts which I recently found interesting:

1. Tom Lindstrom tells us that if we want to earn an income from our blog, we should follow some blogging rules to help make that happen. He shares with us his 8 essential blogging rules.

2. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Grizzly’s blog and what I really like about him is that although he monetizes his blog, I have never seen him push a product to your face to sell. If you look at his number of subscribers his blog commands, you will know many others like what they find in his blog. Check out his Make Money Using Blogs – Lesson 1.

3. Garry Conn has been quite an influence to me and this blog had the honor of his guest post some time ago. Sometimes its seeing successful bloggers that make money blogging so effortlessly just motivates me to carrying on blogging. He shows us how to sell products in Clickbank.

4. Here is a post with a refreshing change. Learn How To Make Money From Your Blog from a quick video that gives you the 8 Steps to make money from your blog.

5. If you like writing why not use that interest and passion to earn you some money. How To Make Money With Blogitive tells you how you can do just that and earn $5 for writing a short 100-word article.

6. In my recent visits to many blogs on monetization posts, the two most common profitable ways being shared with their readers seem to be ‘Google Adsense’ and ‘Niche Blogging’. Well here is one now – 7 Tips For Profitable Niche Blogging.

7. I like Mark Knowles’ How To Make Money Blogging post because a lot of what he’s written is what I practiced for all my niche blogs. He gives you a step by step guide to making money blogging.

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30 Responses so far.

  1. wuttisark says:

    Thanks for sharing this information . I agree with what you said. It is useful for me.

  2. MLM Training says:

    Great post Peter, I think every one should really monetize their blog, because the possibilities are endless.

  3. peterlee says:

    @MLM Training: Thanks Mohamed for dropping by. Yes that's really a big motivation factor in your blog's existence isn't it?

  4. peterlee says:

    @wuttisark: Thanks!

  5. Nikki says:

    I think it's ridiculous that people think it's unethical to make money off your blog. Incentive is a great motivator. I wouldn't still be blogging today if there wasn't anything in it for me.

  6. Glad to see another blogger reading Mark knowles blog :)

  7. I have a problem about making money online.. I know I can make money moneyby just blogging paper per post,google adsense,clickbank, adbrite, I know these guys pay very well but my problem is. How can I get started. I have a blog about the Philippines but my content is rubbish wahehehe…

  8. I personally feel there is nothing immoral about making money doing what you love to do. If you are being honest with your readers that is what matters. Thank you for this list of great blogs.

  9. peterlee says:

    @Melva Pratt: You're welcome Melva and I agree with you 100 percent. There is nothing wrong with using your blog as a tool for your business. The money that comes in is compensation for the effort and time you put into your blog.

  10. peterlee says:

    @Home Based Business: So I take it that you like his work. Great that I stumbled on that post.

  11. peterlee says:

    @Nikki: I feel the same sentiments too. Our time and effort on our blog has to mean sometime and whatever money that comes through blogging should be compensation for that.

  12. matt says:

    “2. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Grizzly’s blog and what I really like about him is that although he monetizes his blog, I have never seen him push a product to your face to sell.” I think this is really important. Your main goal should be useful and interesting, and then monetize later.

  13. Treatment for says:

    Until now I didn't make any money . But the hope is still there .

  14. I always appreciate the effort you put out for material such as this. You show here a lot of the concepts around the process, including relevant images along the way, and folks can get a good idea of what to do and why from this.This is also a great article about how to make money from blogging.Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  15. peterlee says:

    @matt: I agree. Being subtle that's the way to approach…

  16. hizlindir says:

    thank you so much for post about make money.

  17. Making money blogging is extremely difficult unless you've got a huge following, which is why I prefer niche sites instead.

  18. data recovery software says:

    Nice information and thanks for sharing with us….

  19. Now In Pre-Launch says:

    This is a great article about how one can earn through blogging.But there are other options available on the internet such as Google ad sense,click bank, advertise, and online data entry through which you can gain money. SO people who are not good with blogging can make their way with these things mentioned above.

  20. Australia Biz Opp says:

    This information was really needed. Thank you for the article.

  21. Hello Peterlee,

    Like you said everybody have their different reasons for setting up a blog. Your post as usual is helpful especially for those just starting out with no idea of what kind of blog to set up or how to make money with it. What interest me most about your post is how you blend in links naturally. Good work. Keep it up

  22. peterlee says:

    @Karo – work at home business: Thanks for the kind words and for visiting. Thanks for dropping by.

  23. makemoneyoninternet says:

    great ideas for make money with blog.

  24. Property In US says:

    Hi very popular idea fore making and collect money with blog all is very informative.

  25. blogging made me to stay in touch with the world….in fact i am earning a lot from it

  26. i have tried lots but not found anything that makes decent money blogging

  27. i have tried lots but not found anything that makes decent money blogging

  28. I don't think its possible to make a fortune from blogging.

  29. This post really helps me on how to make money from home.

  30. I got lot of information from this article, thanks for sharing.

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