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How To Create A Money Making Blog – Where Do I Start?

The following is a guest post by Nisha Sharma. If you would like to write for this blog, please checkout the guidelines here.

So you’ve decided that you want to make money blogging. Well, the truth is that it’s really not that difficult. Or rather, the work itself isn’t. However, actually writing the blog, creating the content, is only one small fraction of the job when you want to make money blogging. There are a lot of other bases to cover, so we’re going to try and help you get acquainted with the playing field quickly so you can start blogging immediately. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

It’s Passive Income

Typically, when you take a job, you do the work and you accept a paycheck. When you’re trying to make money blogging, it’s a whole different ball game. The passive income structure of a blog allows you to make a lot of money on articles and posts that you wrote years ago, but on the other hand, you can keep writing five, ten blog posts a day and never earn a dime on them if they’re improperly monetized or just not getting an audience. The income is passive and, rather than a set paycheck every week, what you’re going to be seeing is a lot of ups and downs with an income that changes more than the weather.

Quantity and Quality are Both Requisite

Quality alone does not guarantee a successful blog. The majority of successful bloggers don’t just start one blog can call it a day. Rather, they start several, and they dedicate more attention to the ones that are doing well, while letting the others slowly die off, and introducing new blogs in the meantime. A lot of posts across a lot of blogs is a good way to keep a lot of sources for potential earning out there. The more you write, the more banner ad clicks you get, the more affiliate sales you make and the more you make money. Still, if you really want to make money blogging, nobody’s going to subscribe to a poorly written blog.

You Probably Need to Get a Dot Com

Dot coms look more professional and they’re easier for people to remember. These points alone help people to keep your site bookmarked and tell friends about it. The kind of content you’re really after is the kind of content that people link one another to. This generally means being different from every other website out there, every other blog, and it means giving a proper presentation. A dot com and paid hosting not only let you make your own rules on advertising and such, they also create a good presentation that encourages people to keep reading and share it with their friends.

It’s a Competitive Market

This is why it’s important to put out interesting, unique blogs, posts and ideas that people will actually want to read. There are literally millions of blogs out there vying for the reader’s attention, many written by people who travel the world, who eat exotic foods, who make millions of dollars starring in television and film, who drive high powered sports cars. The point is, there are a lot of people out there blogging about a lot of interesting things. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you’re going to need something to special. It’s possible to make money blogging with just another food blog, it’s possible to make money blogging with just another car blog or make money blogging on cheese and wine, furniture, real estate or drawing and painting, but if you really want to make money blogging, enough to make a living, then you’re going to have to offer something a little special.

If you want to make money blogging, the opportunity is there. By starting a number of blogs, making some guest posts when you get a chance and getting the word spread out there, it’s really not impossible to make money blogging from home on your own terms. No boss, no office, no restrictions, just make money blogging on whatever you happen to enjoy writing about, whether that’s talking about loans for people with bad credit or weird hairstyles from around the world, the choice is yours.

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My name is Nisha Sharma. I represent a site called CompareLogbookLoans.co.uk. I love to write, especially about travel, finance and offer business advice.

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  1. Wonderful post!! It’s a full concept of money making through blogging.Really quality and quantity both matters. Content is the body of the blog.In blog with full determination and hard work you have to deal with the subject dealing the title and make it a good content and see in this competitive market you have created something different ,special which which is eye catching and become a source of earning money.So with these useful information and sharing one can create a money making blog.. Keep it up.

  2. used tires says:

    Nice post, Nisha! There is definitely a lot that goes into the creation of a successful flow of passive income. At first, it was possible to make money just by following some basic SEO tricks and stuff but now with the competition stepping up everyday, a good quanitity of quality content is essential on top of everything else. And agreed about needing a dot com too. I’d even choose a compromised domain name just so it be a dot com.


  3. With our economy not stable enough to provide jobs, it would be very helpful for us to find other ways to earn money and blogging is one great way.

  4. It’s good to make a blog to earn a money,because it is a way that directly connect you to a peoples.but first you should know about basics of seo.

  5. I definitely have to agree with Options. with economic crises getting more common these days, it pays to have a backup source of income just in case something goes wrong with your job. The income may not necessarily be that big, but at least, you’ll still have cash flowing in.

  6. This has been a really wonderful post. Thanks for providing this information.

  7. great post, it’s getting me really inspired to make money through blogging. But its real hard because the online business is a real competitive one. But im going to give it a try

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