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How To Improve Your Page Speed

You probably know by now the speed at which your webpages load can make a difference in how well you rank these pages or your site in general. That’s because Google considers site speed as one factor in its search ranking algorithms. Why do you think every other serious online marketer has been losing sleep trying to figure out how to speed up their sites and blog for the last 1 year.

This is no secret as Google has openly said so many times since more than a year ago. In yet another reminder of how serious they take this and showing that they mean what they said, Google announced their Page Speed Online tool some 4 months ago. That tool provides you to quickly and easily measure the speed of your website over the Internet. So if you are in the dark as to how fast or how slow your website loads, feel free to use this Page Speed Online to quickly determine this for your site. I have written at least 2 other posts on this topic and while I was doing my regular speed test checking for this blog, decided I might as well share it with everyone.

What Page Speed Online Can Tell You

Essentially it tells you some of your problems that may affect your website loading time but it does not fix these problems.  It’s a simple yet powerful tool that analyzes your site after you enter your url and then gives you instant feedback on how to make it run faster. It gives you a score to help you decide if you should take actions to speed up your load up time. For example when I tested this blog using this tool, it scored 81%  and it gave a cryptic note that says “A high score indicates little room for improvement, while a lower score indicates more room for improvement. The Page Speed Score does not measure the time it takes for a page to load.” I am guessing that that is a fair score to have.

How To Speed Up Your Website Loading Speed

Alright assuming that you have a poor score given by this Google Page Speed tool, what do you do? Obviously you’d like to improve it as much as you can . Here’s what you can do very quickly.

Find Out Your Site Load Time

You can use this tool http://tools.pingdom.com to determine what is the load up for your blog or website. I ran a test for this blog and it gave a result of 6.6 seconds. What’s yours like?

Use These 2 WP-Plugins to Speed Up Your Blog Load Time:

1. WP-Smush.it

This plugin optimizes all your images and reduces their file sizes and given that we love to use images to improve our on-page SEO, it may be an excellent plugin to have. Once installed it reduces the file sizes of all the images found on all your pages. But what I liked about this plugin is that it optimizes new images behind the scene while we add them to the new pages.

2. WP-Minify

This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

3. W3-Total Cache

This has been discussed in great detail in my blog post last year and in my opinion is the most effective of the 3 plugins. If you missed it or like to read it here it is:

The Quickest Way To Make Your Blog Load Faster

Do share with us how fast (or slow) your blog loads up and how it improved after using any of these 3 wp plugins. I can assure you that you will see a big improvement. From my own test, this blog improved on the load up time from 6.6 seconds to about 5 seconds possibly because I had already installed the wp total cache sometime ago. So whether you run 1 site or 100 sites for a company or a simple work from home business, you ought to look at the site loading time of these sites.

Image: prozac1 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. There are simple and there are advanced ways to improve speed of website. The above things will work in most cases. Google recently release mod_pagespeed for people that have root access which is the best way to improve website speed, however it require deep knowledge of server side and web development.

  2. I have never considered about this factor on my websites or blogs. I assume that by using wordpress my site will load enough quick. Thanks for reminding me about this factor.

  3. Hi Peter, I have both WP Smush.it and W3-Total Cache installed on my blog. W3-Total Cache works great but WP Smush.it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference on any of the images I have ran through it, unless I'm doing something wrong. I'll check out WP-Minify. Thanks.

  4. peterlee says:

    Hi Brian, Thanks for your feedback. Agree with you on WP Smush, but because I have tons of images, so whatever little help may add up on the whole. I honestly cannot find any other ways to improve my speed since it is in the favorable range of about 5 secs. If you do find any good ideas, do share.

  5. peterlee says:

    hey nothing is automatic…when your blog ages with more contents and more images and more plugins…it can really affect the load up time…..well now you know what you should do …

  6. Limiting the number of plug-ins you use as well can improve your blog performance.  Blog owners have to be aware that blog performance does impact Google rankings as it goes to “user experience”.

  7. peterlee says:

    Hi Barry, that's true though it can sometimes be hard since there are so many nice plugins out there. But I think many of us are guilty of having too many plugins that we do not need. So perhaps a clean up of old unwanted plugins is a good exercise.

  8. Melvaprattms says:

    I do not have a lot of images on my site yet, because I knew they would slow my site down these suggestion will help me, thank you Peter.

  9. Page speed is definitely one of the most important aspects to great web design and usability.  Website visitors already overall have a high bounce rate…so a slow loading website will just increase its bounce rate!

  10. I use Total Cache for my blog.That has helped me in speeding up significantly. But,I guess valid CSS and HTML can also help you in improve website load time.At least my experience says that.

  11. it is very important for a site to load fastly. slow sites always annoy users. there are also many other methods to make your site load faster like adding plugins.

  12. Simpledass says:

    If you really want to improve your website speed you need to ensure you band with and server speed are adequate

    please go to


  13. I have read that the Google +1 button seems to slow down the load speed of several sites / blogs.  I have been reluctant to use it because of this.  Have you heard this?

  14. peterlee says:

    Look for a plugin that has an option to load the javascript in the footer of the wordpress template, which you should use. This is important because then your blog loads up first before loading the button code.
    Read more: http://www.peterleehc.com/blog

  15. page speed one of the main thing to get attraction of visitor, if your site speed is down then obviously visitor will not visit your site again, and thank to you that you have shared very useful and important knowledge regarding site speed.

  16. incredible sharing and very useful post you have shared, i think now a days its time of competition if your site is slow or not working well then you are loosing you customers and visitors, therefor site speed is the key of success to boost your business.

  17. hdmi cable says:

    Really informative article. Now there are tons of way for improve speed of website. I am still using WP tools which still effective and improved my website speed as well.

  18. You can also check your website load speed with advanced details using this free online Website Speed Test tool.

  19. Peter says:

    Try to minimize some plugins and also try to remove unnecessary items on your site that occupies a big size.

  20. aishalal says:

    Site load speed always take matter coz slow loaded site mostly avoided by users.but there is no cause to worry coz you can make your site faster adding some plugins.

  21. In the period of competition there is need to make your site perfect, attractive and fast. Your article is very important and effective to understand main things regarding website’s speed.

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