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How To Get Free Backlinks From Squidoo

The Easiest Way To Get Free Backlinks From Squidoo

In today’s “How To” post, you get to learn how easy it is to obtain free backlinks from Squidoo and in the process pick and choose which Squidoo lens to target.

Here’s How You Should Do It:

Just use this search string as follows:

Type in Google “Your Keyword” site:squidoo.com “0 points” (For example: “work from home” site: squidoo.com “0 points”). You will then be presented with all the Squidoo lens on topics of “work from home” to choose from.

What Lens Should You Choose:

As we are more interested in building backlinks, your focus is on a lens that has at least a PR2 in ranking in Google. Search for a lens that has a ‘Link List’ which essentially is a list of links that are relevant to the lens topic. You will be putting your selected link url on this Link List and then get the free backlink from Squidoo – quite easily I might add.

Once you have selected the lens, click on the tab called “Add to this list” and what follows is pretty much self-explanatory (add your website or blog url). When you have completed, you should see a text ‘Thanks! Your item was submitted successful and will appear shortly”. Your link will show up on the link list once the owner approves your request. Here is what you will see:

get free backlinks from squidoo

When Google Bots visit this squidoo lens again,it will re-index it and you will receive a free backink from Squidoo. How cool that is!

What Link Should You Provide on Squidoo Link List

When you select your website, one of the most important consideration is that your website must be relevant to the owner’s lens. Otherwise the owner will never approve adding your website or blog on his link list. From my experience, a higher PR website almost always gets approved.

Why It Is Easy To Get Free Backlinks From Squidoo

Well most owners of these Squidoo lens like to grow their “link list” as long as possible as that helps in their lens ranking. So you can be sure that they are happy to include your link as long as your site has good content and adds to their lens topic and discussion.

Get Free Backlinks From Squidoo

-Why Should You? Well it’s one of the easiest I can think of and if you read my earlier post on why it is good to get link diversity, you would appreciate this. Here read it here if you missed it: Diversify Your Backlinks For Top Ranking

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Petra says:

    Hi Peter Lee, I just did add a couple of links to a squidoo lens, and I noticed that these backlinks seem to be nofollow (I have SEO Quake installed in Firefox and it puts a strike through through the links that are nofollow). Isn't it that when a link is nofollow, Google won't consider it?

  2. I have tried add my link there. But, it was failed because system said that you have entered wrong amazon link bla3. Please describe more detail Peter. Many thanks.

  3. peterlee says:

    Hi Lukman,
    Before putting your link just take a look at the 'Link List' Some lens owners have link list solely for Amazon sites. Avoid these because you can't put your website here. Look for Link Lists that other webmasters are putting – those that are the normal blogs or websites that belonged to these webmasters. If you cannot find such link list – then search for the next lens in your Google results.

  4. peterlee says:

    Hi Petra,
    Yes you are right. But nowadays, most people do not bother too much about this distinction. I have come across no-follow links being indexed by Google too. Also these links will be good for Yahoo.

  5. Thanks Peter, I just tried it myself and it worked like a charm. I used HTML on the link to get my anchor text in there and it was accepted right away. I did have to sign up for Squidoo but that was easy.

  6. zack says:

    I have try get backlinks from squidoo. Thanks for you tips peterlee. but like Petra said.. it is no follow link. I believe it is ok.. to make it look natural in google eye

  7. Wills Peter says:

    Hey peter thanks.. i tried and it's work nicely.
    Backlinks are important for my work thank you for postig about squidoo..

  8. Squidoo is good property to use for getting back links but you need to plan what links to put, which video and images should be used. The above tips given so easily in step by step manner will help you to get good results from squidoo.

  9. Gabriela says:

    note that it is easy and the best are free, and try to get backlinks because building is so important, thanks for giving us these tips ..

  10. seoguruindia says:

    Thanks Peter, I tried it myself and it worked like a charm. I used the HTML link anchor text for me there and it was accepted immediately. I had to sign up for Squidoo, but it was easy.

  11. That is just awesome tip.I'm gonna try this method.But,one thing,some of these lists are heavily spammed.

  12. You can use another technique for searching link lists in squidoo.Search -site: squidoo.com “ add to this list” your keyword .That should work for you.

  13. It is true we are focused on getting backlinks for free, so thanks for these tipssurely help us a lot.

  14. Tony Payne says:

    While you can get free backlinks on Squidoo lists, and some lists are not monitored and full of spam, be warned that other lists are monitored, so add irrelevant links at your own risk.

    A growing number of lensmasters on Squidoo are reporting sites for link spamming in cases where they are not relevant to the subject of the list (for example adding a link to “herbal supplements” to a list about “holidays in florida”).

  15. Sanjay says:

    Hey Peter thanks very much! I tried this method , but its only show my site name as i mention , most of sites gives backlink with nofollow tag , no useful much :O

  16. Martin says:

    I was reading that Squidoo isn’t as helpful (as well as hubpages) as it once was. Is that because their PR is dropping? I didn’t understand why it’s not as helpful.

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