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How to Improve Search Engine Traffic

It’s one thing to make great content for your blog. It’s another thing to actually get the traffic you’re after. What good is putting a bunch of work into a website or blog if nobody visits it? Here are four ways that you can increase blog traffic.

1. Research SEO after you write your content. When you build an article around a certain keyword or phrase, it won’t sound natural. You should start with great content, then figure out associated SEO to add in there wherever it will fit. You wouldn’t plan your entire ecommerce website design around a single photo, so why would you plan content around a single word?

2. Optimize each blog post by adding your targeted keyword or phrase into the title, first paragraph, headings, and SEO areas, like the meta title and meta description. You should also include the keyword in your Alt-Text on your images. Furthermore, you should have SEO in the body text and in the URL. If you’re using WordPress, look for a plugin like Yoast that will check the prime SEO sections to make sure you’re using your keyword or phrase everywhere it needs to go.

3. Get authority links back to your website. You can even find out what authority links your competition has pointing to their website and try to beat that number. Sometimes, simply asking a blogger to link to your post from one of their related posts is enough. Many bloggers, even popular ones, are always looking to build relationships. You can offer a link trade if you want to give them an incentive to work with you.

4. Increase the number of valuable backlinks your website has by blogging as a guest on other sites. Find blogs that accept guest blog posts. They may ask you to write something and then submit it for consideration, or you might be able to pitch an idea, have it accepted, and then write the blog post for almost-guaranteed posting. Make sure that they’ll let you link back to your website in your byline or even mid-post. Some of these websites may even pay you for guest blog posts. Keep in mind that you don’t need a ton of backlinks to each post. Aim for four or five to improve ranking.

5. You can get a lot of backlink action from social media. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, then ask your followers to share them, too. The more viral your content goes on social media, the better it will be for your website traffic. To make sure your posts can continually be shared, create evergreen content, which means it won’t expire and it will remain relevant.

Google doesn’t automatically rank your web pages simply because they have fresh content. You have to be mindful about your content in order to get noticed by top search engines. By following these tips and testing out additional strategies, you’ll notice that your page’s rank slowly creeps up.


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