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How To Get Google Sitelinks For Your Blog

Find Out How To Get Google Sitelinks

For a long time, I used to think that only big commercial companies who have an online presence get Google Sitelinks. I was wrong. Even my home business blog may one day display these links continuosly too courtesy of the big G, I’ll come to that soon.

Just What are Google Sitelinks


Well for that I Google a couple of sites which are closer to home like HP Singapore and Sony Singapore. If you don’t already know just what Google Sitelinks are, well the image I took below will tell you just that:

Get Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks are a collection of some related links of a website being searched and appears below the result of this website. Obviously Google has an algorithm that randomly and automatically select and display to the visitor. That’s another reason why it remains such a formidable search engine. And obviously only Google knows and is keeping it mum as in all other hundreds of their Google algorithms. But in this post, I’ve done a little research to try to decipher and arrive at some intelligent guessing.

How Can You Get Google Sitelinks For Your Site

1. Google mostly displays sitelinks only if your website is seen to be consistently ranking as the #1 keyword for the searched keyword.

2. Age seems to be a consideration factor by Google. Your website must be older than 2 years old. I have yet to see a new website get Google Sitelinks.

3. As Google No. 1 position, we would expect the keyword phrase to generate lots of searches and therefore this is another consideration. So you can expect any of your keywords that are not ranking on Google Page 1 let alone No. 1 position will not have any sitelinks displayed.

4. Given that in any website or blog, you may have numerous keyword phrases being targeted for ranking. However my take is that Google only looks at your main keywords and ignore all others including those long tail keywords as well.

Proof That A Blog Can Get Google Sitelinks

Get Google Sitelinks

Well this blog called Smart Passive Income is a blog I found that Google has chosen to display Sitelinks. I should know because we have a common ranking keyword – passive income ideas. However though my home business blog does get Google sitelinks but not as often as this blogger’s. From what I know this blog is an authority blog that earns a five figure online income monthly.

Start Your Work To Get Google Sitelinks

Obviously when you get Google Sitelinks it can bring you more visitors, more clicks and more sales. So in summary to get to this desired outcome, make sure your main keywords are ranking not just on Google Page One but Google No. 1 Spot. That’s the first stage of making it happen to get Google Sitelinks for your blog.

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14 Responses so far.

  1. I blog gets sitelink when searching for the keyword 'online earning blog'.But,it does not have any other value.One thing I've seen though more often than not,people will click any link from the sitelink rather than clicking on the home page link.

  2. But, Peter can you tell us what mandatory pages should a blog have to get google sitelinks?

  3. peterlee says:

    I don't think it's as simple as creating some mandatory pages. It probably has to do with your site being of value in the eyes of Google. So think authority, high value, trusted, unique contents, frequent updates, #1 position consistently etc. But nobody knows for sure as the big G does not openly say. So that's my take.

  4. used tires says:

    Whats great is, even if you dont have yet have sitelinks appearing when you do a search, Google still has sitelinks for your blog more than likely. I checked webmasters tool for my own site, and I saw that Google has them listed there. Have you seen your sitelinks?


  5. peterlee says:

    I guess you did not read my post as I mentioned this….yes I've seen my sitelinks but not consistently though even for a keyword that is consistently on #1. Well that's Google. sometimes you just can't figure it out.

  6. used tires says:

    Peter, I did read the blog post. I am refering to the 'Google Webmaster Tools' page. When I login to this section of Google they allow me to see all of the sitelinks that Google has assigned for my website, even though not all of them are active, when I personally do a search. It is under the 'site configuration', and then 'site links' link. That is what I was trying to say.


  7. peterlee says:

    Thanks for the information. Can you share specifically where this might be found at Google Webmaster Tools. I'm interested to take a look. In any case I suspect Google does not show on all searches unless certain criteria has been met and driven by their algorithms like #1 ranking etc

  8. used tires says:

    My appologiez for not replying sooner Peter, and Yes, you are right, unless its been met it wont show up.

    What you need to do is headover to google.com/webmasters/tools/
    Once you are there you can confirm that you own website once you are into the webmasters section, my favorite option is to confirm via a text file, which you then upload to your server, so Google knows, it is you the webmaster that is looking at their information. Basicaly in a few days, you will then be able to see alot of information that Google has on your website. And one of those is the sitelinks that Google has placed for your website. Let me know how it goes, and hopefuly you found this to be helpful.


  9. Adwello says:

    This is some great interesting Google info Peter! Very useful.

  10. Rina As says:

    Sorry in advance, from point 2 that you review the above, I personally do not agree because my blog just 4 months old already get google sitelinks.
    Thanks for this helpful post, keep blogging..

  11. Great guesses. I would guess that other pages that are linked on your site that have strong internal links also are more likely to get Google sitelinks if your site is number one! Thanks for the great post!

  12. Transcription Company says:

    This is quite informative and useful tips to get Google Sitelinks for your blog. Great job Peter!!

  13. khan says:

    sir , i am not able to see the sitelinks , to my blog in the google . I have keywords but no sitelinks appear . can u help .

  14. transcribe says:

    I think its a good point to be noted down. Site links along with website in the search engine helps visitors to go directly to that page and know more about it.

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